"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


28. "Merry Christmas!"

Kylie's POV

     I slowly woke up to the smell of waffles and cookies? I turned my head to the window and saw that it wasn't snowing outside. Dang it. If I has one wish it would be for it to snow on Christmas. That's never happened to me before. I mean I've seen snow but not on Christmas day. Snow would be the perfect thing for Christmas. I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs to see my parents cooking together. They are the perfect couple in my eyes. I walked over to them and said

"What you guys making?"

"We are making waffles and chocolate chip cookies!" My mom said as she got the cookies out of the oven.

"So you were making cookies! I could smell them all the way to my room. At first I didn't know if it was cookies or not because people usually don't have cookies for breakfast." I said laughing.

"That is very true but since it's Christmas we decided to make some for the party later."

    Yeah the party! I totally forgot that we were going to go to a Christmas party and it was at the worse place possible. The Hemming's resident's. If I could I wouldn't go to the party but my parents are making me go. As I sat down at the table my dad brought over a plate of waffles and some milk. I grabbed some off the plate and put it on mine since the table was sat already. My parents then joined me and we started eating. We talked about the gifts we may or may have not gotten each other. When we finished I helped them put the dishes in the sink and then went into the living room. My parents came in behide me and dad pasted out the presents.

    When they were all pasted out I ended up with one huge box and two envelopes. Well this  is one of the more interesting Christmas'. I then looked at my parents and said

"You guys open yours first!"

    They looked at each other and started opening there gifts. They both opened up there gifts that had the clothes I got them. From what I could tell they liked them. My mom then opened her gift that had all her make-up in it and looked at me. She then said 

"Are you trying to tell me something? Do you think I'm old?" 

I laughed and said "No I don't mom. I just thought you could make your face glow with light again, like it was when you were a teenager." 

"Well Thank you very much!" She said as I gave her a hug. 

     Next my dad grabbed the one which had his boots in it. I don't even have to think twice because I know he'd love them. As he ripped the wrapping paper off, it revealed a box that I colored on so he wouldn't know what was in it. He gave me a strange look and opened it. I looked up at him and his eyes grew 2 times as big as they were. Then he wrapped his arms around my body and squezzed me tight. 

"Dad I...can't breath!" I said. 

He let go of me and said "I'm sorry honey, but I've been wanting to get a new pair of boots since forever, but I couldn't because of the tight money! I love them so much! Thank you!" 

"Your Welcome!" 

     After they opened those, they went on to watch and necklace. There reactions for those were more amazing then the other gifts I got them. I felt so warm and happy inside for once in a long time. I really wished Nicole and I were still friends. I mean she was my first friend when I moved here and now she's my enemy. After I woke up from my day dream, I realized it was time for me to open my gifts. I grabbed the big box first and put my hand on it. I felt a handle and rough fabric. I'm not really a patience person so I ripped through it and looked down to see they got me a purple and red suit case. What?!? Why the hell do I need a suit case for? 

  Wait..maybe we're going on a vacation! I hope we go to Disney Land because I've always wanted to go there before! Yes I lived in Florida, and yes I've never been to Disney Land before. I still have no idea why my parents go me a suit case so I turned to them with a confused look. They both laughed and my dad said

"Honey you were suppose to open the envelopes first." 

"Ohhhh." Is all I could manage to say. 

   I reached over and grabbed them off the floor. I ripped it open and pulled out two tickets of some sort. The tickets were upset down so I flipped them over and realized that they were plane tickets!!! I looked over the ticket and realized it was plane tickets from here to florida! No they did not just get me plane tickets! My parents smiled at how happy I was and my mom said 

"Yes those are plane tickets, well two of them. You said you wanted your old life back so we thought a few weeks in Florida would make you feel better, and we got another ticket so you could bring a friend." 

"Yeah what friend?" I thought in my head. 

"Don't forget to open the other one!" My dad said smiling. 

