Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward

What if the turtles weren't the only ones to be pulled through time? Meet Kitty Bradford, another victim of The Ooze. Gifted with Telekinetic abilities, Kitty helps the turtles out whenever she can. Her weapon of choice are Shurikans, which she controls with her powers. In the future, her Shurikans become laser edged which give her enemies a very nasty cut (and problem, if she manages to aim it just right). I plan on making Cody Jones (the main human in the series) a little older. He's nineteen years of age and still REALLY CUTE :)


1. So Not Yesterday

Splinter watched his students with keen eyes. Leonardo and Michelangelo were sparring off to his right while Donatello and Raphael watched their newest friend try to gain more control over her powers. Eighteen year old Kitty Bradford had been doused with Ooze when she tried to save her friend, April O'Neil, from Shredder's goons. The result did not change her physically; however, she gained the ability to move things with her mind. Her specialty was using two Giant Shurikans to lash out at her enemies. They were light and easy to move, she found, so she was trying something a little heavier. Raphael had filled a trash can with rocks and stood back as Kitty's golden aura surrounded it. She groaned as she attempted to lift it, Donny giving a gasp of amazement when the can tilted slightly before slowly rising two inches off the ground. Suddenly, the redheaded girl couldn't hold it any longer and dropped her arms, sinking to her knees and panting.

"Wow, Kitty," Donny handed her a glass of water, "you're getting really good at this."

"But it isn't good enough," she snapped, her golden eyes blazing, "The heaviest thing I can move is one of you guys!"

"Trust me," Leo chuckled, "moving Mikey is tough enough as it is."

"Hey," the youngest turtle scowled, "you wanna go, bro?"

"Patience is the key to success, young one," Splinter said, placing a hand on Kitty's shoulder, "only by practicing will you become great."

"I have been practicing for three months," she cried out, giving a nearby practice dummy a flying roundhouse kick and sending it crashing into the wall, "and I can barely move anything! I'm not going anywhere with this!"

Raphael looked the girl over, wondering if it was something physical that she lacked. She wasn't very tall (only coming up to his shoulders) and her hair was short, but long enough to where she could put it in a ponytail. She wore a golden belly shirt beneath a black netted top, black shorts with gold edges, traditional Japanese black sandals, and a strange looking glove on her left hand. On her left shoulder was a tattoo in the shape of a Shurikan (her symbol). She had slight muscle tone to her body, but other than that her mind was her greatest weapon. No, there was nothing physically wrong with her.

"All you talk about is patience," she continued, avoiding the rat's gaze, "well I'm ALL OUT! I just wish that something would happen and I could have complete control of my powers! NOW!"

Suddenly, there was a rush of wind and the six mutants found themselves flying. Kitty screamed and reached out to grab onto a turtle's arm (she wasn't sure which one). He, in turn, grabbed his brother's arm, who then grabbed Splinter's, and so on until they all hung on for dear life.

Kitty squeezed her eyes shut and kept them that way until she felt the air around her still. Cautiously opening one eye, she stood up to gaze around her. All the boys were doing the same, however they had their shells to her. A sudden breeze made her realize that was a good thing. She ducked behind some trash cans before they could turn around and face her.

"Hey," Raphael cried out, "where are our masks? And our weapons? I feel totally naked here!"

"Speak for yourself," Kitty peered from behind the bin, crossing her arms over her chest, "I swear if you boys come back here, you're dead!"

Splinter, whose clothes were also missing, quickly scanned the nearby area and found a dirty (and equally smelly) blanket. He covered his eyes and held it out to his student, who murmured a word of thanks before wrapping herself up and coming out to join her friends.

"What the shell happened," Raph asked again, pointing to the sky, "and where are we?"

The group followed his gaze and gasped. The buildings were large and seemed to glow with a strange light. Cars flew everywhere they turned. The air was thin and made it difficult for them to breathe and move. Kitty was the first to feel it, sinking to her knees in exhaustion and struggling to get air into her lungs. One by one, the turtles joined her.

Suddenly, a limo hovered next to them. the window rolled down to reveal a pair of glowing eyes.

"Come with me if you wish to live," a robotic voice warbled from inside the shadows, "now."

The group looked between each other, unsure of what to do.

"Get in," the voice urged, "there's no time to dilly dally."

Finally, Kitty crawled into the vehicle. This gave the brothers courage enough to follow her. Once they were all inside, they looked up at their savior (or captor. They weren't sure yet). It was a silver robot with large shoulders and eyes that glowed yellow. Instead of a mouth, there was a square area that blinked yellow whenever he spoke.

"Who are you?"

"Where are we?"

"Where are you taking us?"

"Not a thank you in the bunch," the robot said flatly, "how organic of you."

"Please," Kitty asked from the floor of the limo, "I can't breathe. Please help."

"Well," the machine sounded like he was lighting up a little, "at least this one has manners."

Then, without warning, he began strapping a studded collar around Kitty's neck. She couldn't struggle, still very weak from the lack of oxygen. As soon as the clasp was fastened, however, she found herself able to breathe once more. She stood up, moving easily as she grabbed the blanket to ensure it didn't fall. She then turned to the boys and gave them a smile.

"Guys, I feel better!"

The Turtles and Splinter didn't struggle as the robot gave them each their own collars. The boys' were strapped around their shoulders while Splinter's fit as a belt. Once they all stood and stretched, they turned back to their host.

"Thank you," Kitty smiled, "please, can you tell us who you are? And perhaps where we are?"

"At last," the robot threw his arms up in the air, "someone with manners. My name is Serling and you are in New York City in the year 2105."

The group gasped.

"Impossible," Donny exclaimed, "we've come 100 years into the future?"

"Yes," Serling glanced over at Kitty, "oh my. It seems some things were left behind, weren't they? Please come towards the front, my dear. There's a setting on the glove compartment that holds extra clothes."

Kitty gave the boys a quick glare, causing them all to turn around, before pushing the button the silver robot had pointed out. Instantly, a pale golden hoodie, jeans, and sneakers flew out at her along with a studded bracelet to match her choker.


"The setting takes your thoughts and designs clothing items to the user's preference. Now, change quickly please. We are almost there."

"Almost where," Kitty asked, motioning for Serling to turn around, "where are you taking us?"

"To my young master's house," the robot answered as he avoided the scene before him, "he was the one who sent me to pick you up."

"I see," they heard her mumble, "okay, guys. I'm decent."

The Turtles turned around and gave their "sister" wide smiles.

"Wow, Kitty," Raph gave a loud wolf whistle, "you look hot!"

"So cool," Mikey added, "you look like you're from a gang or something."

"That's not exactly a compliment, Mikey," Leo shook his head, "but you do look good, Kitty."

She smiled and gave them a thumbs up before turning back to Serling, "Thank you for the clothes, Mr. Serling."

"Oh please," the machine chuckled, "there's no need for the Mr. It's just Serling."

Suddenly, a large building loomed over them.

"Ah," Serling returned to his place at the limo's wheel (which had been put on autopilot), "we have arrived. Master Cody will be ecstatic to meet you all."

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