He's My Bother's Best Friend

Ok ok ok I know what you're think "oh great another clichè fanfic." No! You're wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!
This fanfic is about a girl named Fab and her brother Louis. Their parents die in a car crash so Lou and Fab move to Ireland for school. That's where Fab meets the love of her life! But these boys just won't stop picking on her! Wait a second...why are they at her house?!


2. Suggestion

The next day I finally decided to get out of bed. 

"Hey Fab?" I said. Her face was red from crying and her eyes were bloodshot.

"What?" She asked pouring herself some coffee.

"I know how you feel about this place now and I feel the same way. It's weird being here without Mum and Dad, so I was thinking, we both got offered to go to collage in Ireland so I was thinking we could move there." I suggested hopefully. She stopped and thought about it for a second.

"I don't know. Do we really want to leave the country? And on such short notice? I mean we just found out yesterday that they were dead." She asked.

"Fab, just think about it." I said and left locking myself back in his my room. I thought it was a great idea. I've talked to people who have gone to the collage that we got into and they all really enjoyed it. I know some people over there that are trying to sell a really nice flat too. I really hope she agrees with my idea.

I laid down on my bed and unlocked my phone for the first time in 24 hours. My notifications were filled up with:

Hey man sorry about your parents

I'm so sorry to hear about you mum and dad man feel better.

So sorry for your loss

If you need anything call me!

 I closed my phone and decided to try and get some more sleep. About 5 minutes after I closed my eyes there was a knock at my door. 

"ya?" I asked. I looked up as Fab walked in. 

"Hey can we talk about your idea? You know to move to Ireland?" She asked sitting on the end of my bed. I sat up. 

"Ya sure sis." I said and looked at her. 

"Well I was thinking, it is a good idea but wouldn't it be to much of a hassle you know to move everything?" She asked. 

"Well you know I know people over there who love the collage and I also have some friends who are trying to sell their flat. She paused for a second. 

"How much would it be? We don't have a lot of money." She pointed out. She was right but I was sure we needed this.

"Don't worry about the money, just think about getting away from all of this. We can leave after Mum and Dad's funeral service Sunday." I suggested. She paused again and sighed. 

"Ok fine, I guess you're right." She said giving in. I smiled and she gave me a hug.


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