KaiSoo Exotic High Love Story

story's of jongin and kyungsoo's love! The chapters alternate between the both if them.


3. The New Kid

kyungsoo POV

I swiftly sat into my desk before the bell rang. Triiiinngg!! The bell had gone off and I was safe. My friend Baekhyun sat beside me. We shared a glance of triumph. The teacher walked in and the class president rose to bow. This class was horrible and the teacher smelled like cheese. I was beginning to fall asleep when the door slides open and the principle walked in. There was someone behind her.

He was tall and had jet black hair so slick butter would slip off it. His features weren't bad, he had a thin build probably from exercise of some sort and he had a strong bone lines too. All his features together brought out a handsome man. But what made him more handsome was his confidence in his posture and stride.

"Class this is your new student." She turned to face him, "please introduce yourself." She stepped out of the way so the entire class had viewpoint of him. "Names Kai. Where can I sit?" He asked the teacher and she pointed to a desk in the back of my row. Kai had slouched over to the desk and plopped into the chair. He had looked like he didn't want to be there.

The teacher started class up again as usual and I began my morning nap while everyone else was learning about some American author.

By the time lunch rolled around I was starving. I grabbed my tray and waited for the lunch lay to fill it. I looked around eyeing the crowd looking for my group since we need sat in the same place when I spotted the new kid. He was sitting alone hovered over his food. He must have been hungry too. I grabbed my newly full tray and plopped right down next to him.

He looked up at me and I said "Hey. My name's Kyungsoo but everyone calls me D.O." He blinked at me and after a moment of silence he responded "Cool. My names Kai. Are you gonna eat that?" I looked down at my plate he was pointing to our monthly special. Fried chicken. I shrugged and dropped it onto his tray.

"Thanks. I forgot to eat breakfast and now I'm starving." He told me. We sat there for a whole in silence before Baekhyun attacked me from behind. "Sup man. We've been looking all over for you. Who's this? You're new boyfriend?" Baekhyun joked. "Nah man. New kid" I responded.

Beakhyun (party master), Suho (old grandpa) and Chanyeol (dumbo) sat down around me and Kai and began at their food. Okay so if you don't already know I'm gay. And I'm like the only one in the school so I'm not the most popular person. Especially around the M group but my friends don't mind it.

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