Falling Angel

Harmony Angel, a girl trapped within a web of lies. Her pack mistreated her for many years after her parents death so the day came when she was to shift. Transforming into the she-wolf, she runs away from her pack, her life and her mate who never knew who she was. This isn't a simple rejection story but the start of the new future, the first of the three wolf children. Will Harmony ever be the same again? Will she ever manage to tell her mate who she is and what is her destiny?


5. New School

Harmonys POV

Waking up I found myself in a awkward blonde moment where I have no clue where I was. After looking around a little my brain registered where I was after seeing my bag on the floor. I had moved into Bert’s  and be would be working in his cafe to pay for my rent of the room.

Getting up I look around properly, the walls were lavender. There was also a long mirror hanged on the wall and next to it a small wardrobe. On the opposite side of the room there was a small desk and chair. Next to that were two sets of drawers. Finally on the side I was on, a small single bed was pushed up against the wall coming down to face the direction of the door.

Smiling to myself at how nice and home-like the room was I got out of bed. Putting on a pair of slippers and my house coat I went out of the door and across the landing to another room. Peeping into the door it was the living room. Yeah I like to be comfy in the mornings, but can you blame me for liking the fluffiness?

This room was more home-like than my room. The walls were a warm cream, an old, matted red arm chair sat by the window and a three seated couch was against the wall. An oak table sat in the middle of the room with a old few ornaments sat on it. Against the wall, a fireplace was flickering away quietly. The surprisingly large television was on the main wall facing the chairs.

It was a nice room and one that I could get used to. Just then my belly growled signalling time for breakfast. As if on cue Bert came through a door what I didn’t notice, probably the kitchen.

 “Good morning harmony”, Bert said with a kind smile on his face.

“Morning Uncle Bert” I replied taking the plate of food he was handing me.

“So I made a call earlier to my dear friend, Mrs Fuller. She is the head teacher of Green high school. I have gotten you a place and you start today.” He continued.

Today huh? It feels like a long time ago since I went to school not a few days. It’s amazing how time just flies by when you have a lot on your mind.

“Okay, I better go get ready then.” Smiling again I got up from my seat and went back to my room.

After Bert had showed me my room yesterday I went out for a little while and found a few shops where I bought new clothes.

 Looking at my bags I opened one up and found a nice outfit.  It consisted of a mid thigh skirt, a white tank top, black belt and a pair of knee high boots with a shirt to cover my arms. Going for a quick shower I washed my hair and all the other things you do in a shower then I  came out putting on my clothes. Once I was satisfied with my clothes I sat in front of the mirror and applied a light layer of make up before brushing my hair into a high pony tail.

Pleased with my looks I grab my purse and leave my room. Heading back into the living room to see Bert. He was on the arm chair with the newspaper in his hands. Bert had the kind grandparent presence about him.

“So uh how do I get to the school” I asked. Bert smiled and gave out a kind chuckle.

“The school was just 10 minutes away from here. Just follow the path and all of the teenagers walking that way and you will find your way.” He smiled before going back to his paper.

Saying a quick good bye and giving him a hug I headed out the room and for the stairs. Here goes nothing I thought to myself. Let’s see if this school will be any different from the hell hole I went to.

Walking down the path people stared at me since I was new. As I approached the school I walked into a car park and the students grew quiet. I smelled the air and found all human scents. Smiling to myself I headed for the main entrance. Here I go.


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