    I nodded and grabbed the other one. Still shocked at what they just got me. I ripped it open and it was a square piece of paper. It was in the shape of a plane ticket but much thinner. I flipped it over and it was a check..for me... from my parents! I looked over to the amount they gave me, thinking it was gonna be like $100 dollars but it was much more! They gave me $1.000 dollars! 

"NO WAY! Are you playing with me? Am I on some reality show or something?" I asked looking at my parents. 

"Nope! That is a real check from us. We thought maybe you could have some fun while your down in Florida. We didn't want you to worry about money while you werethere." My mom said. 

"Thank you so much! I really don't deserve this but I love you guys so much!" 

"Your Welcome honey! The plane leaves in two weeks, on Feburary 8. Your grades are beyond great and we already got your homework for those two weeks you'll be gone so you can get it done before you go down. We want you to have fun and not to worry about anything." My mom said hugging me tight. 

"I'm so excited!!!" I said getting up from the floor. 

    Our clock in the living room then went off, telling us it was 2pm now. The party started at 6pm so I had 4 hours to relax and prepare for what was gonna happen at the party. I gave my parents one finally hug, grabbed my stuff and went to my room. As I sat on my bed I realized I didn't have to go to the party alone. I pulled my phone out and dailed Alyssa's number. When she answered I said 

"Hey what's up girl?" 

"Not much! I just finished opening gifts. You?" 

"Same. I was wondering if you wanted to go to that party I told you about yesterday? I really don't wanna go alone." I said laying down on my bed. 

"Sure! Where is it at?" Alyssa asked. 

"The Hemming's place." I whispered.

"You need to speak up! I didn't hear what you just said." 

"The Hemming's place!" I said louder. 

"The Hemming's place? Why the hell are you going to a party that is at there house? Well to be more pacific, Luke's house! I thought you told me to stay away from him and that he was nothing but trouble?" Alyssa asked confused. 

"He is bad but I have no choice! My parents are going and they are making me go. I really don't wanna go alone! Please don't make me go alone!" 

"Fine I'll go. I have some stuff to do but I'll be at your house in about 3 hours. Just text me your address." 

"Ok see you soon!" I said as I hung up and messaged her my address. 

    Well that went better then I thought. Now that she's going maybe it won't be so awkward and weird. The mission for tonight is to avoid everyone except my parents and Alyssa. Since she won't be here for awhile, I turned my tv on and started to watch Teen Wolf. Which is one of my favorite tv series of all time. Before I knew it, I looked at my clock and it was 5pm. The next thing I heard was my mom screaming for me to come downstairs. I paused the show and hopped off my bed. I ran downstairs and saw Alyssa at the front door. She was already wearing a dress for the party, which she looked amazing in! I grabbed her hand and as I was running up the steps I yelled back at my mom and said 

"Mom this is Alyssa! She's coming to the party with us tonight!" 

      When we got to my room, Alyssa put her bag on my bed and sat down next to it. She then said 

"I like your room." 

"Thank you!" I said sitting next to her. 

"Well shouldn't you get ready?" Alyssa asked me as she saw I was still in my pj's.

"Good idea." I said as I went over to my closest and grabbed my dress and heels. 

    Then I walked into the bathroom and quickly changed into my dress and heels. I grabbed my curler and plugged it in as I brushed my teeth. When it finally got hot I started curling my hair. The door to my bathroom opened and Alyssa came in, looking at me up and down. As I finished my hair she said 

"You look really hot!" 

"Why Thank you! You also look great! Should I wear any make-up?" I asked. 

"Are you kidding me? You don't have to wear any make-up at all! Unless your trying to impress someone." Alyssa said winking at me.

"Yeah I'm not trying to impress anyone. My mission is to avoid everyone and everything. I don't even want to go to this stupid party. I'm literally only going for the food." I said laughing as Alyssa agreed with me. 

     I looked in the mirror one more time and I was finally ready to go! I walked back into my room and grabbed my purse. Alyssa followed me as I opened my door to my room and walked downstairs and into the living room. My mom was wearing this really pretty red dress that went down below her knees with some black 1 inch heels. I turned and looked at my dad and he was wearing a tux. 

