"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


7. "Neon."

Kylie's POV

"So are excited for today?" Nicole asked me. 

"Well of coarse I am!" I said finishing my work. 

     Valerie and her friend were sitting in front of us and was making fun of both of us but I just annoyed them. There just bitches carving attention. Nicole also knew and keep looking at me like she wanted to punch the shit out of them. Valerie then turned around and said 

"So are you actually coming to the party?" 

"Um yeah. Why do you care?" I asked. 

"You shouldn't come. I mean no one would miss you if you didn't show up." Valerie's friend said laughing. 

"No one would miss you two if you fell on the face of this earth." I said as the bell rang. 

*Skip to Lunch* 

    I walked up to Nicole's table and sat down. I said Hi to everyone and started to eat my food. Mary told us how she got her invite to the party and we told her. It's very cool how they hand out the invites but also kinda scary! After 30 minutes I was done so I got up and throw away my food. As I was walking back Valerie came up to me, alone. She then said 

"So I just wanted to tell you. You better not come to the party or something bad will happen to you. I mean unless you don't care then by all means come." 

"Valerie you don't scare me." I said walking away. 

*Skip to Last Class* 

   I walked into science class and back to my seat. Luke wasn't in his seat so Thank God for that! The teacher started to talk and as usually passed out the papers at the end. I was doing my work when the door to the class opened. We all looked over and saw Luke. The teacher then said 

"Well Hemmings nice for you to join my class for once! If you're late one more time I will make you go to the principle office." 

"It's not like it'll be my first time up there." He said sitting down. 

"So why were you late? Where you fucking Valerie in the bathroom?" I asked Luke. 

"WHOA! Watch it babe. You don't know who your talking to." 

"I know actually who I'm talking to. I'm talking to a complete jerk who's girlfriend is a slut and has probably fucked every boy in this school." I said looking down at my paper. 

"At less she's fuckable, and she's actually had sex before." Luke said. 

"And what makes you think I haven't had sex." I said looking at Luke. 

"Because you can't even handle my hand on your thigh without you flinching." Luke said putting his hand on my thigh and biting his lip ring. 

    I took a deep breath and tried not to do anything but I couldn't take it. I slapped his hand and he smirked as always. He then said 

"That's what I thought. It's ok babe. If you would let me I would fuck you so good. The neighbors would know my name and you wouldn't be able to go a minute without carving me." Luke said whispering in my ear. 

    I pulled away and tried so hard not to look at Luke. I bite my bottom lip and kept on doing my work. After 45 minutes I was done. I took the paper up and came back to sit back down. I grabbed all my books and as soon as the bell rang I ran out the door. I went to my locker and grabbed my bag. I then heard Nicole come up and say 

"Hey Girl! Today will be so fun!" 

"I know!" I said closing my locker door. 

   After Nicole got everything she needed we walked out to her car and got in. She started it up and headed to the mall. On the way there I finished my homework and before I knew it we were there! We parked and out in and walked into the mall. We went to a couple stores but none of them had what we were looking for! When we got to the far side of the mall we found a store called "Neon Lights." We walked in and they had all kinds of neon lights, lamps, and stickers. We walked up to the counter and asked where the "Neon glow in the dark paint" would be and he walked us straight over to it. When we got over there, there was tons of colors! Nicole then said 

"What colors should we get?" 

"Well I think we should each get three colors but different colors." I said. 

   Nicole agreed and we continued to look at the colors. I picked out hot pink, purple and blue. Nicole got green, orange and yellow. When we were done we payed for our stuff and walked back to the car. We got in and we headed back to Nicole's place. We got stuck in traffic for like an hour but finally made it back to her house. We pulled in and she lived in a pretty house! We both got out and walked in. We went straight into her room and noticed no on was home so I said 

"Where's your parents?"

"There out for work today. They won't be back until Monday. Anywho, what clothes did you bring with you?" Nicole asked. 

   I got my bag and throw it over to her. She went through it and kept saying no to every piece I had. When she got to the bottom she said 

"This will work perfect!"

"What did you pick?" I asked.

"I picked out these shorts and then this tank top! But we'll cut it so people can see your belly! Then you'll look great!" She said. 

"Nicole! I'm fat! We can't cut the tank top!" I said grabbing the bag.

"Shut up or I will slap you." Nicole said getting out the colors. 

    I grabbed the clothes Nicole picked out for me and sat down. She handed me my colors and she grabbed her clothes she was gonna wear and we just started making designs on our clothes. I'm not really good at designs so I kinda just did whatever. After about 30 minutes we were both done. I gave Nicole my clothes and she cut off my tank top and lied our clothes on some chairs in here room. We then sat done on her bed and I said 

"So today in science class Luke said if I would let him he would fuck me." 

"Your joking right?" Nicole asked. 

"No! He whispered it to me in my ear and then put his hand on my thigh. Which was really awkward and just uncomfortable." 

"Hole Shit! Luke likes you!" Nicole said jumping up. 

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. 

"Well ok I'll start from the beginning. See I've went to school with Luke pretty much since we were in elementary school. But back in the day Luke was a very shy kid and didn't talk to much people. Well in middle school that kinda changed. He started to become more flirty and stuff. Well in middle school he liked this girl named Hannah. He started to flirt with her and do stuff like he's doing to you. He's begging you and flirty with you. Yeah he's some what going out with Valerie but he NEVER did that to her. He basically just asked her if they could fuck. He wasn't flirty or being a jerk with her. So I think he likes you!" 

"Why would he like me though?" I asked. 

"Because your Innocent." Nicole said. 

"Ok now I kinda don't wanna go to the party." I said looking down. 

"No your going! You can't back out of this!" Nicole said. 

"OK whatever! I'm bored.. Let's watch youtube videos!" I said. 

   Nicole agreed and grabbed her laptop. She brought it over to the bed and lied next to me. She turned it on and got on youtube. We first watched funny vines but they got boring. So we both decided to watch Pewdiepie! Nicole clicked on his channel and we started watching his videos. A couple times we were laughing so hard I thought I was gonna pee myself. But thankfully I didn't. I then looked at the clock and it was 7pm! I turned to Nicole and said 

"I'm so hungry!" 

"Ok follow me to the kitchen!" She said getting up. 

    We walked out of her room and into the kitchen. We both made some sandwiches and grabbed a bowl of chips. We walked back to Nicole's room and she turned on the tv. We started watching Cake Boss and that guy makes amazing cakes on that show! I wish I could get one of his cakes but I bet the prices are really high! After what seemed like forever Nicole and I finished our food and I looked at the clock to see it was after midnight! I then said 

"I think we should go to bed! I'm so tired!" I said getting under the bed. 

"Yeah that's a good idea!" Nicole said turning off the tv and light. 

She got under the covers too and said "I'm glad I meet you!" 

"Me too! Tomorrow should hopefully be fun." I said laughing. 

"It WILL be fun." Nicole said falling asleep.


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