Falling Angel

Harmony Angel, a girl trapped within a web of lies. Her pack mistreated her for many years after her parents death so the day came when she was to shift. Transforming into the she-wolf, she runs away from her pack, her life and her mate who never knew who she was. This isn't a simple rejection story but the start of the new future, the first of the three wolf children. Will Harmony ever be the same again? Will she ever manage to tell her mate who she is and what is her destiny?


6. Trio Of Hunters

Erin’s POV

"I hear a new girl is joining today. She stays with Bert."  I heard a girl whisper to her friend.

A new girl? I normally hear of this stuff. Oh well. Just as I was about to walk away, I was picked up in the arms of two buffoons. Also known as my twin brother and my boyfriend. Drake and Matt.

Matt is my boyfriend and we have been together for two years now. Whilst the other buffoon and not to forget the stupidest player to exist - my twin Drake . We are all best friends and only hang out with each other. Some girls try to be my friend so they can get with my brother but they never succeed much to his disappointment. He always goes in some kind of sulk mumbling about how he never gets to have fun – coming from the same guy that sleeps around every weekend.

Anyway, we were walking and suddenly Drake stopped causing me to walk into him like a wall. He took in a breathe and tensed up causing me and Matt to do the same. I watched as my brother started to shake uncontrollably.

"Wolf" we all he said and that’s when I saw her. The she wolf.

Here is our little trios secret. We are hunters, werewolf hunters to be exact. They are like vermin that are a danger to the world. But there was something about this girl, she had a different aura than most wolves. That is when it hit me. She is not just any wolf that we should kill. In fact we shouldn’t kill her, she was the one.

Clutching on tightly to Matt’s arm he looked down at me slightly with a grim expression on his face. As hunters we were all trained as children that we have to attack on sight. So put a hunter in a position where there is a she-wolf walking the hall in front of you but you can’t kill her. You are defying your natural instinct to kill the monster.

Perhaps I should explain it a little more, hunters aren’t exactly what we are told out to be. Yes some parts are right, like we hunt down a supernatural being that plagues the world. You have three kinds of hunters though. There is the were-hunters, the undead hunters and the knight hunters.

The first one is what we come under, the were-hunters.  We specialise in killing any creature that can manifest from human to animal be it cat, wolf, bear or serpent. We aren’t exactly human ourselves but not anything near supernatural either. I will explain that in a minute.

The second is the undead hunters, they take care of anything well not living. This mainly covers vampires and witches. They also hunt down one other class of supernatural – angels.

The last is the knight hunters, these hunters are the best of the best. If you are a hunter then it is a knight hunter you are aiming to become. They specialise in more harder missions as killing the royals of covens, packs and such. They also at times are hired to hunt down hunters. As I said we aren’t exactly human.

Hunters are chosen from birth, our auras show differently than any other. We are taken away from our families who are normally killed off because it means they have some defective blood ties to a non-human. For the first eight years of our lives we are trained into weapons and when we hit that crucial stage of our lives where our blood is near to turning into a supernatural we are forced under a lot of pain.

Hunters are chosen by this change into which group they will become. In mines, Drakes and Matt’s case it was were-creatures. Strapped down our bodies were fused with the monsters blood wiping away any pointless connections to the weaker human sides and creature sides we had.

Our very souls are infused with the blood giving us our one instinct, to hunt and to kill.


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