How To Be A Heartbreaker (Harry Styles FF)

She was full of trouble, even when she didn't plan on it. Jolene seems to have everyone wrapped around her finger. She's your average heartbreaker, and that one girl who always has boys falling for her. It's time to tell the story of her most interesting turn out of them all, the story of the boy named Harry Styles...



2. Meet 2/5

Jolene's POV ​



The sound of my alarm jolted me with energy. I was wide awake. Summer is almost here, I smiled at the thought, one month left of high school. I hated being 19 years old, it was an awkward time. I'm legally an adult, but I feel like I'm still young.

I sit down on my stool in front of my vanity. I open my makeup bag to reveal, well, my makeup. I wear a good amount. Foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, sometimes eye shadow, and EOS lip balm. Sometimes I'll wear the occasional red lipstick, it brings out my emerald eyes. I leave my auburn hair as it is, natural. It was straighter than usual today. I finish my morning ritual with doing the regular brushing my teeth, breakfast, and picking out my outfit, which is a navy crew neck that says "fire department" with yoga pants. The shirt was my dads, he gave it to me when I moved out last year. My roomate, Nicole, she's always at morning tutoring.





"You look nice today, Jolene." Theo called to me as I walked from my car towards the school.



"You say that nearly everyday," I replied. It was true, honestly. He's one of my best guy friends and he's polite. He's no British stereotype of a gentlemen, he's still a regular boy, but he's considerate.



"C'mere! There's some people I want you to see!" He yelled. I did as he said and half-jogged to him. There was a crowd of girls formed in a circle.



"What's going on?" I asked him, slightly concerned. I tried to make my way through it but there were too many heads in the way. I got a glimpse of five boys. I couldn't make out their faces, yet I saw one looking back at me. All I know is that his eyes were true gems, the greenest I've ever seen.



"The bell rang, Jo! Hurry up!" I heard. I sprung around to see Chrissy. I actually sprinted inside to catch up with her. I couldn't be late again or I'd get a Saturday study, which is the worst. And my luck. Right before I could slip through the door, the bell rang again.



"Late! Oh miss Prescott, I've caught you all week. This makes... 8? I'll see you this Saturday!" He tore off a piece of paper and handed it to me.



"Aren't you losing more money due to Saturday classes, Mr. Wesley?" I tried to sweet talk my way out of it, which usually works, but I saw the fearlessness in his eyes. The eyes I wear daily.



"Yes, but we're having a fundraiser." Like I even cared. "We're having some new students perform." His grin grew wide.



"I'm not going to lie Mr. Wesley, but do you really think some of the kids here will bring in thousands of dollars?" He nodded his head eagerly.



"They're very famous. Now get to class, oh and that's what you'll be doing Saturday. Helping with the fundraiser." I open the class room door. Way to kick off Friday morning, huh?

I take my regular seat, behind Scott, my ex boyfriend. I usually don't date boys, I'm more of a 'hey let's not have the stupid label' kind of girl. He was amazing, but I got tired of him. He made me yawn, so I said bye to him.



"Typical Jolene," Scott whispered playfully my way. He couldn't tell that I wasn't into him anymore.



"What do you mean?" I whisper back. He turns around to look at me instead of doing the calculus problem on his worksheet.



"Always playing little games. You played that little game of tag this morning and you got tagged with a saturday study." Scott always tried to make me feel guilty about what I've done. I don't want to hurt anyone on purpose, it just happens. I can't control myself.



"Oh please-" I was then interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. It was innocent Lillian. "You know I can't concentrate with talking. Can you please keep it down?" Her grey eyes whimpered. Lillian whipped around her blonde hair behind her tiny ear. "Yeah, sorry." I apologized. Lillian and I are good friends, even though she's lacking lots of experience in her life.


About ten minutes into our lesson, the door swings open and there's.. 2/5 of One Direction? I was really confused. I pinched myself to see if this was even reality. Im not a huge mega fan, I only have a four songs on my phone by them, but this was weird.



"Attention! We have two new students joining us today. Harry and Louis, from a very popular band that Im sure that I don't need to name. The boys will finish off the year with us, due to Simon's orders so they finish off their education." A girl rose her hand.



"Isn't Louis 22... and Harry is 20?" They both nod.



"They couldn't finish school because of the X Factor. They've done online school until this point in time. Anyway, you boys take a seat up front." I couldn't pay attention for the rest of the lesson. Even though I was in the very back and I couldn't see Harry's eyes, I know those were the gems beaming into mine. Tracing it's way into my soul. I felt weird just thinking about him..



























































































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