My Life is Hell

"What did you do!" I demand
"I was just at a party and we got really hammered and-"
"No! What did you do to HER!"
"I had to do it"
"But why!!!!"
"She was dangerous to both of us"
"Still not understanding!"
"She was going to kill y-"
Bam I hear a gun go off and my boyfriend on the ground bleeding


1. Flashback

Driving in the car with Mama and Dad. I was 5 years old. Windows down and music blastin.

When we hear a bump. We stop to check it out and what I say was not pretty.

It was a body.

Dad calls 911.

We turn around and I clinch

I felt something sharp on my neck.

A knife.

The body was holding the knife.

My life was about to end.

"Don't hurt her!" Dad yells.

The man puts the knife closer to my neck.

I start to scream, but no sound is coming out.

"Please stop hurting her" Mama says.

Blood starts to run down my neck.

Dad starts to run over to save me but...

The man pulls a gun out and kills both of them.

I start to freak out and try to get away.

He grabs me, puts me in the car and drives away

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