"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


13. "Trip."

Kylie's POV

     I grabbed my books from my locker and headed to first period. I walked in and back to my seat. Nicole was already in her seat and on the phone. Probably talking to Michael. I sat down and looked up at the board. It had the word TRIP in all caps on it. I was confused but didn't question it. A few minutes later the teacher came in and said 

"Hello Class! So since Christmas Break is coming up the school board has decided to take this whole grade on a trip to England. It's for a week and don't worry. We will be back in time for Christmas. It isn't free so you'll have to pay to go on it but the principle has signed a meeting in the gym last period so you'll get more info then." 

Nicole then turned to me and said "I am for sure going on this! are you?" 

"Not sure. I'll have to ask my parents." I said. 

   The teacher then headed out the homework and I started on it. Thank god Valeria and her friend wasn't here today. I am so sick and tired of them. After awhile I was done, so I took it to the teacher and sat back down. 

*Skip to Gym*

    Nicole and I walked into Gym class just as they started a game. We ran a little late but whatever. I looked across the floor and saw Ashton and Luke. I just pretended I didn't see them and sat down next to Nicole. They were playing basketball which is the stupidest game I think. They started to play and I couldn't keep my eyes off Luke. He was so sweaty and his muscles were so hot. Nicole then waved her head in front of me and said

"Stop it! Right now!"

"I can't help it! I'm sorry. I might just tell Luke I like him." I said. 

"DON'T YOU DARE." Nicole said kinda screaming.

   I just rolled my eyes and watched the rest of the game. After about 45 minutes gym was over so we all went to the dressing rooms and got dressed. Then Nicole and I walked to the lunch and sat down at our table. Neither of us was hungry so we didn't bother to get in the lunch line. I was on my phone when I looked up and saw Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum coming our way. When they got to us Michael said 

"Hey babe!"

"Hey baby! Go ahead guys! Sit down!" Nicole said. 

   Michael sat down next to Nicole and Luke, Ashton and Calum sat across from us. But of coarse Luke sat across from me. I gave Nicole the evil look and looked back at my phone. After a few minutes Calum asked 

"Kylie why are you on your phone for?" 

"Oh she's talking to her boyfriend." Nicole said. 

  I looked at Nicole, gave her a confused look and then looked at Luke. His face was really red and his hands were into fists on the table. What's Luke's problem? I didn't even bother to answer the question. I just pulled my headphones out and listened to music. 

*Skip to last class." 

   I grabbed my book bag and turned around heading to my last class. Since there was going to be a meeting in the gym last period they said to just bring our book bags with us. I walked into class and Luke was already in there. I walked to my seat and sat down. A few minutes later the teacher came in and headed out a survey. A survey for the trip on how long we would want to stay. The options were 3 days, 5 days, 1 week or 2 weeks. I reached in my bag to get a pencil but realized I didn't have one. So I turned to Luke and said

"Can I borrow a pencil please?" 

  Luke then grabbed a pencil from the desk and throw it over me to the ground. Why the hell is he acting this way for? Luke then turned to me and said 

"There you go."  

"What the hell?" I asked picking up the pencil. 

  I just decided to not say anything else so I turned to the paper. I marked the 1 week option and waited. A few minutes later the teacher grabbed all the papers and went to the front. Then the principle came on the speaker and told everyone to go to the gym. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. When I got to the gym I saw Nicole so I walked over to her and sat down. After everyone came got in the principle got on the platform and said

"Ok guys, by now everyone should know about the Christmas trip. First off we checked all the surveys that you guys just took and the most popular choice was 1 week. So for everyone that will be able to go the trip will be for 1 week. Now the trip will be going to London, England. The school board payed for as much as they could but as u know if you want to go you will have to pay about $300 dollars. That will cover your plane ticket, hotel room and car. But for you guys to be a little more safer you will be paired up with someone so your not alone. 

That means you will have to be with that person at all time.s Except in the bathroom and stuff, but you know what I am. Now the teachers will head you a paper and envelope on your way out for your parents to sign. Allowing you to go on the trip and for them to put the money in. Since Christmas break is so close you will have one week to turn them in and then you will be given a paper with the person's name you will be paired up with." 

    Just then the belled ringed and the school day was over with. We all got up and headed to the door. I grabbed the stuff and followed Nicole outside. When we were outside Nicole turned to me and said 

"This sounds so fun!! I can't wait! You gotta come too!" 

"I'll try but it's my parents decision." I said. 

    I then grabbed Nicole's arm and dragged her to the side of the school. Be-hide a tree, where no one could hear us. I then turned to her and said 

"Ok so why the hell did you tell them I was talking to my boyfriend at Lunch? I don't even have a boyfriend Nicole!" 

"I said it so Luke would back off from you. I don't want you guys dating." Nicole said. 

"It's not really your call! That  was so uncalled for though." I said. 

"Ok I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" 

"Ok fine. Well I better get home. I'll see you later." I said leaving Nicole. 

*Skip to Home*

    When I arrived home I went up to my room and changed into my pj's. My pj's are so soft and comfy. I would wear them 24/7 if I could. I then walked back down into the kitchen just as my mom arrived home. When she saw me she said 

"Hey! How was school?" 

"Fine. How was work?" I asked. 

"Busy as always. What you want for dinner?" 

"Chicken!" I said laughing.

   I then grabbed my drink and walked back upstairs. I turned my tv on and started watching Teen Wolf. After about an hour I heard the front door open. It was probably my dad coming home from work. So I turned off the tv and headed downstairs. As soon as I got to the bottom step I could smell the delicious chicken. I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad helping my mom with dad. They are so cute together. I hope one day I can find someone like that. I then said 

"Is dinner ready?" 

"Almost sweetie! Why don't you get the plates and stuff out." My mom said. 

   I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed plates, forks and ect. I walked back over to the table and sat it. When I was done I sat down and waited until the food was ready. After about 5 minutes mom and dad brought over all the food. It looked so good. I then started putting food on my plate and eating. This has to be one of the best meals I've had in awhile. After we were almost done eating I looked up to them and said 

"Guys I have a question." 

"What is it?" My dad asked. 

"Well the school is going to be going on a Christmas break trip and I was wondering if I could go? But we would have to pay for me to go." I said handing them the paper. 

   My dad looked at the paper and then gave it to my mom. She looked over it and then they started whispering to each other. They then turned to me and my dad said 

"Ok we'll let you go on the trip. Only since you've been good and you have always done great in school. But you can go as long as you keep your grades up and don't get into any trouble at school. You also can't be paired up with a guy. So if you are then you can't go and I'll go to the school to get our money back.. Ok?"

"Ok Thank you guys so much!!" I said getting up and hugging both of them.

   I then turned around and ran up the stairs. I went into my room and grabbed my phone. I messaged Nicole saying I could go and she was happy for me! I then looked at the clock and it was about 9pm and I was super tired. So I closed my door, turned off my lights and hoped in bed. I l looked up at the ceiling thinking 

"I hope I'm paired up with Nicole!"  

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