"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


17. "Time to Fly!"

Kylie's POV 

     I woke up as soon as the clock went off. I heard Nicole shut it off and get up. She got out of bed and then turned the lights on. The brightness hurt my eyes so I went under the covers. I then threw a pillow at her and she said 

"Hey!! What was that for?" 

"For turning the lights on!!" I said getting up. 

"Hey girl's!! Get ready!! We're leaving in 30 minutes!" Calum said yelling from the other room. 

    I just rolled my eyes and got up. I went over to my luggage bag and unzipped it and went through my clothes. I finally decided on gray leggings, toms and a over-sized sweater. I then put my hair into a messy bun and went to the bathroom. I then did my business and put on some massacre and some cheap stick. I then came back into the room and I saw Nicole standing there with skinny jeans on, boots and a plaid shirt. Her hair was straighten and she did her make-up. When she saw me I said

"Wow your dressed up." 

"And your not!" Nicole said laughing. 

"Thanks babe." I said hitting her shoulder and grabbing my luggage bag. 

     I looked in my bag to make sure I had everything I needed. I then went into the kitchen and grabbed me a glass of milk. I then heard foot-steps and I turned around to see Calum in his pj's and shirtless! I gotta say, he does have a nice body. I then looked at the clock and we had to leave in 5 minutes! I then turned back to him and said 

"Aren't you going to get ready?" 

"I am ready!" Calum said grabbing his sweater. 

"Your going to the airport in your pj's?" I asked. 

"Yeah why not?" Calum said as Nicole and Michael came in. 

"Ok let's go!" Michael said heading to the front door. 

   I grabbed my luggage bags and followed them. We all hopped in the car and Michael started it up. When we got on the road Nicole turned on the radio. We listened to it all the way to the airport. After 45 minutes passed we finally arrived. We pulled into the "Drop off" area and we all got out. We all grabbed our bags and then a guy came over to us and said 

"Do you want me to park your car for you?" 

"Yes Please!" calum said giving him the keys and some money. 

    After that we walked into the airport and let me say! It was huge! We walked around for a little bit until we found a bunch of kids. We walked over to them and all the teachers were there to. They then got us all quiet and said 

"Ok guys! Now you need you to find your roomie because you'll be sitting next to them on the plane! Then when you find them come to one of the teachers to get your airplane tickets, papers to get your car and hotel!" 

   After they said that I got on my tippy toes trying to find Luke. I then spotted him next to Valeria with his arm around her. For some reason I got really pissed. I then told Nicole to get Luke for me and she agreed. When they came back here I saw that Luke was wearing baggy sweatpants and a gray shirt. His hair was really messy and it looked really good. Michael then comes over to me and says 

"You both are so much alike." 

"Are not!" I said. 

   Luke then saw us and walked straight pass us to Calum. He then grabbed his hand and pulled him away from us. After that he told him something. Calum's back was to me so I didn't know what they were doing. Then Luke came back over and dragged me over to a teacher.The teacher then gave us an envelope containing everything we needed. Just as I was pulling our tickets out someone on the speakers came on and called our plane for boarding. I then quickly said goodbye to Nicole and Luke and I got on the plane. We then went to our seats and I got the window seat! All the other kids boarded and we headed off. As we got in the air I turned to Luke. When he sees me he says

"Like what you see?" 

"No." I said laughing. 

   He then smirks and puts his hand on my side. That instantly takes my breath away. He then starts kissing on my sweet spot and I had to bite my lip so he wouldn't know I liked it. He then whispers into my ear and says 

"How about now?" Before I could say something someone says 

"Excuse me but would you two like any water?" 

"No thank you! I'm just about to go to sleep." I said looking at Luke. 

"I'm good to." Luke says winking at me. 

      I just rolled my eyes and turned away from him. I put in my earphones and slowly fell to sleep. 

*Skip plane ride* 

    After we got off the plane and grabbed our luggage Luke and I walked over to the car place that was in the airport. We showed them our papers and they handed us a key. I then said Goodbye to Nicole and the other boys and we walked out. We went over to our car and Luke started it up. When we were about half way to the hotel Luke's phone goes off. He answers and says 

"Hello? Hi mom. Yes I'm fine. Your kidding right? Please tell me your lying. Mom why does this fucking have to happen? Ok whatever. Love you too. Bye." 

I then turned to Luke and said "What's wrong?" 

"Shut the fuck up Kylie." Luke says. 

"Sorry! I was just asking what was wrong. " I said starting to tear up. 

    When we arrived at the hotel I quickly grab my luggage and the hotel papers. I then walked into the hotel and realized I didn't see any of England because I was to busy crying. I then went to the front desk, showed them our papers and they gave me two hotel keys. I then got on the elevator and as the doors were closing someone stops it. The doors open and there standing there was Ashton and Calum. Ashton looked happy as ever and then I looked at Calum. His right eye was purple and black! When they entered I said 

"What happened Calum?" 

"Nothing just go away." Calum says. 

"What did I do wrong? Wow is it avoid Kylie day or something?" I asked. 

    As I reached my floor I got out and walked to my door. I put the key in and entered. The room was pretty big! As I was putting down my luggage Luke comes in the door. I then start to leave when Luke says 

"Where you going?"

"I'm going to see what happened to Calum. His eye is purple!" I said.  

"Your not going any where!" Luke says grabbing my wrist. 

"Luke let me fucking go. For one I don't wanna stay here because your in a fucking pissy mood and two Calum is my best friend and I wanna make sure he's ok!" I say pulling away. 

    I then walk out of the room and down the hall. As I was walking down it a door opens and Valeria and her friend comes out. They look at me and start laughing. Wow. There so mature. Then they walk up to me and Valerie says 

"So I really hope you don't go out tomorrow. Remember me telling you that if you didn't obey my rules you would get it. Well that thing is happening tomorrow. I can't wait to record it and put it on youtube!" 

"Valeria I think your a complete fucking liar. If you were going to do something you would have done it already." 

"You'll see." She says walking away. 

    I then feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see Calum. I smile and say 

"Your the person I was coming to look for!" 

"Why? Shouldn't you be with Luke?" Calum says not looking at me. 

"Why the hell would I want to be with him? Now tell me Calum! What happened to your eye?" I asked. 

"Luke...." Calum says looking at the ground. 


"What about Luke?" I asked. 

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