He's My Bother's Best Friend

Ok ok ok I know what you're think "oh great another clichè fanfic." No! You're wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!
This fanfic is about a girl named Fab and her brother Louis. Their parents die in a car crash so Lou and Fab move to Ireland for school. That's where Fab meets the love of her life! But these boys just won't stop picking on her! Wait a second...why are they at her house?!


5. The Will

Fab and I made our way into the building quietly.

"Hi my name is Louis Tomlinson I'm here for the reading of my parents will." I said to the lad yat the front desk.

"ID please." She said not looking up from her computer. I took my wallet out from my back pocket and showed her my ID card. 

"Ok down that hall second door on the left." She told us. 

"Ok thank you miss." I said and we walked down to the door and opened it. I sat down in front of the desk. The other people joining us were my Aunts and Uncles. My dad was an only child but my mom had two siblings. A brother who is a couple years older then she was and a sister who was two years younger.

"Welcome to the reading of Mr. Nicholas Tomlinson and Claire Stark Tomlinson. We will start with Mr. Nicholas Tomlinson," The man at the desk started.

"To my son, Louis I grant all of my signed football (soccer) balls, cleats, jerseys and other equipment..." He started. At the end I was given a small box and was told not to open anything until we left. Next was my mother. My mom left her sister all of her many photo albums and jewelry. She got a small hand written letter as well. Then her brother got her cameras. My mom was very big on taking pictures and she got it all from her brother. Fab got a locket with a picture of out great grandparents in it. 

Next was the combined will of my parents. The man behind the desk let the others in the room know that they could leave whenever they pleased. 

"To our children," He started. "We leave all of our funds and person possessions of their choice. We hope that they will decide to move away from the small broken down apartment that we lived in and be happy somewhere new. We hope our death was not to sudden. We leave the keys to the cars to to each of them..." I man continued reading off personal possessions and more.

Then after her was done he handed up the key to my parents safe in the bank. We thanked him and left the building.

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