"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


10. "Warned You."

Kylie's POV

"You have a lot of explaining to do missy!" Nicole said turning to me in her seat. 

"What explaining?" Valeria asked turning around facing us. 

"Fuck off Valeria and Nicole I'll explain later." I said finishing my work. 

"You better watch your month sweetheart." Valeria's friend said. 

*Skip to Gym*

"Ok guys so today we will be playing baseball in gym today. As usual if you don't wanna play just go sit on the bleachers but if you wanna play then get on the floor!"

    I turned to Nicole and as always she wanted to sit down. She doesn't really like playing any sports but I kinda liked baseball. So I said goodbye to her and went on the floor. I was put on Luke's team and Valeria and her friend was on the other. We started to play and at the beginning we were winning by a long shot. After a while I was the last one to go. Luke was on third base so I walked up, grabbed the bat and hit the ball. I then throw the bat down and started running. I was about to get to first base when someone pushes me on the floor. I laid on the floor with my shoulder hurting like hell and half of my face probably bruised. I looked up and saw Valeria. She laughed and then said 

"I warned you many of times to watch your month. If you think this is bad then I feel bad for you. The worst hasn't even came yet." 

   I then felt a hand and they helped me up. I then felt a sharp pain and grabbed my shoulder. Wow it hurts like hell. I then looked up and saw Luke. He then said 

"Are you ok?" 

"Why are you suddenly nice to me?" I asked. 

Before he could answer the teacher came over and said "Kylie you can go to the nurse if you need to. Do you need someone to help you get up there?" 

"No I'll be fine." I said walking to the locker room. 

   I slowly changed into my clothes, which hurt like hell. I then grabbed my things and walked up to the nurse. When I entered the office the lady at the desk told me to sit in the nurses office and wait until she came. So I sat down and a few minutes later she came in. She then said 

"Hello sweetie. What's your name?" 


"Ok Kylie. What happened to you?" She asked. 

"Well we were playing baseball in gym and it was my turn. So I hit the ball and I was running to first base when someone slammed into me and I fell down. I hit my shoulder really bad and half of my face hurts as well." I said. 

"Ouch that must of hurt. Ok well here's a ice pack to put on your shoulder and you can lay in here if you want for a while to rest up. I'll go get you some pain medication and a cup of water." 

   I nodded and walked over to the bed. I sat down and a few moments later she came over to me and gave me the pills. I took them and then lied down. I fall asleep and before I knew it someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw the nurse. I sat up and she then said 

"How do you feel?" 

"Better I guess. My face doesn't hurt anymore but my shoulder still hurts a lot." I said. 

"Ok well it's the end of the day and by school rules you can't stay in here all day. So you'll have to go to your last class and then you get to go home." 

"Ok." I said getting up and grabbing my books. 

    I walked out of the office and down the hall. I went to my locker, grabbed my science book and walked to science class. When I entered everyone wasn't there yet but Luke was. He was sitting in the seat right next to me as always. I walked to the back and sat down next to him. He then turned to me and said 

"Are you ok?" 

"Why do you care?" I asked giving him a dirty look. 

"I do care. I'm just trying to me nice and ask if your ok." Luke said. 

"I'm fine. Maybe next time, tell Valeria AKA your girlfriend to watch where the hell she is going. I could have broken something." I said starting to work on my homework. 

"She isn't my girlfriend." Luke whispered. 

   I was so tired I didn't reply, I just continued my work. After class ended I walked out and to my locker. I grabbed my backpack, homework and some other things. I then closed locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker next to me. Great. He then pushed me against my locker and said

"So have you thought about my offer yet?" 

I looked up at Luke and said "Luke your not my type." 

   He then smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said 

"We'll see about that." 

   I then watched as his walked away down the hall. Well I was not expecting that at all. I then heard a cough and turned around to see Nicole. I didn't want to talk right now so I turned away and walked out the front doors. After about a 5 minute walk I arrived home. Home Sweet Home. I walked inside and up to my room. I grabbed my computer and went on it. I got on the internet and went on the schools website. Yes the school has a website and I go on there at least once a day to see the latest gossip. I scrolled down and saw someone talking Valerie's HUGE birthday party she's suppose to have. I clicked on the status and commented 

"Hahahah Valeria doesn't have any friends. It isn't going to be much of a party." 

   I then closed my laptop and grabbed my phone. I had tons of messages from Nicole so I clicked on her message and it said 

"EXPLAIN NOW! Explain what happened between Luke and you in the kitchen and about that bite you had on your neck. I am so confused!! Please just tell me!" 

   I took a deep breath and typed out everything to Nicole. She is my best friend and she has a right to know. It took me like 10 minutes to type it all but I finally got it all. I sent it and waited for a reply. I finally heard a beep and looked down at my phone. I opened the text from her and it said 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD. l swear to god I will hurt him. He shouldn't be doing this to you. If you ever need my help I'll be right here for you!" 

"I know. Well I'll text to you later!" I replied. 

   I then put my phone down and went to the bathroom. I took a nice and relaxing bath and then got out. I put my hair in a bun and put my pj's on. I walked back into my room and turned on the tv. I watched a couple hours of shows and then got bored. So I grabbed my phone and played a couple games I had on there. My phone then beeped saying I had a message so I exited out of the game and clicked over to my messages. I looked down and saw it was a text from Luke.That's just great. What the heck does he want? I opened the message and it said 

"I need your help." 

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