"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


23. "First Day back in School."

Kylie's POV

     I got out of the truck and walked into school. Over the weekend we arrived back home from our school trip to England and I was kinda glad we were back. Christmas is in 4 days which means we only have 3 days of school this week. As I entered the school I walked to my locker and opened it up. As I was getting my books out Nicole walked up next to me and opened her locker. I just igorned her the whole time. As I closed my locker Valeria and her friends walked up to Nicole and Valeria said 

"Hey Nicole! Wanna sit with us in first period?" 

"Sure!" Nicole said shutting her locker. I then said 

"Wow Nicole. You're pathetic." 

"What you talking about?" Nicole asked looking at me. 

"You know what I'm talking about. Just because I danced with Michael you become buddy buddy with Valeria and her crew of sluts? Well I guess that considers you a slut too!" 

"You better watch your fucking month princess. Didn't you learn your lesson in England? Or do I gotta teach you another one?" Valeria said getting in my face. 

"Move out of my way slut! I don't wanna be late for first period." I said pushing Valeria aside and walking down the hall. 

*Skip to second period* 

    As I entered gym class Nicole, Valeria and there crew were on the floor playing a game. That's weird because Nicole told me she hated to play sports. As I sat down on the bleachers Luke sat next to me. I then looked at him and said 

"What do you want Luke?" 

"Nothing. I just wanted to make sure your ok and I wanted to ask you on a date." Luke said. 

"Your fucking with me right?" I asked starting to laugh. 

"No I'm not. I wanna take you on a date. I wanna make up for all the bullshit I put you through. Will you atleast think about it?" Luke asked. 

'Fine." I said as Luke got up and went on the gym floor. 

     As the gym class went by I pretty much just played on my phone the whole time. While everyone else played some kind of ball game. As the class ended I got up and went into the changing room. I then changed into my regular clothes and headed to lunch. When I got there I got in line to get my food. Then I payed and went into the lunchroom where all the tables. I looked around and wondered where I was gonna sit. Nicole was with Valeria and her crew and they were with the boys so I had no where to sit. I had no other friends. 

    So I threw my food away and run out of the lunchroom and to the nearest bathroom. I then looked into the mirror and splashed my face with water. I then went into one of the stales and got my phone out. I then turned facetime on and clicked on Kassies name. As I looked down I saw that she changed her profile pic from me and her to her and some other girl. My phone then beeped and it said she was "unavailable."

    Well I guess she's moved on from me too. Before I knew it the bell rang and it was time for the next class. Which was science class. As I entered the class room Luke already in his seat as usually. I then sat down and the teacher started handing out our homework as he always does. Suprisely Luke didn't try anything on me which was a shocker to me. When I finished I gave my paper to the teacher and sat back down. When Luke got done I turned to Luke and said 

"By the way I'll go on the date with you."

"Really?" Luke said as he turned to me. 

"Yes." I said looking down at the table. 

*Skip afternoon classes*

    Before I knew it the class was over, so I got up and headed out the door. As I got to my locker I opened it and grabbed my back pack. As I closed my door Nicole and her new friends came walking to me. I didn't want to start anything else so I turned aound but I hit into someone. I looke up and saw Luke smiling down at me. He then handed me a piece of paper and said 

"This will tell you all the info about our date. Can't wait until then." 

     He then winked at me and walked away. Yep there's good old Luke I know. As I took a step forward someone tapped on my shoulder. I then turned around and saw "The Slut Crew." Valeria then said 

"I see that you and Luke are becoming close." 

"Fuck off Valeria." I said. 

   I then turned around and walked out of the front doors before she could say anything else. I then headed my way home. As a passed a park I saw someone on the bench and they looked like they were crying. As I looked closer it was Calum. I then ran across the street and walked up to him and sat down next to him. I then said 

"Are you ok Calum?" 

"No!!! I've been bullied by Valeria and her crew all day!!! I'm tired of it Kylie! And the worst thing is that Valeria and her crew are friends with Luke, Ashton and Michael. Also I'm pretty sure Luke and Valeria are gonna go out again. God she's a fucking slut." Calum said crying.

"Wait what? Luke asked me out on a date today." I said. 

"Please tell me you said no." Calum said looking up at me. 

"I said yes. He was super nice to me today." I said standing up. 

"Well you need to cancel it! Just trust me on this! You DO NOT wanna go on that date with Luke. It's a bad idea." Calum said grabbing my hands.

"No I'm going Calum! I haven't gone on a date in forever and you can't change my mind! I'm going if you like it or not. I'm tired of people bossing me around. I gotta head home. I'll see you later!" I said as I ran to the other side of the street. 

      As I got home I entered the kitchen and there was a note on the counter. I picked it up and it basically said mom and dad weren't going to be home all night. Well thanks parents. I guess I'll just stay home by myself as I always do. I then went to my room and changed into my pj's and put my hair in a bun. I then grabbed my back packand pulled the note out that Luke gave me and it said 

"The date will be tomorrow. I will pick you up at 6pm and wear something nice. If you have any questions you know where I live(;" 

    I then laughed and threw the note on my night stand. I then grabbed my homework and walked to my treehouse and climbed to the top. I then started on my homework when I heard yelling. I peeked over at Luke's back yard and heard Luke yelling into his phone and he said 

"Yeah I know what our deal was but I wanna cancel it! Yeah I know but...come on. Alright whatever. Bye." He said as he threw his phone to the ground. 

I then stood up and said "Are you ok Luke?" 

"Oh I didn't see you there. Yeah I'm fine. Wait were you spying on me?" Luke asked.

"No! I was doing my homework in the treehouse!" I said. 

"Sure. Nice try though." 

"I'm serious, I said showing him my paper, anyway I'm gonna go lay down. I'll see you tomorrow for our date! So goodnight! Sweet dreams!" I said as I climbed down and waved goodbye to Luke. 

***Backward to the plane ride going from England to Australia***

Valeria's POV

"So you know what you gotta do right?" I said as I looked at Luke.

"Yes I know what to do. Do I really gotta do this? This is kinda mean don't you think? Can't you do something.....I don't know, less mean?" Luke asked. 

"No, and you'll do excatly what I said Luke! Do it on Monday when we arrive back at school." I said as the plane took off. 

"Fine Valeria." Luke said as he looked over at Kylie. 

"This is gonna be so sweet." I said as I fell asleep. 


*Hope you like the update! I'll be posting another chapter tomorrow!*

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