KaiSoo Exotic High Love Story

story's of jongin and kyungsoo's love! The chapters alternate between the both if them.


2. First Day


"Time for school! Get up!" my mother yelled up at me from downstairs. It was a new school and new faces. I sat up and placed my feet on the floor. Staring up at my new uniform I sighed a long sigh. I got up and got ready and skipped downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and my mom was making lunch for my little brother. He was only in 2nd grade and overly annoying. "Hurry and eat hun so you won't be late for school." my mom told me as she was wiping her hands on her apron.

My mom was a cleaning lady for a huge company. She has been for the past 20 years. Still trying to make a living while paying off my fathers debts from drinking and gambling away every paycheck. "Yeah, yeah mom I know." I replied scooping breakfast into my mouth getting it down as fast as I could.

Once I was done I grabbed my bag, gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and ran out the door for the bus stop. A new school I thought to myself. I had been transferred because my last school thought it was best to protect their image an send me to a school for rejects like me. I was tall and thing with dark black hair. A round nose and strong jaw line people always thought I was lucky because my father was so handsome and I had his genes. Little did they know he was a deadbeat father that didn't know the difference between stop and keep going in a gambling session. With my features and my dads of course we could get any girl anywhere. My old school didn't exactly like that either.

I stood as the bus came into view. There was a man and a woman standing on either side of me. They looked corporate and ready to fly overseas at any time. But them using a bus said otherwise. The doors swung open and I walked up the steps and swiped my card. "Sorry kid your cards all out of money." The man driving told me. Shit. I took a deep breath and looked at him in the eyes "Just once?" Please pity me. He looked around scanning the bus of others and let me pass.

It was about a ten minute drive to the new school and I was so not ready for this. I slowly crossed through the front gates and into the courtyard outside the main entrance of the building. There were students everywhere. Some running around thinking they're late, some loitering in places talking about the new idol scandal or something of that sort, there was also a kid sleeping on a bench. I opened the door walked to the main office.

The secretary let me into the office and the principle spoke. "Welcome to your new school Kim Jongin."

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