The Key

Keys are given to perfect children, locks are given to the imperfection. The second you are born you are either to carry a lock or a key and you are to find the one that completes you.
Hazel was given a lock, and after given up hope on finding her key... She finds that even perfect systems have flaws...
Like one having 2 keys.


6. Kobel

Chapter Six-- Kobel

I get up out of bed after Crestant falls asleep because I hear the letter bell ring.

When I get to the door it was a guy with a blue stretched out shirt. I knew him.

"Um, can I come in?" He whispers looking over his shoulder with worry.

"Um why-"

He covers my mouth quickly and shushes me.

"Don't talk so loud." He says violently into my ear.

Fear fills me, I nod quickly.

"You can come in..." I whisper when he takes his hand off my mouth.

I guess when I pulled him inside my hand was shaking because he holds me still to stop my shaking.

"I'm sorry if I scared you..." He whispers, "You're just the only one who I trust." He says.

"I'm sorry who are you? You look familiar." I ask.

"My name is Kobel." He says with a smile, "I was the one you helped when I almost died."

We sit down at the kitchen table.

"Kobel..." I whisper trying to remember where I had heard that name before.

Being with Kobel did something to me, rather should I say my emotions.

I was happy.. For once my depression and anxiety had been lifted.

I look at him and see a key dangling from his neck, it had bottle painted on it meaning he would be an early childhood development teacher.

"Have you found your lock?" I ask.

He puts his head down and his fingers intertwine with the table cloth and he looks down at the floor, "They told me that I couldn't see my lock." He whispers.

A key that couldn't meet his lock? That's insane keys have so many rights.

"Oh..." I whisper.

Crestant walks out of our room and sees Kobel.

"Who the hell is that?" Crestant asks.

"Um, Crestant, this is the man that we saved, Kobel." I say.

"We didn't save anyone."

Oh yeah... His memory was wiped...

"I mean," I say, I pause.

"You guys saved me... My family works for the Lock & Key Organization, and your story of how you two came to be, saved me from believing love couldn't happen." Kobel says with a smile.

"Oh..." Crestant says.

He looks at Kobel's key.

"May I ask why you're wearing your key in that horrible way?" He asks, then he notices his key isn't chipped, "I can understand why you're not matched."

"Crestant!" I yell.

"Shut up Hazel! Oh yeah and I'm having someone over." He says.

"Why are you just now telling me I have to clean!" I yell.

I shoot up and start cleaning.

"What's his name?!" I ask in the kitchen as I'm scrubbing the sink.

"Her name is Eclipse." I drop a cup that I had started cleaning.

"Her!?" I ask in anger.

"Do you know her?" He asks.

"No the fact you're bringing a girl over Crestant!" I say.

He points at Kobel.

I roll my eyes.

"Fine but I'm not putting up with her if she's a jerk." I mumble as I start sweeping.


Kobel goes home and Crestant sits next to me on the couch next to me and hands me a letter.

Oh yeah the letter bell went off...

I look at it, it's from the Lock & Key Organization.

I look through it and I instantly feel upset, but I put on a plastic smile.

"We have to have a kid." I say.

"And get married." Crestant adds.

I roll my eyes. Kids come before marriage so we know that a marriage will come.

"I'm so happy." He says with a smile from ear to ear.

I instantly plaster the plastic smile on my face like a tattoo.

"Me too." I say.

He starts to kiss me intensely.

We haven't had sex yet, and I didn't want to, not with him.

But we were chosen to have kids together...

We have to.

He lays me down onto the couch and I try to hold back the tears. The tears of guilt, the tears of heartbreak, this is not what I want.

I do not love him...

He starts to play with my shirt. I feel him start to pull it up until there was a knock.

"That's probably Eclipse." I mumble.

He nods and stands up.

I sit up and fix my shirt. When he walks out of the room to answer the door I fall back onto the couch and let out a huge sigh.

Eclipse walks into the house and oh my gosh...

She was pure beauty.

Her key had a pair of shoes on it...

She would be a model... Not too shocking.

Her key was chipped meaning she had found her lock.

"This is my lock Hazel." Crestant says with a smile like he was showing off some trophy.

Her eyes grow, "Wow, I think I see the next #1 model." She says.

I shake my head, "Nothing like you... So where is your lock? You left him alone."

"Her." she says correcting me, "She's at her job." I nod.

"Oh." I say.

Eclipse tells us her troubles with being matched with a girl and how much she was in love with her and how much the Lock & Key Organization tried to pull them apart.

This organization tried to ruin her life but she overcame it...

I'm just praying someday I can do the same thing.

And as I look at the night sky tonight, I pray. Which is the worst thing to do... But I did. I do believe their is a God... And I prayed he would finally bring me joy.. And finally get me away from Crestant.

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