"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


3. "New School."

Kylie's POV 

      I woke up to my alarm going off. I sat up in bed and turned it off. I then realized that we moved and that today is the first day at my new school. Ugh. I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, straightened my hair and etc. I then went over to my closest and opened it. I picked out some jean's, toms and a black shirt that fit my body really well and that said 

"Anything is Possible." 

   When I was done I looked in the mirror and made sure I looked good then I walked downstairs. My parents were in the kitchen drinking coffee. I grabbed a snack and then I realized, I have no school supplies. I went over to my parents and said

"Um I have no school supplies." 

"Oh honey I'm one step a head of you. I've already got you school supplies and a back pack. Don't worry I made sure I got a "cool" bag." My mom said handing me it. 

   It was a one strap that hangs over one shoulder and it was black and purple. Of coarse. It was actually really cool! I sat down at the table and finished my snack and then my dad signaled me to get in the car. I got in and he started it up. He got on the road and we headed to my new school. When we got there he pulled up and I said

"Dad, I'm scared." 

"Oh honey! You'll be fine! You'll make so many friends! I know it! Now don't forget to go straight to the office. Then I'll be here after school to pick you up." My dad said. 

"Ok! Love you!" I said getting out. 

   I looked up at the school and it as huge. I walked to the front door and walked in. As soon as I entered everyone was staring at me. I am the "new" person right? I was walking down the hall and didn't know where I was going when I ran into someone and there books went everywhere. I then went on the ground to try to help them pick them up and I said

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see where I was going." 

"It's all good." 

   When I finished I got up and saw a girl. She had brownish/red hair and brown eyes. She also had glasses on but she was so pretty. I gave her her books and she said

"Um I don't think I've seen you around before!" 

"Oh no. I'm new here. This is my first day. I'm trying to find the office. Will you help me?" I asked. 

"Sure! I'm Nicole by the way." 

"That's a pretty name! I'm Kylie." I said as we started walking down the hallway. 

    We took two turns and one right turn and we finally got to the office. I walked in and told them my name. They gave me my class schedule with my locker number and lock code and then I left. I gave Nicole my paper because I had no clue where to go. She looked shocked and said

"Wow! You're locker is right next to mine! And we have first period together! Well I guess just follow me then." 

   I nodded and I followed. I tried memorizing where we went so I knew where to go tomorrow. We got to the lockers and I put my code in. I put everything in and Nicole told me to grab my books to my first three classes. So i did and I also grabbed a binder. When we were done I closed my locker and we headed off to my first class. When we got there we were kinda early but that's cool. The teacher was at it's desk so I went over to her and said

"Hi! I'm Kylie, the new student. Do we have assigned seats in here?" 

"Hello! I'm Miss Smith and no we don't so sit where ever you want." 

   I turned back around and headed to the back where Nicole was. I sat next to her and then the room was filled with kids. I was talking to Nicole when she just stopped in the middle of her sentence and I looked up to see what she was staring at. There were two girl's standing over her desk. One had dirty blond hair that was curly and the other had long brown hair. The blonde one got closer and said to Nicole

"Um excuse me but your in my spot." 

"Oh sorry." Nicole said about to get up. 

I put my hand on Nicole to stay put and said "Um excuse me but I don't see your name on this desk. So there for it is not your desk. So just turn around and go to another desk." 

"And who are you?" 

"I'm Kylie. Nicole's friend and I'm not going to to sit here and let you speak to her this way. So who the hell are you?" I asked. 

"I'm Valeria. The most popular girl in school. This is my school and if you don't obey my rules then I'll make sure your time here is like hell." Valeria said smiling. 

"Ohh I'm so scared! NOT!....." 

     Before I could finish the teacher told the girl's to take a seat. So they walked off pissed off. Nicole then turned to me and said

"I can't believe you back talked her! She's the most popular girl in school!" 

"I don't care. And anytime girl! You're my best friend now!" I said laughing. 

*Skip All Morning Classes and It's lunch time now.* 

    I opened my locker and put my books in. I then followed the crowd of people to the lunch room. I got in line to get my food. I payed and then saw Nicole sitting down with a couple girl's. She waved for me to come sit next to her. I walked over and sat down. I then said

"Hey Nicole!" 

"Hey is this the girl you we're talking about Nicole?." This girl across the table said. 

"Yeah! She's the one who back talked Valeria. Her name's Kylie. And Hi Kylie this is my best friend Mary." Nicole said. 

"Hi! And it's not that big of a deal!" I said eating my food.

"Um yes it is!" Mary said. 

     We continued to talk and we then finally finished our food. We throw our food away and I was getting ready to go to my next class when Nicole said

"Hey! I forgot to tell you! You don't need your book for your next class because like 5 minutes after you get there there going to call everyone down to the gym for a prep rally." 

"Oh ok Thanks! Well I'll see you in a few minutes!" I said walking to my next class. 

    I entered the class and it was science class. Everyone entered and lastly the teacher entered. I walked over to him and said

"Hi I'm Kylie I'm new here!"

"Hi Kylie! Um well this class is science class as you can tell. Each person has a partner in this class so I'll have to get you one hold on." 

He turned to the class and said "Hello I want to introduce you to Kylie. She's new here so take it easy on her and she needs a partner so does anyone want to be her partner?" 

"She can be mine!" 

    I turned and saw a boy. He had brown hair and had the cutest smile ever! I walked back to him and sat down. He turned to me and said

"Hi I'm James and by the way you have a really pretty name!" 

"Um Thank's!" I said looking at the teacher. 

    He went over to his desk and started taking count of the class. He then got to the table be-hide me. There was a seat missing. He pulled out his pen, marked something on his paper and sighed. He then said

"Well looks like Mr Hemmings didn't want to attend class today." 

   Everyone in the room laughed. James and I started talking and about 10 minutes later someone came on the speaker telling everyone to go to the gym. James even said he would walk me there. We walked out of the classroom and he said

"I feel bad for you." 

"Why?" I asked. 

"You have to sit in front of Luke Hemmings." James said. 

"What's so bad about that?" I asked. 

"Let's just say he's a bad boy. Don't ever fall for him because it never ends well." 

     We got to the gym and I saw Nicole. I said goodbye to James and walked over to her. I sat down next to her and the gym filled up. The principle came in and started talking to the kids to excite them up about the rally I guess. Then the gym doors opened. Everyone's eyes darted over to it. In came 4 guys. The first one had colorful hair, one had black hair, one had fluffy brown hair and the last one had blonde hair. He had a beanie on and he looked so cute. The principle then said

"Well it's nice for you and your group to join us Luke." 

"Anything for you." Luke said walking up to the top row sitting next to....Valeria?!?

I turned to Nicole and said "Are they dating?" 

"No. They just pretend to date. They just go out to have sex with each other." 

"Nice to know." I said looking up at Luke. He saw and looked at me for a moment and then turned  away. 

    The principle keep on talking and the rally lasted like 2 hours and it was finally time to go home. Nicole and I got up and started walking out the door. I said Goodbye to Luke and got in the car with my dad. Well today was......different. 



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