The love story of Usui Takumi and Misaki -ongoing
When love is onesided at first even for the most popular boy, and when the head of the student council dosnt understand her feelings <3


1. Usui you idiot❤️

Miskaki's POV: Usui may be the most popular, athletic, charming, and handsome boy in Seika High. He may even get all the girls to fall for him and be able to harshly reject them. But he'll still be the perverted alien stalker who knows my secret of working at a maid cafe, which makes me feel uneasy. Should I trust him? He comes to the cafe every single day after school when i'm working. At first he just waited for me near the trash in the back of the cafe building, but now all the other maids and even my manager know him and trust him and since he's a really good cook he hangs out in the kitchen and sometimes helps out, on some days he comes as a costumer so that I have to serve him as my master and obey as his maid. I'm thinking about how all of this had happened while I walk in the halls when all of a sudden I feel two arms come around me and someones chin is resting upon my head. I know for an instant its Usui so I push him away not understanding why he's hugging me. Usually when this kind of thing happens he doesn't seem to care but today he looks down at me with sad puppy-like eyes and asks if i know what day it is. I have no idea what he's talking about but he looks really sad that I shoved him away so I just tell him we should hurry on to class. He gives me a small smile and looks straight into my eyes, I don't know why but my face feels warm and my hearts beating fast, i'm probably tired. Still I wonder what special day it is to make even Usui that upset that I forgot.............              

Usui's POV: Its my birthday today, and I've been feeling really pissed lately since I had a locker filled with love letters from girls I don't even know and a bunch of love confessions from first and second year girls. Even if all the guys in this school think i'm the luckiest since I get all the girls and all, i don't care, I don't need this, its so annoying how I can get these confessions from girls I don't know. The only girl I want to wish me happy birthday is Misaki, even if she doesn't know it yet, I know she has feelings for me since she's always blushing when I smile at her. I want to see her so I go around the school looking for her until I find her daydreaming in the hallway.I cant take it anymore I really want her close to me, shes so cute, even whens she's scolding me. I cant help it, I sneak up from behind and hug her. She's so much shorter than me which makes it easy for me to rest my chin on her head and close my eyes. All of a sudden, as expected from her, she gets flustered and pushes me away. I don't think she remembered my birthday but I ask anyways, and she has no idea what i'm talking about. We both walk to class, and right before we enter the class room she pulls my tie and brings me close to her, she goes on her tiptoes and whispers into my ears "did you really think I forgot your birthday?", her face is a little red, I can tell she's blushing, I smile and I kiss her gently on the cheek. she gets flustered again, turns around and enters the class. I cant stop smiling, this was the best birthday I could have ever asked for.

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