He's My Bother's Best Friend

Ok ok ok I know what you're think "oh great another clichè fanfic." No! You're wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!
This fanfic is about a girl named Fab and her brother Louis. Their parents die in a car crash so Lou and Fab move to Ireland for school. That's where Fab meets the love of her life! But these boys just won't stop picking on her! Wait a second...why are they at her house?!


3. Packing

It was Saturday night and our flat was pretty much empty. We were working with one of my mates in retail to get it sold and things were going well. After we leave everything will be better anyway. This flat wasn't the nicest either so starting fresh will feel great. 

"Do you have all of your stuff packed up?" Fab asked me. She was always on top of me, making sure I got everything done. I guess it was a good thing to. She always has to remind me to shut off the stove, lock the door and things like that.

"Ya I do, everything I want to remember anyway." I sighed looking at the hole in the wall. 

"Lou, don't worry about that, you know Dad, he changed. He loved you, he loved us, and so did mom." She said to me.

"Ya I know, but even though that side of Dad went away it doesn't mean the memories will." I said grabbing my suitcase. I zipped it up and went into the other room.

"Common Lou, get some rest it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, you'll need it." She said and I gave her a hug and went back into my room. I laid down staring at the hole in the wall. Tears welled in my eyes but I blinked them away. No I can't burden myself with this right now, he's gone, both sides of him.



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