"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


26. -Story on hold-

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I'm putting this story on hold! This doesn't mean I'm quitting movellas it just means Im putting this story on hold for a little bit. I just wanna figure out what I wanna do with this story and I don't wanna turn it into something I don't want. I'm still gonna write my story "Dangerous Love" and a new story Im putting up called "Fight for you!" Hopefully you guys will like them! I hope you understand! 



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