"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


9. "Hangout."

Kylie's POV

       I yawned and slowly woke up. Wow that party was crazy! At less I don't have a hang over or anything. That would be bad. I reached over and grabbed my phone. I looked down and saw I had a text from Nicole. I opened it and it said 

"Hey Girl! I'll be leaving my house in about 10 minutes. I'm coming to get you and we're going over to Michael's house to hang out for the day." 

"No I'm good. Luke will be there and I don't wanna go. You have fun!" I replied.

"No bad! I'm already heading your way." Nicole replied. 

   She's got to be kidding. I don't wanna go! UGH! I got out of bed and walked over to my closest. I put on shorts and a tank top with some toms. I straightened my hair and put on some light pink lipstick. I walked back into my room, grabbed my phone and walked downstairs. I looked into the living room and saw my parents. I walked in and said 

"Hey guys! I'm going out with Nicole for the day, I'll be back later!" 

"Ok have fun sweetie!" My mom said. 

   I walked to the front door and walked outside. I sat on the the steps and after about 10 minutes Nicole pulled in. I got up and walked over to her car. I got in and closed the door be-hide me. Nicole then backed out and got on the road. I then turned to her and said 

"I hate you." 

"But you also love me." She said. 

   I rolled my eyes and looked out my window. After about 20 minutes we arrived at a two story house. She pulled in and parked. We then got out and walked to the front door. Nicole knocked on the door and a few moments later Michael answered it. They hugged and kissed and then invited us in. We walked into the living room and I saw Calum playing videos and Ashton on his phone. But no Luke to be seen! Thank god! I walked over to the couch and sat down. I then said 

"What game are you playing?" 

"Um FIFA! Wanna play?" Calum asked. 

"Sure!" I said sitting next to Calum. 

   Calum gave me a controller and we started to play. We played about 6 rounds and I won half and Calum won half. I looked around and Nicole and Michael were on the couch taking countless number of selfies. I then turned back to the game and continued to play. After awhile Calum tunred to me and said 

"You're not half bad!" 

"Thanks!" I said looking down. 

"Who's not half bad?" A voice asked. 

    We all turned around and I saw Luke. Great. His arm was around a girl I didn't know. At less it wasn't Valerie. They both walked over to the love seat and sat down. Luke started kissing her neck and I could tell she liked it. But he only did it to make me jealous. Calum then said 

"Kylie is actually really good at FIFA. We've been playing together for awhile and we're even at the moment. While you were fucking that girl." 

"I thought Valerie was your sex buddy." I said laughing. 

"I have a couple sex buddies." Luke said looking at me. 

    I turned away from Luke and looked at the tv. What is it with him. No the question is, whats with me? At times I do think about Luke doing dirty things to me but then I remember he's a complete jerk and he just pisses me off all the time. I then came back to real life when Calum was waving his hand in front of me. He then laughed and said 

"It's time to eat!" 

   We all got up and went into the kitchen. I got there last and was in the back of the line. We went through and when everyone got what they wanted they went outside to the table. I was putting food on my plate when I felt someone come up be-hide. I then felt hands go on my waist and I lost my breath for a moment. No one has touched me there before. Then I realized it was Luke. He then whispered in my ear and said 

"Were you day dreaming of me babe? Don't worry sweetheart. I don't blame you." 

I turned around and said "No I wasn't." With a straight face. 

"You don't gotta lie to me." Luke said getting close to me. 

    That's when the screen door opened and we both turned to it. I saw it was Nicole and I quickly pushed Luke away. Nicole looked at us weird and walked over to the table. She grabbed the chip bag and walked back out. I then turned back to Luke and said 

"I hate you so much." 

"But you wanna fuck me." He said smirking. 

