"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


19. "I Don't Deserve this."

Kylie's POV

"Kylie! Kylie wake up!" Someone said shaking me. 

     I opened my eyes to see Calum over me. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I looked around and saw I was in Calum's room. I looked at Calum and said 

"What happened?" 

"After we talked in the hallway we came back to my room and in no time you pasted out on the couch. Anyway I have a question, do you wanna go out in town with me?" Calum said. 

"Sure! I'll go get ready and meet you in the hallway!" I said getting up and leaving. 

    I left the room and into the hallway. I walked down the hallway and to my door. I reached into my pockets and realized I didn't have the room key so I knocked on the door. A few moments later the door opened and there standing in the doorway was a girl in only underwear and a bra. I looked over to the bed and saw Luke in only his boxers. The girl gave me a weird look and then said 

"Can we help you?" 

"Yeah you can do me a favor and leave. This is my room." I said walking in and over to my clothes. 

    I picked out some skinny jeans, plaid shirt and some black toms and turned around. I saw the girl kiss Luke and then leave. I just rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. I changed into my clothes and curled my hair. I put on some lip gloss and mascara and walked back into the room. By now Luke was dressed in skinny jeans and a black shirt. I walked over to my purse and picked it up. Luke then says 

"Where you going?" 

"I'm going out with Calum." I said walking to the door. 

     Before I could open it Luke grabs my wrist and pulls me backward. His hand was grabbing it really hard and it was starting to get sore. I looked up at Luke and his face was angry/upset mixed. I then pull my wrist away and Luke says

"Where the hell do you think your going?" 

"I'm going out with Calum! My best friend, and I know what you fucking did to Calum! Why the hell would you hit him? He's your best friend! What did he ever do to you? So excuse my Hemmings, I'm leaving." I said leaving the room. 

    I walked into the hallway and saw Calum standing against the wall. I walked over to him and we walked to the elevator together. When we got to the bottom we walked outside and to his car. When we got in he started it up. I turned the radio on and we sat off! After about 30 minutes we arrived in downtown, London. Calum parked and we got out. We started walking down the street and we pasted so many cute stores. London was unbelievably amazing! We went to a couple stores and I bought a couple outfits. When then entered a park with a water fountain and in the middle there was a ice cream cart man to the side. We walked over to him and I said

"I would like Chocolate and Calum would like vanilla."

"You know me so well." Calum said laughing. 

   After the guy dipped the ice cream on the two cones he handed them to us. I then payed and we walked over to the water fountain. We sat down and started eating them. Calum then looked at me and blushed. He then said 

"So do you like Luke?" 

I gave him a weird look and said "Why do you ask that?" 

"I was just wondering." Calum said. 

   Before I could say anything else I looked up and over to the distance. There I saw Valeria and her "gang." Valeria was wearing booty shorts and a crop top. I poked Calum and pointed to her and he just started laughing. I then stood up and was about to walk away when Valeria said 

"Where you think you going? Can't fight your own fights?" 

I then stood my ground and said "Oh look who it is Calum! The slut of the town!" 

"Calum why are you hanging out with this piece of trash?" Valeria asked. 

"Because she's not a slut." Calum said cracking up laughing. 

    Valeria's face then went red and throw my ice cream cone on the ground. By then everyone that was around us were starring at us. I just shrugged it off and look her straight in the eyes. Does she really think doing that would hurt my feelings? Its just an ice cream cone. I then looked at Calum and back at her. I then started walking away when she grabs me and throws me backward into the fountain while saying 

"I don't think so!" 

   The cold water hit me and my back hit the bottom of it shooting pain up my body. I then got to the surface and wiped my eyes and saw black on my hands. I then realized I had mascara on. I looked up and saw Valeria and her friends laughing at me. Calum was on the ground trying to get up. I guess Valeria pushed him down too. Then when Valeria stopped laughing she looks at me and says 

"I told you something bad would happen to you, but you wouldn't listen! Now look at you! Your a fucking slut ass bitch! NO ONE LIKE'S YOU! Everyone just feels sorry for you! I hope you have learned your lesson now. If not next time will be worse and oh look Luke's here! Luke you came at the perfect time! Look at her!" 

    I turned my head from Valeria and then to Luke. Luke then looks up at me and says nothing. He just gives me a look and walks away. By now I was crying, so I got out of the water and helped Calum up. After he dusted himself off he cupped my face in his hand and says

"I am so sorry that happened to you."

"I just wanna go back to my room." I said walking toward the car. 

    When we got to the car Calum started it up and we headed back to the hotel. When we got there we parked and got out. We walked into the lobby where most of everyone was. People were whispering and pointing at me. It was so embarrassing. We then got in the elevator and went to our floor. When we got there we got out and I walked to my room. When I got to my door Calum turns me toward him and says 

"Are you sure you wanna go in by yourself?" 

"I'm fine." I said opening the door. I then turned back toward Calum and say 

"Thank You for the fun we had today, but I'm going to bed now." 

   I then closed the door and turned around to see Luke on the bed with his head in his arms. I heard him cry and then took a step forward. The floor made a noise and Luke turns quickly toward me. He quickly wipes his eyes and says 

"What the hell do you want?" 

"Whats wrong?" I asked sitting on the bed taking off my shoes. 

"Oh EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! My parents just got a divorce, my brothers don't want nothing to do with me. My family is consistently fighting, but I'M FINE!" 

"SORRY! I was just asking." I said grabbing a towel. 

"I'm sorry I just need a distraction." He said coming close to me. 

"I don't think so! I'm going to take a shower." I said heading to the bathroom door.

     When I got in the room I closed the door and started taking off my clothes. I then turned the shower on and looked in the mirror. My face was a mess. I quickly wiped my face with a towel and got in the shower. The hot water hit my body and it felt amazing. I started washing my body when I felt cold hands on my waist. Shivers went up my spine and I turned around to see Luke in the shower with me naked! I then moved away from him and say 

"Get the fuck out Luke!" 

"Nah I don't feel like it." Luke said coming toward me.

    By now his body was against mine and the hot water was coming down between us. He then leaned in and kissed me. He started kissing my neck and then started playing with my breast. Ok if he wants to play like this then two can play at this game! I then leaned in and started making out with him. I started playing his hair and he started to moan. Just as things were getting heated I pulled away, turned the water off and got out. He then sighed an said 

"Why did you stop?" 

"Because I felt like it." I said putting a towel around me. 

"You suck." Luke says hitting me.

"You wish." I said winking.


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