The Key

Keys are given to perfect children, locks are given to the imperfection. The second you are born you are either to carry a lock or a key and you are to find the one that completes you.
Hazel was given a lock, and after given up hope on finding her key... She finds that even perfect systems have flaws...
Like one having 2 keys.


3. The Key And Lock Organization

Chapter Three-- The Key And Lock Organization

I nod and wave at the man standing at the desk at the Lock & Key organization.

I start to walk past him but he stops me.

"Mam I need to know why you're here." He says.

"Um," I start to say, but Crestant grabs my arm and stops me. Keys are supposed to be the talkers while locks sit back and keep their mouth shut.

"We just need a normal check up to make sure that everything is correct." He says.

This sounds more like a doctors visit rather than checking to see if I have my true love, which you know I do this system has never had a mess up.

The man nods and signals me to behind him.

He opens a door, into a huge room with many computers.

We walk to a large file cabinet and a man walks out from behind it...

Can this get more creepy?

He looks at me and asks my name.

"Hazel Cordella." I say. He nods and grabs my file.

His face scrunches up like he had just ate a lemon.

"Um, your name is Crestant right?" He asks.

"Um yeah..." Crestant responds.

He flips through a lot of papers.

"Um sir?" A beautiful man appears from around the corner. He's a key.

His key hung from his neck... It was odd. I've never seen that before.

He slams down his papers obviously upset with the boy, "Kobel!" He yells, "I need a moment with these two. Please, go back into the unmatched room I'll be with you in a moment." He says.

The man nods and walks away.

He sits us down.

Worry fills our bodies.

"You two are matched." He says.

I take a sigh, but I look at Crestant, worry still fills his gray eyes.

"But, Crestant's name is not in your file."

"Does Crestant have a-"

"Keys don't have files pulled out unless they were never matched when they're 18." Crestant says interrupting me.

"Hazel," The man continues, "You're name is in another man's file, and his name is in your file."

My eyes widen.

"Then how are we matched!?" Crestant yells.

I put my hand on his leg.. He was getting mad it was clear.

"Because you were the first to get to her." He says.

"Who's name is in my file!? Is Hazel's name even in my file!?" Crestant yells.

"We didn't look." The man says. He puts his head down.

"Well look." He mumbles through his gripped teeth.

He nods and goes to his file.

"Yours says..." He puts his head down, "Hazel Cordella."

We sat there silent.

"I want to meet my real match." I mumble.

"I'm so sorry but we cannot possibly do that." He says.

"At least tell me his name..." I mumble gripping my fist.

I was mad.

I wanted to know who I was supposed to be with.

He puts his head down unable to look at me in the eye.

"I-I'm sorry mam..." He says.

I stand up and kick my chair.

"Hazel why are you so upset!? You have m-"

"No Crestant!" I yell stopping him, "I was not supposed to even be matched with you! You're just a guy! If you and I weren't matched I would've been matched with him! He's supposed to be my key!" I yell.

"And so is he." The man says.

"Then why isn't his name in my file!?" I scream.

"Because a little error came across! But Hazel if you don't calm down and agree to keep your mouth shut about this we'll be forced to make you a Akaline!" The man yells.

Hearing that word made my heart stop beating in my chest...

An Akaline?

An Akaline is someone who is taken to... I don't know.

All I know is they don't get matched and their match is traded off to someone who was with an Akaline.

Ace became an Akaline...

I sit down.

"Okay..." I whisper.

He explains that this needs to be kept in the down low... If we spoke of it we'd for certain become an Akaline.

I wanna know him at least though...

Meet my real soul mate. I can meet him and not fall in love...


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