Picture Perfect Cover Store

Picture Perfect Cover Store is a not only a cover store but also will create fun profile pictures, backgrounds and covers for you to enjoy and show off. All you have to do is place your "order" or how you want it done and it will be to you within 1-4 days usually even quicker than that! Even better i included several of my sample covers with no titles so you can take a look and see if you like my work!!!


1. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Cover Store information and how to:

Story Covers-      1. What you want your picture to look like

                          2. Story title

                              3. Author's name for cover (optional) and extras 


Profile Pictures-    1. what kind of picture (example: flower, animal,)

                       2. Any captions or words like your pen name 

                       3. extras 


Backgrounds-        1. What kind of picture 

                            2. words/captions

                            3. Extras


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