"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


5. "Forceful."

*Monday Morning* 

Kylie's POV

     I slowly woke up to my clock going off. Oh shit. It's Monday and that means school! I am so scared! I got up and went over to my closest. I put on some leggings, toms and a shirt. I then went to the bathroom and curled my hair. I put on some lipstick and I was ready to go! I grabbed my phone and back pack and walked downstairs. Mom was already gone for work and dad was waiting for me in the kitchen. When he saw me he signaled me to get in the car. I did what I was told and walked out to the car. I got in and he started it up. After 5 minutes passed we arrived at school. I said Goodbye and got out. I looked over at the parking lot and saw Luke, Valerie and there gang. They all smiled at me and I walked in. Today should be fun. 

    I walked to my locker and grabbed all my morning books and headed to my first class. When I walked in I saw Nicole and waved. I sat down next to her and said 

"Oh my god I'm so nervous!" 

"Just calm down! Everything will be fine." Nicole said as Valerie and her friend walked in. 

    They walked back to us and Valerie sat next to me while her friend sat next to Nicole. What is going on here? I was about to grab my books to put them on the ground when Valerie reaches over and hits them all on the floor. She then looks at me and says 

"Oops my bad." 

    I just rolled my eyes and grabbed my books. The rest of the class went by fast and it was then time to go to gym class. The good part is Nicole is in there with me but Luke, Valerie and some of there friends are also in there. The bell rang and we all got up. Nicole and I walked to gym and we changed into our clothes. We then went back out and when everyone was ready we did our stretches and then the gym teacher said 

"Ok guys! We are going to play kick ball today! You don't have to play. So if you choose not to play then you have to sit on the benches and be quiet until class ends." 

    Of coarse me and Nicole sat on the benches and some other kids also. I knew one of them because he was Luke's friend. He had fluffy brown hair.The game started and I didn't care less who won. I was facing Nicole talking to her when I felt something hard hit me. I looked down and saw the kick ball. I then saw who kicked it. Valerie. Everyone laughed and I threw the ball WAY on the other side of the gym. Nicole looked at me and said 

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine." I said looking down at the gym floor. 

   Luke was running and he ran all the way to home plate. He looked up at me and had a cheeky smile on his face. I don't get him. I really don't. I then rolled my eyes and looked at Nicole. After a few minutes later Nicole was called to the office and she said she would meet me at lunch. I said goodbye to her and sat there like a loner. About 30 minutes later the gym teacher said it was time to change and head to the next class. I got up and headed to the locker. I was in the hall when all of a sudden I was stopped. I looked up and saw Luke. He then said 

"Why did you roll your eyes at me?" 

"Because I don't like you and your annoying as fuck." I said trying to get pass him.

"Oh come on now. Look at me and tell you wouldn't want to fuck me." 

"I would rather fuck a penguin then you." I said walking pass him. 

"Hey!! I actually like penguins!" Luke said yelling at me. 

"NO ONE CARES." I said entering the changing room. 

*Skip to lunch." 

      I walked into the lunch room and got in line for food. I got what I wanted and payed. I then started to head over to Nicole's table when I saw Valerie walking over to me with her "gang"." She got close to me and said 

"Oh hey. That food looks pretty good." 

"I guess. It's food." I said trying to walk away. 

"Where are you going?" Valerie said blocking my way. 

"Trying to get the fuck away from you." 

"OH I don't think so. You think your all talk and this big strong girl. I warned you on your first day here if you didn't obey my rules then your life here would be a living hell, and that was a promise sweetheart." She said getting in my face. 

"Then do something." I said right in her face. 

    She just stood there with her arms cross. She didn't do or say anything. I laughed and then walked away. When I got over to Nicole's table Nicole says 

"Oh my god. You girl are in for a beating! You have stood up to Valerie so many times. I wish I was like you." Nicole said laughing. 

"Well I speak my mind. I guess." I said starting to eat. 

    I keep on eating and i saw Valerie walk over to Luke's table. They started to make-out and it was so gross. I keep on eating and me, Nicole and Mary continued to talk about our lives so we could get to know each other. Mary then says 

"Um Kylie, Luke is legit staring at you. He hasn't stopped looking over here since you came over here. It's freaking me out." 

   I turned around and saw Luke staring at me. He bite his lip ring and then looked away. What the fuck is this? I then turned back around and said 

"I don't know. He's a fucking stalker."  

    After 45 minutes passed it was time to go to our next class.

*Skip until last class* 

    I looked up at the clock and it was time for the last class of the day. Which for me it's science, and Luke is in it and sits right be-hide me. I walked up to my locked and opened it. When I opened it a note fell out. I picked it up and opened it. It said

"Hey there. Just thought you should know that I think you're hot and I would totally go out with you. Love, Anonymous." 

