Falling Angel

Harmony Angel, a girl trapped within a web of lies. Her pack mistreated her for many years after her parents death so the day came when she was to shift. Transforming into the she-wolf, she runs away from her pack, her life and her mate who never knew who she was. This isn't a simple rejection story but the start of the new future, the first of the three wolf children. Will Harmony ever be the same again? Will she ever manage to tell her mate who she is and what is her destiny?


10. The Trap

Harmony’s POV

Taking a deep breath I stood at the balcony with Drakes arms wrapped around my waist. One year. That is how long we have been together. Erin and I are best friends and Matt is like a brother to me. Drake had managed to convince me to become a hunter. I don’t know how they did it to me but they did. We have destroyed over sixty packs so far.

Right now we are at a hotel; we are going to be attacking the Dark Storm pack today. We had decided to mess about with them for a while.. I stared over to the forest. I used in wolf abilities to see closer. Wolves. More of them are joining our targets. Looks like our plan worked. We don't know the name of the pack that was joining them but apparently they were the strongest in the world.

"What’s wrong my little wolf" Drake whispered into my ear. I don't know why but I feel different since I agreed to become a hunter. My wolf has become more obedient to Drake as have I and as for my angel she only speaks every now and then.

"Nothing" I replied. Whenever I tried to think of what they could have done to me my memory becomes fuzzy and I seem to become more obedient. It is almost like there is a chain around my spirit binding me to a dark place that only the other three can go.

"Okay then, right come on let’s get this show on the road", he smiled down at me before leaving with Matt to go get ready.

Erin came into the room. They never leave me by myself for some reason. It is as if everything would come firing back to me if they did. At times it feels like they are hiding something huge from me.

"Hi Harm", Erin said as she walked over to her case.

"Hey Erin", I knew we were best friends but something still seemed out of place.

They told me that they had found me in the woods one day passed out and alone.  But I don't feel like that’s what happened. I don't remember my life before I met them. I sometimes have dreams of a boy next to a little girl. Brother and sister. At times I dream of a girl being laughed at and she is staring at a guy by a car kissing a girl. Whenever I have these dreams I hurt and cry. Drake just tells me that they aren't real but to me they feel real.

"Here is your gear", Erin shoved the pack into my arms thus pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Thanks", I smiled sadly taking them and walking to the bathroom to get ready.

At times I find myself questioning why is it that I am so willing to attack my own kind. Then I always remember what feels more like a pretend memory than a real one but it one of the only things I remember so clearly. A pack took me in, a human that is. They tied me down and forced a wolf’s soul into mines making me a monster.


After a hour we were all ready to go and kill the pack. We were in the car heading to the forest were we set our traps.

"Alright Harmony you know what to do." Drake said facing me.

I nodded and shifted into my wolf form then  raised my head howling a cry. In the distance I heard another wolf howling a reply. I howled again asking for help. We then all heard over twenty  howls letting us know that they were coming. Twenty... this is going to be fun. I saw Drake, Matt and Erin climb up different trees and out of view and I laid down with my snout under my paw and whined as if I was hurting. Just then the wolves came and saw me. One of them stepped closer and whimpered. I looked into its eyes. They were so familiar. Don't get off track I thought to myself.

The wolves came closer and into the trap. I suddenly felt like I had to protect them, jumping up I growled and stood in front of them. I felt something in my head like a wall breaking down and a male voice popped in.

*Harmony is that you*

I looked around and saw nothing but the wolves and knew that drake and the others were waiting for me to do my part. Yet something told me I couldn't.

*My name is Harmony* I managed to think

*Sister. It's me Jack. Don't you remember me* I looked and saw the big wolf I recognized staring at me with hope in his eyes.

*No. I don't remember anything.*

He whined and stepped closer. If he came any closer Drake might kill him. I felt protective of this wolf. I stepped closer and nudged him with my snout to move out of the way. Just then I heard Drake shout now and a bang was sounded and I saw the bullets coming down. Not thinking I dived in front of the group of wolves and the bullets pelted me.  I howled in agony and shifted back to my human form. The other wolves ran and I felt myself being picked up by the male wolf and carried away running. I blacked out after that.


Drakes POV

That fucking wolf! We thought we had her trained. She must have knowing that male from her life before we made her forget. We used a hunter’s trick but those bullets will bring back her memory which is not good.

"Come on we need to leave now" I whispered and jumped down and the others followed as we ran back to the truck.

Speeding away we drove back to the hotel. We need a new plan and we need it fast otherwise Harmony is going to awaken her full power.

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