"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


14. "The Envelope."

Kylie's POV

    I looked outside to the sunshine coming through the window. It was so pretty and it made a rainbow in my room. I then turned about to my computer. I was on the computer with Kassie on Skype before school started and I was telling her all about the trip. It was already Friday and today was the last day to turn in the money. Then we were leaving on Monday!

"I can't believe you get to go on a trip! I'm so jealous!" Kassie said eating some chips. 

"I know right? I can't believe it ether! I'm actually so pumped! Don't worry I'll send you pictures!" I said. 

   Before ether of us could say another word my mom yelled for me to head to school. I looked back at the computer, said Goodbye to Kassie, grabbed my book bag and headed downstairs. I kissed and hugged my mom bye and hopped in the car with my dad. When we arrived at school he headed me the envelope with the money and said Goodbye. I walked into the school and to my locker. I grabbed my books and headed to first period. When I entered I was one of the last people, but luckily the seat next to Nicole was still open. I then sat down and said 

"Guess who's going on the trip?"

"Oh my gosh!! You get to go? YAY!!!!" She said. 

"Oh yay the freak show of the school is going. Well my trip is ruined." Valeria said turning around.

"I'm not a freak." I said grinding my teeth.

"Not yet." She said turning away.   

    I looked at Nicole and then slammed my face on the desk. I am so not in the mood for Valeria today. As usual the teacher headed out the papers and I finished in the first 10 minutes and then listened to music the rest of the period. Before I knew it, it was seconds period. Nicole and I got up and we headed to Gym. When we got there the class was already playing a game so we just walked over to the bleachers and sat down. We started talking about our favorite show when Luke came walking over to us. Nicole saw him, got up and said 

"May we help you?" 

"No. Just wanted to see how Kylie is today." He said smiling at me. 

"It was great until I got to school and had to hear Valeria bitch about me." I said getting annoyed. 

"Are you going on the trip?" Luke asked quickly. 

"Yeah and why do you care?" I asked. 

"No reason." Luke said smirking and walking back to the floor.

"That was weird." Nicole said.

*Skip to Lunch* 

   I walked into the lunch room and got in line for some food. I got an apple, chocolate bar and water. I then payed and headed over to Nicole's table. The boys were already there and I really didn't want them to be there. For some dumb reason I thought it was a good idea to wear a crop top, skirt and cover up to school. When I got to the table I sat down next to Nicole and Calum says 

"Wow Kylie you look hot today."

  Before I could say Thank you Luke hits Calum's shoulder, gives him a look and then looked back at me. Calums rubs his shoulder and looks away. Mary then says 

"So hows your boyfriend Kylie?"

"I don't have a boyfriend!" I said getting angry.

"Nicole said you did." Mary said looking confused.  

"She lied." I said looking down at the table. 

"Why the hell would you lie like that Nicole?" Luke said standing up. 

"It was so I could keep Kylie away from you!" 

"Ok guys! THAT'S ENOUGH!" I said getting up and leaving. 

     I really have no idea what had gotten into everyone but I'm so done. I walked away from the table and into the hallway. I went to my locker and put my phone away and grabbed my books for the end of the day. I'm so glad today is almost done because I can't take everyone anymore. 

*Skip to Last period* 

    I walked into my last period and looked to the back of the class to see Luke was already here. I walked up to the teacher, gave him my envelope and walked back to my seat. I sat down and Luke moved closer to me. Here we go. After everyone arrived the teacher started on our lesson. Science isn't my favorite subject and I don't really care for it. I think it's pointless. As we were getting to the middle of the lesson I felt a hand on my knee. Ok I can handle this. I don't want attention toward us. I then felt the hand go up my leg and to my thigh. Why the hell is Luke doing this to me for. He started pulling up my skirt and before I could smack his hand he leans over to my ear and says 

"I wouldn't do that if I was you. You wouldn't want to attract attention, would you?" He said kissing my neck. 

"No..but I could scream rape." I said between breaths. 

"You won't do that tho." Luke said sucking on my neck and blowing on it. 

   Thankfully Luke had to stop because the teacher started handing out papers. I opened my book and quickly fulled the answers out. I then walked up to the teacher, gave him my paper and went back to my seat. After about 5 minutes the bell rang. I grabbed my books and as I was about to leave Luke grabs my hand and says

"See ya on Monday!" He said winking. 

  I just rolled my eyes and as I walked out of the class the teacher gave me a paper containing the person I was gonna be roomies with on the trip. I said Thank you and walked to my locker. I put my books away and grabbed my book bag. As I closed my locker Nicole came walking over. She opened her locker and said 

"So who are you roomed with?" 

"I don't know. Haven't opened it yet." I said. 

"Me ether but I'm gonna open it know!" She said ripping it open. 

   As she unfolded the paper her eyes became huge. She must have got roomed with me!! But Then her eyes sadden and then she throw the paper in her bag. Then when she closed the door I said 


"I'm...roomed with...Michael." Nicole said. 

"What?" I said looking at the ground. 

"I'm sorry!" Nicole said hugging me. 

"It's ok. I'm gonna head home. I'll open the envelope later. See you later!" I said walking out the doors. 

   As I walked outside the cold air hit me. Wow it's really cold! As I was walking home I walked past Luke and his boys. They were talking to some girl's that looked like strippers. That's not a shocker. As soon as Luke saw me he backed away from the girl he was close to and ran his hand through his hair. I just rolled my eyes and keep on walking. When I arrived home I ran up to my room and changed into my pj's. I then turned the tv on and walked a few hours of shows. I then heard the front door open. I then got up and walked out of my room. As soon as I got to the bottom I smelt pizza. When I walked into the kitchen I saw that mom and dad brought home 3 boxes of pizza. I grabbed a couple slices and sat down. 

   My parents hung up there coats and left the room. When they returned they grabbed a few pieces of pizza as well and sat down at the table. When we were done they asked about my day and I said

"Pretty good. I'm really tired though. What about you guys?" 

"It was ok." My dad said. 

"It was really busy for me." My mom said drinking some wine. 

"Oh well i'm really tired so I'm going to bed! Goodnight! Sweet dreams!" I said leaving. 

   I walked up to my room and turned on my fan. I could sleep without a fan. As I got comfy in bed I looked over at my side table and saw the envelope. The one saying who I was roomed with. I grabbed it and looked at it for a few minutes. I then took a deep breath and opened it. I pulled the paper out and opened it up, and it said


"Dear Parents of Kylie,

    We have gotten payment for the trip to London, England for you child. 

The trip is one week as you know and your child will have a safe trip.

All the kids are signed someone to be there roomie. Someone that they must stay with 24/7.

They will be sharing a room and a car with this person.

Kylie has been signed with 

"Luke Robert Hemmings" 

As there roomie. Thank you for your time.


   I looked at the note to try and convince myself what I'm seeing. Out of everyone in that grade I was paired with Luke?!?! What the hell are the odds of that. I then throw my paper to the grad, turned my light off and got under my covers. I then said 

"Well my trip is ruined." 

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