The Key

Keys are given to perfect children, locks are given to the imperfection. The second you are born you are either to carry a lock or a key and you are to find the one that completes you.
Hazel was given a lock, and after given up hope on finding her key... She finds that even perfect systems have flaws...
Like one having 2 keys.


9. Confusion

Chapter Nine-- Confusion


Questions whirl in my head like a storm. But one question tops the rest of the questions in my thoughts.

Why is Kobel here? Does he also want to hurt me. If he's also one I'm shocked more than anything else.

"Kobel?" I ask.

He looks at the floor.

"Am I going to die?" I whisper.

He shakes his head, "Not on my watch..." He whispers so faintly.

"Eclipse, why do you want to hurt me?" I ask.

She points a gun into the backseat.

"You know too much about the organization. The pills, that you can die, you know too much about Akalines and worst of all... You have two matches." She says.

"So?" I ask.

"So it's my job to get rid of anyone who finds out too much. Info like that cannot get out. We can't have people knowing that we're... Flawed." She says.

"Please let me go..." I beg.

"No. Now you know even more." She says.

"You told me!" I yell.

"Kobel, cover her mouth." Eclipse says pointing the gun at him.

He takes a deep breath and covers my mouth with a handkerchief.

A tear falls from my eye.

I know I'm going to die. It sucks so badly knowing for complete sure what your fate is.

Then we get to a building. Kobel and I were both put into a room.

When she shut the door I turned to Kobel.

"Why are you locked in here? You're on her si-"

"If you think I'm on her side you're an idiot." Kobel says. He stands up and bangs against the door.

"Forget it Kobel... We're done for. This is our for certain ending."

"How can you give up so easy?!" Kobel yells.

"Because what else am I supposed to do Kobel! Sit in here and wait for her to change her mind! Goddamn it Kobel she won't do that! Also I really don't have anything to live for..." I mumble.

"God you sound like a teenage emo girl."

"Well maybe that's because I am!" I yell.

"And the whole not having anything to live for! What about Cestant!? Or you know, that baby!?" Kobel yells, "Or maybe... Maybe me..." 

I bite my lip and I look at the floor.

"But what if you die?" I ask.

"I won't die." He whispers.

"But what am I supposed to do if you do die?" I ask, tears fall from my eyes.

He runs over to me and kisses me.

 I run my fingers through his hair and once it hits me.

I can't do this...

I jerk myself back.

"Crestant is my match, not you... Sorry." I go into the corner and bite my lip.


"Jus-Just don't talk to me." And I put my head down. He nods and we don't speak for the rest of the night.

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