How To Be A Heartbreaker (Harry Styles FF)

She was full of trouble, even when she didn't plan on it. Jolene seems to have everyone wrapped around her finger. She's your average heartbreaker, and that one girl who always has boys falling for her. It's time to tell the story of her most interesting turn out of them all, the story of the boy named Harry Styles...



3. Gaze



woah so my last chapter wasn't spaced out at all for some reason but I spaced it and everything. That's when I updated on my ipad, but now I'm on my laptop so let's hope that doesn't happen again. I fixed it just in case.




Jolene's POV 



The bell rang to end first hour. I threw my materials back into my bag. I always hurried out for in between classes, for my friends. I was walking and zipping my backpack until I hit someone.



"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry," I apologized and picked up their stuff.



"It's ok, don't worry." The British voice laughed. I handed him his spiral.



"I'm Jolene, and you're Harry Styles." His eyes never left my sight. Harry handed out his hand to shake mine.



"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jolene. Are you a fan?" Him and I started our way down the hallway.



"I have a few songs-"



"Jolene! Our best friend!" Theo's voice struck my ears. I see that he's with Chrissy. Of course, he interrupts me.



"I'll leave you to your friends. It was really nice to meet you." I couldn't help but smile. 



"Wait! What do you have next?" Harry handed me his schedule. Yes, assistance course next. I have that too. It's where you help teachers file or bring notes to students, or help the nurse. And he has it with Theo and I.



"See you there." I laughed and left to Theo and Chrissy.



"Jo, he's famous!" Chrissy squealed. 



"Calm down, he's cool." I said once I was outside of the front office. Which for this hour, was my classroom. Theo and I stepped inside.



"Do you fancy him?" Theo whispered. I playfully shoved him.



"I've said three words to him. Of course not!" I lied, i think. I feel something with him. Something electric.



"Oh, then maybe it's my turn." I sat down I'm my comfy chair and gave him a puzzled look. That's right when Harry opened the door.



"You're gorgeous, just putting that out there." I giggled and realized the joke he was throwing. I have talked to a lot of guys this year, and only two were official boyfriends of mine. He wants to be one of them. He jokes a lot like that.



"You're my best friend! That's enough." Theo picked me up into his arms, a really tight hug. I squirmed around.



"Put me down before I kill you!" I screech, getting looks from the staff.



"Woah, don't threaten him." Harry said sarcastically, which made us all chuckle a bit.



"Hi, I'm Theo. Jolene's best friend A.K.A Jolene's future husband." I punched him hard in the arm. Harry held my fist.



"I'm Harry. Oh and Jolene, these first impressions are getting me into thinking you're going to murder me." I patted his back.



"Don't skip to conclusions." My voice was shaky, due to the fact that when I touched him I was full of energy. I was happy.



"I don't want the coolest girl I've met today to kill me off like nothing." I took a step closer to him, gazing into his eyes.



"Why do you both keep doing that?" Theo said oddly loud.



"Doing what?" Harry and I said simultaneously.



"Getting lost into each other's eyes. I feel invisible over here!" I hugged Theo to cheer him up.



"I really don't know why we keep doing that either." Harry added. It was weird. I felt so safe with him, like he's more than just famous. I feel a sense of mysteriousness that he's not showing. I could tell he wasn't being himself. He was wearing a happy mask, and I could read it on his face.

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