   Oh the hell would write me a letter? All while. I grabbed my science book and headed to science class. When I got in there James was in there but no sign of Luke. I walked back to the back and sat next to James. He then said 

"Hey beautiful! How's your day?" 

"Good! Other then getting hit in the head with a ball in gym and getting yelled at in the lunch room by Valerie I'm great!" I said laughing. 

"Aww I'm sorry! Valerie is a bitch!" James said. 

"Tell me about it." I said as Luke walked in. 

    Oh god. He walked pass us and gave James a dirty look and sat be-hide me. Class started and the teacher said we had a worksheet to do and we could work together with your partner. He handed them out and we started. I looked be-hide me and saw Luke didn't have a partner. I turned around and said 

"Why were you staring at me at lunch?" 

"I wasn't looking at you." Luke said. 

"Yes you were! You were looking straight at me! Your a fucking stalker!" I said. 

"Oh... look who's talking! By the way you look sexy in your pj's." Luke said winking at me. 

   By then James notice and I turned back around. Fuck Luke saw me. I was hoping he didn't but I was wrong. James and I was the first to finish so we sat back down in our seats and talked. James then leaned over to me and whispered 

"What was that all about between you and Luke." 

"it's a long story." I said whispering back. 

"Please stop flirting with each other. Some people aren't done with there work." Luke said yelling so everyone in the room could hear. 

   Everyone started to laugh and the teacher told them to be quiet. Oh I hate Luke so much. I turned around at Luke and gave him the evil eye. I then said 

"Sorry about that. Unlike you, James is actually a nice guy, but your just a fucking jerk!" I yelled. 

"Ok that's enough! Kylie take your books and go to the office they need to tell you something." 

   I nodded and grabbed my stuff. I said goodbye to James and left the room. At less I don't have to be near Luke anymore. I put my stuff in my locker and walked to the office. I walked in and they told me to sit down. After 5 minutes they called me back. I sat down and the lady said 

"Hi Kylie! Don'y worry you ain't in trouble. Your dad called and said he can't make it to pick you up after school. But he told me you only live like 5 minutes from here and he was wondering if you could just walk home, and you are aloud to that you just need a pass. So I called you up here to give you one. Just be careful ok?" 

"Ok Thank you!" I said as the bell rang.

   I walked out of the office and to my locker. I opened it and grabbed my back pack and all the homework I had to do that night. Nicole then came walking up and said 

"So how was your afternoon?" 

"Oh just amazing. My dad can't pick me up so I have to walk home." I said. 

"Oh ok! Well be careful and I'll see you tomorrow!" 

"Ok goodbye!" I said walking to the front door. 

    I walked out the front doors and started walking home. I walked passed all the cars in the parking lot and got on the side walk. I walked around the corner when I saw Luke and his boys. I keep on walking but I tried to avoid them. But of coarse they saw me and Luke said 

"Well...well...well. Look who it is." 

"Your that cute girl in my gym class." The fluffy hair boy said. 

"And you are?" I asked. 

"Oh I'm Ashton. Michael is the one with colorful hair. Calum has the black hair and this one right here is the popular Luke Hemmings." He said putting his arm around Luke. 

"Popular? Where? On planet mars?" I asked. 

"Watch your month sweetheart!" Luke said. 

"Or what?" I said crossing my arms and tapping my foot. 

"Or I might just kiss you." 

"Oh my god please don't. That would be the worse thing to ever happen to me." I said walking pass the group. 

    Luke then grabs my waist and pulls me toward him. My body was pushing up against him. I could finally see his eyes. They were so blue and pretty. Anyone would fall for him. He then pushes me up against a tree and kisses me. It felt so good but I didn't kiss back. 

"GET YOU SOME LUKE!" Michael said.. 

"Stop fighting it!" Luke said to me. 

I finally managed to push Luke away and say "Get the fuck off of me! Why the hell would you kiss me anyway? You have your sex doll Valerie! Why don't you go fuck her under a tree or something, and thanks a fucking lot for the help guys." I said. 

"No problem." Michael said. 

"Yeah but your different Kylie. Your a innocent girl and that's what I like about you. You probably haven't even had your first kiss yet have you?" Luke said. 

"That's none of your god damn business! Do me a favor and leave me the fuck alone! I've had enough bullshit for one day and I'm done!" I said walking away. 

"I won't leave you alone!" Luke said walking away. 

   I continued to walk and I finally arrived at my house. When I got there I walked up to my room and I grabbed my phone. I looked down at it and saw I had a text from Nicole. It said

"Please tell me you made it home alive! Cx" 

"Yeah I just got home. I'm safe and sound. But thanks for checking on me!" I replied. 

"No problem! See you tomorrow beautiful!" Nicole text. 

"Ok see you tomorrow! <3" 

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