The Key

Keys are given to perfect children, locks are given to the imperfection. The second you are born you are either to carry a lock or a key and you are to find the one that completes you.
Hazel was given a lock, and after given up hope on finding her key... She finds that even perfect systems have flaws...
Like one having 2 keys.


4. The Hurt Key

Chapter Four-- The Hurt Key

A home was given to Crestant and me.

I hated this home.

He grabs my hand and kisses my cheek.

I hate this home so much.

He pulls me into the house out of sheer excitement.

This home was full of lies.

He walks around in awe looking at how huge the house was.

Maybe I'm meant to be in the house.

I let go of his hand and walk into the master bedroom.

But I'm not supposed to be here with him.

I look out my window and I see a man collapse outside.

My eyes grow and I run out there.

I run over to the man stumbling a few times due to me wearing heels.

I fall to the ground next to him.

I move his hair from his forehead to feel it.

It was hot.

His vibrant emerald green eyes look into mine.

He looked very familiar.

I look to see if he had a key or lock...

He was a key.

"Sir can you hear me?" I ask.

He nods.

"Okay." I whisper.

Crestant runs outside.

"Okay what is you're name?" I ask.

"My name is Ko-"

"What are you doing?" Crestant yells interrupting the key.

"This key is hurt." I say.

He bites his lip and gets onto the ground next to him.

"Sir what were you doing before this?" Crestant asks.

"I-I don't remember." He says.

"Of course you don't.." He whispers in annoyance, "Hazel call The Kresnters." He says.

The Kresnters were the ones who helped people when they were about to die before their time.


"Just go!" Crestant yells at me.

I run into the house and call them.

By the time they got there it was almost too late.

They gave him a purple pill.

Then he was sent to the hospital.

That's when I knew... People could in fact die in this world before their time... That made me want to try again.

I don't want to be in a world full of lies...

And I was given another secret to keep today. We weren't to talk about that man.

I was told my key was supposed to make me happy...

I'm not happy. I'm not in the slightest happy.

If anything I'm more upset.

They say when your key dies or almost dies the lock becomes more depressed...

Leading me to believe the one I was supposed to be matched with died...

I walk into the bathroom and I search, and search, and search for a razor.

I didn't find anything.

I take a deep breath and I walk into the kitchen.

He's basically baby proofed this house.

But I soon (after about a half our of searching) find a five and a half blade.

I hide it under my shirt and I walk into the master bedroom.

I lock the door behind me and I pull the blade out.

I take it and I stab it right in the center of my gut.

Soon enough the pain causes me to fall to the floor knocking over a glass vase and it falls onto my head.

I head someone banging the door.

"Hazel!!" I hear him yell through the door.

Noises fade.

Finally... Will I finally die.

I hear the door bust open and a medical kit fall next to me.

"You're an idiot." He whispers as he grabs a white towel and holds it over the cut. Blood covers the towel turning it dark red.

"You're the idiot... You may stop the external bleeding but the internal-"

"I called The Kresnters." He says.

"Please tell them not to come.." I mumble.

He shakes his head.

"N-No I'm not letting you die." He says.

"Please..." I whisper.

I hear sirens outside the house... They're here...

"Please tell them to go." I whisper.

"No Hazel I will not, I love you." He says.

Then I feel myself slip out of consciousness.

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