"Wow you guys look great!" I said. 

"You do sweetheart! Are you guys ready to go?" My dad asked. 

    I nodded and headed toward the front door. My mom quickly grabbed the cookies and we headed to Luke's house. This is gonna be one hell of a night. As we walked up to the front steps, my dad knocked on the door and a guy answered that I realized but it wasn't Luke. My eyes went wide and I realized it was Ben, Luke's older brother. 

"Welcome Guys! Hey Kylie, Nice to see you again." 

    Alyssa and my parents looked at me with a confused look. They didn't know I came over that one time but it was actually a trick that Luke played on me. 

"Hi Ben. Nice to see you to." I said trying to keep my cool. 

    We entered the house and Ben pointed to where my mom could put the cookies at and then directed them to his parents. Alyssa and I just stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do. I looked around and I only saw adults. There was no sign of teenagers or Luke. I then saw Ben walk over to me and say 

"I'm glad to see you again! Yeah I know it looks pretty boring in here. Luke and all the teenagers are in the back yard if you wanna go there." 

"By teenagers, who do you mean?"

"The only teenagers I know that are here are Luke, Michael, Calum, Ashton, Nicole and Valeria. I don't know any of the others." Ben said pointing to the back door. 

"Alright Thank you." I said walking away from him.

     Alyssa and I walked to the back door and I opened it pecking outside. Some teenagers were around a camp fire and Luke, Valeria, Nicole and the boys were in a circle close to a tree. Luke's arm was around Valeria's waist, which didn't suprise me one bit. Michael was holding Nicole and Calum and Ashton were sword fighting with some sticks. I then closed my eyes and gave myself a little pep talk. I can do this! I am not afraid of Valeria or anyone else. I just need to walk out there like I'm perfectly fine. 

   I grabbed Alyssa's hand and stepped outside. We walked toward there "group" and when we got to them I said 

"Hi Calum!" Trying to avoid everyone else. 

   When Calum looked at me he looked confused and amazed. He ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. He then said 

"I can't believe your here! I actully didn't expect you to be here at all! What are you doing here?"

"Well my parents were invited to this party so they forced me to come and deal with these assholes." I said looking around to everyone.

    I turned my head to Luke and he removed his arm from Valeria's waist. I just shoke my head and said 

"You don't have to remove your arm from Valeria's waist out of guilt Luke." 

"Yeah Luke! For once listen to Kylie." Valeria said grabbing his arm. 

"I'm going to get another drink." Luke said as he stormed into the house. 

"Awww I think I hurt his feelings." I said laughing.

"What has gotten into you Kylie? Your being a real bitch right now." Nicole said speaking up for the first time since I got here.

"I'm a bitch Nicole? Really Nicole? I'm not the friend who left a friend and went to the slut crew.  I'm not the friend who sat around and watched as one of my friends became the laugh stoke of the school! If you think I'm a bitch then whatever, but you made me this way! At least I'm not cold-hearted like you." 

"Whoa guys! Calm down!" Michael said.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go get a drink." 

    I said as I walked back into the house without Alyssa. I just needed some space for myself for once. I went into the kitchen and I looked up to see Luke leaning against the counter. Looking at the floor as if he was about to cry. I grabbed myself a water and as I walked out, Luke grabbed my hand. I tried to pull away but after a few moments I gave up. He quickly walked me up to his bedroom and closed the door behide us. 

"What the fuck Luke? If you brought me up here to have sex with you or something then you can forget it! You are so unbelieveable." 

"No I didn't bring you up here to have sex with you Kylie! Stop thinking I'm like that because I'm not! I'm tried of people thinking of me that way!" Luke said pulling his hair. 

"Well it's your fault. You made yourself look that way and you hang out with Valeria. You are a fucking asshole Luke. I hate you Luke!" I said screaming. 

"WELL I FUCKING LIKE YOU KYLIE! I have ever since you moved here! I'm about to tell you a story and you may not believe it but everything I'm gonna tell you is true. My story on how I became an asshole." 

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