"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


24. "The Date."

Kylie's POV 

    As I woke up I heard the birds singing outside. I could already tell this day would be good. That was until I looked at the clock and it was 7:30am! School starts at 8:10am! Why did no one wake me up? I then pushed the covers off me and ran to the closest. I put on some skinny jeans, a white tank top, a plaid cover up and some vans on! I then went to the bathroom, did everything I needed to do and quickly put my hair in a messy bun. 

    I then grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. I looked everywhere but couldn't find my parents. Where the hell are they? There's no time to stand around and think! I need to get to school! I then grabbed my house keys, locked the front door be-hide me and started running to school. As I got half way there it started to rain. Yeah great just my luck. As I got to the front doors of the school the bell rang. Great I'm late! 

    I then ran inside and to my locker. I then grabbed my books and ran down the hall to first period. As I walked in the teacher was talking in front of the class. They all turned to me and the teacher said 

"Oh nice for you to join us Kylie. Take a seat." 

   I looked around the room and the only seat left was next nicole and in front of Valeria. Of coarse!! As I sat down the teacher started talking again and I felt someone touch my hair so I turned around and Valeria said 

"You know there's something called shampoo." 

"Yeah there's also something called rain, and shutting your fucking month." I said. 

"Also there's something called trust and not betraying your friend when you get drunk and decide to dance with there boyfriend." Nicole said looking at me. 

    I then my face and tried to hold back my tears. I couldn't hold them back so I let them fall. I then turned to Nicole so she could see my red face. I then said 

"Yeah and there's also something called mistakes." I said putting my face on my desk. 

*Skip to next period* 

    As I entered the gym the class were already playing basketball so I went and sat on the bleaches. I tried to focus on the game but the only thing I could look at was Luke. I didn't know Luke was this hot until today. Everytime he turned to me I would look away and pretend I wasn't looking a him. I then felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Ashton. He then sat down next to me and said 

"So you and Luke are going on a date tonight?" 

"Yeahh. How did you know?" I asked. 

"Everyone knows." Ashton said looking at the gym floor. 

"Who told you?" I said turning to Ashton. 

"Valeria.." Ashton said. 

'Go figure." I said as the bell rang. As me and Ashton got up I said 

"Hey Ash! Can I sit with you at lunch?" 

"No!!! I'm just kidding Kylie you can. I'll meet you at the lunch doors." Ashton said as he walked away from me. 

    I walked right behide him and went into the girl's changing room. I changed into my normal clothes and headed to the lunch room. When I got there Ashton was leaning against the wall. We then walked in, got our food and walked over his table. We were the first people there so that was good. Maybe the "Slut Crew" won't join since I'm already here. A few minutes went by and Luke and Calum walked up to the table and sat across from Ashton and I. 

    When I looked up from my food Luke was starring Ashton down. Like he was some prey or something. This was the perfect time to piss Luke off! When I got Luke's attention I bite my inside of my lip and leaned in to Ashton's ear and whispered something random to him. He then laughed and I put my hand on his shoulder while saying

"Have you been working out Ash?" 

"Actually yes. Thanks for noticing Ky." He said as he smiled at me. 

    I smiled back and turned to look at Luke. He looked super mad and his hands were into fists. I could tell he was trying so hard not to punch something. He then grabbed his tray, got up and said 

"I'm leaving."

"What was that all about." Calum asked. 

"I have no idea." I said as I finished my food. 

     As lunch was ending I threw away my food and headed to my locker. I grabbed my next periods books and headed my way. When I entered Luke wasn't here. I then sat down and the bell rang to tell that class has started. The teacher then started talking and said 

"Today we are going to be starting a small project! The person next to you will be your partner, but let me take attendence and everyone can start!" 

He then started going down the list and said "It looks like Mr Hemmings didn't want to join us today." 

"I'm right here!" Luke said as he entered the room. 

"Alright everyone you can start on your projects. You guys can use the tables in the back if you need! I'll be at my desk if you guys need any help!" The teacher said as he sat. 

     I then got up and went to the back of the class. I grabbed a poster board and went back to my desk. We had to draw all the planets and numbered them in order and marked how far they were from each other. When I sat down Luke digged his nails into my thigh. I quickly smacked it and said

"What the hell was that for?" 

"You need to stop playing your little games. I'm taking you out on a date and you have to get all close with Ashton. Stop." Luke said getting close to me.

"Your lucky I'm even going out on this date with you. Ashton is just a friend so chill." I said starting our project. 

    Luke and I worked on it really hard and were the first group to turn it in. The bell then rang and I ran to my locker. I grabbed my books and book bag an turned around too see Nicole and Valeria walking up to Nicole's locker. I tried to walk away but Valeria said 

"Hey Kylie! Hope you're prepared for tomorrow. Tomorrow your gonna finally learn your lesson and hopefully you'll move away and never come back. You'll finally learn I run this school and you should have never messed with me." 

"What you gonna do Valeria? I am very curious." I asked. 

"You'll find out tomorrow. But trust me, everyone will see it." Valeria said.

"So scared!" I said waving my arms and walking out the front doors. 

    I then got on the sidewalk and ran to my house. When I got there it was 3:00pm. So I have 2 and a half hours to get ready, eat and maybe watch a little tv. I then dropped my bag on the ground and headed to the kitchen where I found a note. It said 


    Your dad has a very important business meeting to go to and I went with him. We'll be back tomorrow night. We are very sorry for not telling you. We both completely forgot to tell you. Well we love you!



