How To Be A Heartbreaker (Harry Styles FF)

She was full of trouble, even when she didn't plan on it. Jolene seems to have everyone wrapped around her finger. She's your average heartbreaker, and that one girl who always has boys falling for her. It's time to tell the story of her most interesting turn out of them all, the story of the boy named Harry Styles...



4. Management

Jolene's POV 



"I'll bring that one," I offered to Mr. Tucker. He was head of attendance, and the part of this course was to bring notes down to students. 



"Room 502, Nicole Bridgelake." Mr. Tucker smiled and handed me the slip. I knew Nicole. She was a friend of mine. Honestly, she's disliked by 80% of the school. 8% being her friends and the other 12% just not knowing her. Most say she's a "bitch". I respected her for it.

I opened the classroom door and heard lots of "Hey Jolene!"'s. I handed the note to the teacher and out came Nicole.



"Hey, what's this for?" Nicole asked, strutting my way.



"Probably you skipping fourth hour everyday." I shrugged.



"So I saw you talking to Harry Styles. He's adorable, right? I talked to him before school earlier and oh my god, I wanted to cry because he's so gorgeous! Such a sweetie, too. He wouldn't stop calling me pretty." I 'mmhmm'ed to her a few times. I didn't really care. Another thing about Nicole was that she tries to impress me it seems like. It's just a high school guy, but with her it's always competition. 

I actually met Nicole off of a guy. It was actually Scott. When Scott and I first starting having a thing, she fancied him. Once he asked me to be his girlfriend, she flipped out. She later apologized and we went shopping, but still.



"Ahh! Harry!" Nicole squeaked, throwing her note in the air.



"Nicole," Harry said, not amused. 



"Miss Bridgelake! My office." Mr. Tucker imitated her. When I sat down I heard Harry let out a breath.



"Nicole is nice and all, but I met her this morning. And damn she's loud!" Him and I laughed, Theo also agreed.



"She's a bitch." Theo said, downing the mood.



"You're only mad because she scares you." I told him, which is probably true.



"Charlie slept with her when he was dating Chrissy. Those girls were such good friends, and Chris still holds in all that pain Nicole gave her." I take a glimpse of my shoe. I glance over to Harry, who looked bored. A second ago, he was pumped up. He was definitely acting.



"Harry," I say. And when I do, he jumps up and smiles.



"You really aren't as happy as you seem, are you?" I say playfully. Harry shrugs and raises his eyebrow.



"Great observation, but I'm not. I had to wake up at three this morning. Plus, I have to act like that for the management. I'm supposed to be like the typical little boy band shit so I try to." I crossed my arms, feeling slightly uncomfortable. That's terrible.



"What if your fans want you to be different and how you are?" I say.



"I don't even know, but I'm just acting like this for the first day. Tomorrow I'll be sick of it and I'll probably be back to myself." 








boring chapter but I wanted you to get some info about why he's acting so peppy when we all know, he's calm and weird and adorable. But at the same time a damn sexy beast bad boy. 

also, remember the name Nicole Bridgelake. She's going to be an important character.

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