   I rolled my eyes and grabbed my plate. I walked outside and over to the table. I sat down next to Nicole and started to eat. A few minutes later Luke came out and sat next to Michael which was across from me and Nicole. After the longest awkwardness ever we were all done eating. We all walked back in and throw away our stuff and walked back into the living room. I sat on the couch next to Nicole and watch Calum and Ashton vs each other on some game. Luke then got out of his seat and left. By now I really needed to go to the bathroom so I turned to Michael and said 

"Michael where's your bathroom?" 

"Down the hallway. Last door on your right." 

"Thanks!" I said getting up. 

    I got up and walked pass the kitchen and down the long hallway. I walked all the way to the end and opened the last door on my right. When I opened It i saw Luke fixing his hair in the mirror. Wow. He then turned to me and i said 

"Can you get out please! I gotta use the bathroom." I said walking in.

   When I walked in Luke walked over to me and closed the door be-hide me anf then locked it. I backed away from Luke and hit the sink. Luke walked over to me and looked up and down my body. He then pressed his body against mine and I felt his hot breath on my face. He then pulled my tank top sleeve down a little and started kissing my neck. He really wants to fuck me doesn't he. He then moved his lips to my chin and started kissing there. I then said 

"I'm.....not giving.....in Luke." 

"You will eventually." He said smiling. 

I then finally pushed him away and said "Seriously Luke! Stop it!" 

"Feisty! I like it!" He said. 

"You know what. I don't even need to go anymore. I'm leaving." I said leaving the room. 

    I left the room and walked back down the hallway and through the kitchen back into the living room. I walked back over to my stop and sat down. I looked at the tv and what I could tell Calum was winning by a long shot. A few minutes later Luke came in and sat in the seat next to the couch. Nicole then turned to me and said 

"What the hell happened to your neck?" 

"What you mean?" I asked. 

   Nicole grabbed her purse and pulled out a mirror. She gave it to me and I looked at my neck. God damn Luke left love bites on my neck. What am I suppose to say to her? Oh I want to the bathroom and Luke was kissing my neck and chin. I don't think so. I then said 

"Oh...It's probably just bites from the bugs outside." I said handing Nicole her mirror back. 

"Yeah...Love bites." Luke said smirking at me. 

   I turned to Luke and mouthed "Shut Up." He just laughed and we all continued to watch the game. After hours went pasted I decided to see what time it was. I looked at the table where I put my phone but it wasn't there. I asked if anyone seen it but they all said no. I then looked at Luke and he was on...MY PHONE! I walked over to him and said 

"Give me my phone!" 

"That will be a payment of one kiss please." He said smiling. 

     I reached down and pulled my phone out of his hands. I looked down at it and it was getting pretty late. I also had a ton of miss calls from my house phone. I walked back over to Nicole and said

"Don't you think we should be getting home. I mean we have school tomorrow." 

"Yeah your right! Well guys this was fun day! See you guys all tomorrow!" Nicole said. 

   We all waved Bye to the boys and walked outside to the car. We got in and Nicole started it up. She backed out and got on the road. I turned on the radio and country music came on. I started singing to it and the Nicole turned it off. I turned to her and said 

"HEY! I liked that song!" 

"Explain! Now!" She said 

"What you mean?" I asked. 

"When I walked back into the kitchen. Luke's body was legit pressing onto yours. Did you guys make out or something? Kylie you know he's a complete jerk! You shouldn't fall for him! I already told you this!" 

"No Nicole! We didn't make out. I don't wanna talk about this. But trust me we did not kiss." I said. 

    I looked at Nicole and she rolled her eyes. We then pulled into my drive way and I got out. Nicole and I said goodbye and I walked in. All the lights were out so I guess my parents are already in bed. I walked up to my room and put on my pj's. I then walked over to my bed and plugged in my phone. And as soon as I got comfy my phone went off. I grabbed it and it was a text from a unknown number. I opened it and it said 

"Hey babe. :*" 

Who is this?' I replied. 

"Luke. I kinda got your number now. Well anyway, I gotta go to bed. I have school tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow sweetheart!" He replied 

I stared at the message and then thought


"You've got to be kidding me." 

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