    Well thanks mom, for making me late to school and not even setting an alarm for me. I grabbed the note and threw it in the garbage. I then grabbed some bread and made me a couple sandwiches. When I finished them I grabbed the plate and went to the living room and turned the tv on. I watched tv for about an hour and a half and then realized I had to get ready for the date. So I put my plate in the sink and ran to the bathroom. I quickly took a shower and got out. I plugged my curlier in and went to my closest. 

    I don't really have a lot of dresses. I then realized I still had this cocktail dress that I wore to my cousins wedding. It was baby blue and went down to the top of my knees. It had rinestones going across my waist and it had ruffles for the bottom of it. I ran to my parents room and looked in the back of there closest and there was the dress. I grabbed it and went back to my room. I put it on and put on some sliver inch heels. 

    I then went to the bathroom, curled my hair and I put on some lip gloss and mascare. I then took one final look and unplugged my curlier. I walked into my room and looked at the clock. Luke should be here in about 10 minutes, so I grabbed my purse and phone and walked downstairs. As I got to the bottom there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and Luke was standing there in a black tux. He looked really hot. I watched has he looked up and down my body and then said 

"You look amazing." 

"Thank you! You do to." I said smiling. 

"You ready to go?" Luke asked. 

"Yes!" I said as I grabbed Luke's hand. 

     He walked me to his car, opened the door for me and I entered. He then went around the car and got in. He started it up and turned the radio on. Everytime I asked where we were going he would just turn the radio up and month 

"I can't hear you." 

   We were in the car for about 30 minutes when we arrived at the place. Luke parked and we got out. I looked at the place and it was named "Quay." What a weird name! Luke then unexpectly grabbed my hand and we walked in. The host looked up at us with a smile and said

"Name please?"

"Hemmings." Luke said.

"Alright Hemmings for two. Follow me please." The host said.

    When we walked in it was so pretty. They had pretty clear tables and huge windows looking over the bridge and the the opera house. We then got to our table and we both ordered waters. I was looking out the windows, admiring everything when Luke said

"So kylie, this is the first time we have actually have sat down and talked to each other. So tell me about yourself." 

"Well I'm actually from Florida. My best friend's name is Kassie and I miss her very much. I'm shy, nice and hate drama. My favorite color is baby blue and yeah. That's pretty much everything you need to know about me. I'm really a no body." I said blushing. 

"You're not a no body, your someone." Luke said as our drinks came. 

    I really didn't know the menu well so I let Luke order for me. Hopefully it's something good. I then looked back at Luke and said

"So what's your deal? You were super mean to me when I arrived, then sometimes you would be sexual to me. Then now you're taking me on a date.? All this doesn't add up." 

"I've always been like that to the new people. I don't know. I hung around Valeria and her crew a-lot. Then you came only and changed things. You were the first person to stand up to her. When I was around her she keep me so close to her I couldn't really meet other people, until you." he said. 

"Why didn't you just tell her to leave you alone?" I asked. 

"It's not that simple. If she doesn't get her way, bad things happen." Luke said. 

   We waited for about another 10 minutes when our food finally arrived. We both got steak, a baked potato, corn and a cup of fruit. I picked up my fork and took my first bite and it was delicious! We ate our food and when we finished we got the bill. Luke grabbed it before I could and looked at it. He then grabbed his money and started getting money out. I then said

"How much is it? I can help pay."

"Don't worry how much it is. I'm paying for it all. Don't even think about changing my mind because it won't work." Luke said. 

    I then zipped my purse back up and looked at Luke. When he got all the money out he left the waitor a tip of $10 dollars and we went to the cashier. Luke gave him the ticket and money and said 

"Keep the change." 

    We then walked to the car and Luke started it up. He then turned the radio on and we headed back to my house. When we got there we both got out and Luke walked me up to the door. I then turned to him and said 

"Thank you for the dinner. It was amazing. Would you like to come in for a minute?" 

"Suree." Luke said as I unlocked the doors.

   We walked in and I locked the doors behide me. Then Luke followed me as I went to my room. I plugged my phone on the charger and looked into the mirror and saw Luke looking at my wall that had all my photos on it. I had all kinds of photos from my family and friends. I then said

"Like what you see?" 

"I do." Luke said turning around as he sat his phone on it's side leaning against the wall and coming up behide me. 

He moved my hair from my shoulder and said "I do very much." 

   He then started kissing my neck and the only reason it was different this time was I didn't tell him to stop. I then turned around and faced Luke, and unexpectly I leaned in and kissed Luke first. He kissed back and pulled me on the bed where he got on top of me. He started sucking on my neck again while I ran my fingers through his hair. When he found my sweet spot I moaned and he smiled up at me while biting his lip ring. 

   I then felt his hand running up my leg and up my dress. While that was happening Luke starting kissing down my neck to my chest and to the top of the dress. When he was about to unzip my dress I quickly got up and backed away. He then said 

"What's wrong?" 

"I'm not ready for that. I'm...I'm sorry. I haven't gone that far with any guy." I said turning around and looking out my window. 

    I heard footsteps and I excepted him to leave but then I felt his arms go around my waist as he hugged me. He then said 

"I like you a-lot Kylie. I wouldn't force you to do anything you weren't ready for. You can take all the time you need, but I really need to get going because we have school tomorrow."

I turned around and said "I like you too and yeah that's a good idea." 

"Alright I'm gonna go. Goodnight and sweet dreams beauitful." Luke said as he gave me a kiss. 

    He then walked out of my room and I heard him leave my drive way. I quickly changed into my pj's and jumped into my bed and thought that for once, someone cares about me. 


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