He's My Bother's Best Friend

Ok ok ok I know what you're think "oh great another clichè fanfic." No! You're wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!
This fanfic is about a girl named Fab and her brother Louis. Their parents die in a car crash so Lou and Fab move to Ireland for school. That's where Fab meets the love of her life! But these boys just won't stop picking on her! Wait a second...why are they at her house?!


4. Sunday

I woke up around 6:30 AM Sunday morning and took a shower. I changed into my suit and entered the kitchen and saw Fab was scrambling to finish straightening her hair.

"Slept late?" I asked laughing. She's not the type to do something like that. 

"Ya, my alarm didn't sound." She said running over to get her dress.

"Don't worry we don't have to leave for another 25 minutes!" I laughed leaning against the chair. 

"Not enough time!" She yelled from the other room. She walked out a few moments later with her dress on and we both got into the car and drove to the church. The funeral service went well. Of course there were a lot of tears coming from both Fab and myself, but I had to stay strong and say my speech. 

"Good afternoon." I started. 

"Both my mum and my dad were amazing people right down to the heart. My mum cared for my sister and I while we were sick, she helped us with our school work and still she had time for a full time job inventing a product with my father. My dad was a great guy too. Fab and I didn't get to see him much until these past few years because during our childhood he was always traveling for business. Sure we had some bumps in the rode because we didn't know each other as much as a family should, but we got though it. We all did. I remember one time.." I continued. I told a couple of stories earning a small laugh from the audience and then it was time to go. We thanked the preist and headed to the cemetary. 

After we buried them we still had time in between before the reading of the will. 

"Hey Fab I'm going out for a little bit. I'll be back soon." I said grabbing my keys.

"Where are you going?" She asked. 

"I'm going to get a tattoo in commemoration of Mum and Dad, so I'll always have them with me." I explained.

"I wanna come." She said. I looked at her in disbelief.

"I thought you hated those places." I said.

"I wanna come." She said again. I shook my head.

"Ok then lets go." I said and we headed out the door. 

When we entered the parlor the familiar smell of sweat and cigarette smoke filled my nostrils I looked over at Fab and saw her crinkle her nose. 

"Hey Tomlinson! How's it going?" I heard a voice yell from across the room. I smiled.

"Hey Connor how's it going?" I asked walking up to him. Fab followed closely behind.

"Getting another tatt today?" He asked smiling.

"Sure am." I sighed. 

"And who's this?" He asked gesturing to Fab.

"My sis Fab." I said.

"Oh nice. Hey Fab," He winked and I gave him a dirty look and he laughed. "Ok what can I get you Lou." He asked.  I took out the folded piece of paper out of my pocket and handed it to him.

"This." I said showing him a picture of the Egyptian symbol for everlasting life. It was a T-shaped cross with a loop at the top. He nodded.

"Where do you want it?" He asked sitting me down on the chair.

"I'm thinking right here." I said pointing to the inside of my ankle I showed him how big I wanted it and he got to work. I felt the familiar sting of the needle digging into my skin but after about 20 minuted it was over. 

I got up just to see that Fab wasn't here anymore.

"Connor where's Fab?" I asked a little nervous. Some of these people can be real creeps.

"How am I supposed to know?" He shrugged. I walked fastly around the parlor for about 10 minutes until I sat down and called her. I heard her rington which meant she was still here and I followed the sound. 

"Lou, what are you doing?" I heard a voice say. It was Fab. 

"Looking for you! Where were you?" I asked looking at her. 

"I got a tattoo." She said and I was not expecting that answer.

"Um, what?" I asked still in shock. 

"I thought it was a good idea, you know to get one in memory of Mum and Dad." She said. 

"Well what'd you get?" I asked.

"I got an Irish symbol for eternal life." She said bringing me over to where the picture was. I nodded and smiled. 

"So where'd you get it?" I asked.

"My right shoulder. She answered pointing. "Oh and I'm never getting another tattoo ever again, so don't ask!" She said firmly. I laughed and we walked out.


A/N hey guys! Just if you're curious I'll mumble what the tattoos look like! Thanks a lot everyone! xo

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