He's My Bother's Best Friend

Ok ok ok I know what you're think "oh great another clichè fanfic." No! You're wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!
This fanfic is about a girl named Fab and her brother Louis. Their parents die in a car crash so Lou and Fab move to Ireland for school. That's where Fab meets the love of her life! But these boys just won't stop picking on her! Wait a second...why are they at her house?!


1. Tragic

"Hey Lou when are Mum and Dad supposed to be home?" My sister Fab asked sounding kind of worried. "They have been gone for days." She added.

"I think they were supposed to be home yesterday but I wouldn't worry about it, you know them they get carried away." I laughed and she joined me. 

"Hey wanna watch a movie?" She asked and I nodded. We both went and sat on the couch and started to look through Netflix. By the time we found something to watch we were to tired to finish it. I swear I could have slept until noon if it wasn't for the knocking at the door. I sighed and tried to go back to sleep.

Fab started to shake me, waking me up.

"What?" I grumbled.

"Someone's at the door." She said half asleep.

"Well answer it." I said closing me eyes.

"No you answer it." She said sitting down.

"No." I said and she let out an annoyed groan getting up.

"What do you want? It's like 5AM." I heard her say.

"Are you Fabienne Tomlinson?" He asked. 

"Ya." She answered.

"Hi I'm Agent Joe Tyler and I'm here to talk to you about your parents, Julie and Finn Tomlinson." He said. By now I was awake so I decided to get up and see what was going on. 

"Hey what's up?" I said coming up behind her.

"I don't know the officer is asking about Mum and Dad." He said and we both looked at the officer.

"Can I come in?" He asked.

"Ya sure man common in." I said leading him to the living room portion of our flat. We sat down and the officer stood in front of us. 

"Your parents have been in a tragic car accident," He started. I could have sworn my heart stopped when I heard him say that. "sadly they didn't make it." He said. I looked at him trying to find some kind of expression suggesting he was playing some sick joke on us.

"W-w-what?" Fab asked as tears started to well up in her eyes. The officer gave me a sincere look of grief.

"I'm so sorry." The officer said.

"What happened? Who killed them?" I asked as tears started to build in my eyes. 

"We still aren't sure. It was a hit and run we are trying our best to find the suspect." He explained.

"Well try harder." I said angry. The officer tryed talking to me to calm me down but nothing worked. Eventually he ended up leaving. The flat felt empty knowing it will only be Louis and I here now.

Fab turned and hugged me and she started to cry. I couldn't believe it, my parents were dead. My mum and dad, the people who cared for me these 21 years are dead.

I cried myself to sleep and didn't bother getting up for work the next morning. I couldn't. I was in shock from the heartbreaking news we heard this morning.

So this is the first chapter of a new Movella that someone asked me to write for them! Thanks guys! Oh btw this will be updated on Wednesdays :) xo

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