"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


25. "Consider me dead."

*Hey guys! Sorry for taking forever to update but here's one now! If you don't mind can you check out my newer story "Dangerous Love" and tell me what you think? Also the winner of the photo edit contest is....... alyssa666 from kik! Congrats girl! You'll be a person in this story!*

Kylie's POV 

    I woke up as I heard doors slamming. I then heard the front door of my house opened. I looked at my clock and it was 7am in the morning. I pushed the covers off me and walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen. I saw as my mom and dad walked in. I hugged each of them and said

"You said wouldn't be here until tonight?" 

"Well we got to leave early." My dad said smiling. 

"By the way, thanks for setting a alarm for me! I was late to school!" I said. 

"I'm so sorry sweetheart. Schools actually about to start soon. You should start getting ready!" My mom said as she walked over to the sink. 

    I nodded and walked up to my room. I went over to my closest to put on some grey leggings, a sweatshirt and some boots. I then went to the bathroom, did my hair and then walked back into my room. I grabbed my phone, backbag and walked downstairs. When my  dad saw me he smiled and we walked out to his truck. We got in and he started it up. 

   When we arrived at school, I looked out the window and saw Luke at the front doors. When he saw me, he waved at me and smiled. I said goodbye to my dad and got out. I walked over to Luke and said 

"What you doing out here?" 

"I was waiting for you because I had something to tell you!" Luke said as the bell rang. 

"Well you'll just have to tell me later." I said kissing his cheek and running inside. 

   I got to my locker and opened it up grabbing the books I needed. I then closed it and headed to my first period When I got there, I was the first one so I got to sit anywhere. I took a seat in the back row and waited for class to start. As the teacher walked in the "Slut Crew" walked in after him. Valoria sat in front of me and Nicole sat next to her. 

  When I looked at Valoria's hair she had sticks and leaves in her hair for some reason, so I grabbed a piece of her hair and said 

"There's something called shampoo." 

She turned around and said "You know I would say something back but today's my day sweetheart. I don't wanna get stressed out because honey your day is finally here. I can't wait to see your face." 

"What you mean?" I asked confused. 

   She smirked and then turned back around. Well that was awkward. The class then went by like a breeze and it was time for the next class! When I enter gym class, they were playing baseball so as usually I went over to the bleachers and sat down. This time was different though. There was girl with blond hair and blue eyes sitting in my spot. I walked over to her and said

"Hey I don't think I've seen you here before." 

"No I'm new. I justed started here today. I'm Alyssa, what's your name?" 

"Kylie." I said as the intercome came on and the person on it said

"Hello students! Today after lunch we're gonna be having a presentation in the gym! I just wanted you all to know! It should last about an hour. So you can now continue class!" 

"Do you wanna seat together?" I asked Alyssa.

"Sure!" She said. 

    After that we talked about me and her. I found out a lot about her, like she moved here too because of her mom's job and she has a older brother named Jason and a younger sister that has my name. Before we knew it, it was lunch time. We walked to the changing room and changed into our regular clothes and headed to the lunch room. When we got to the door, Luke was waiting for me. When he saw me he ran over to me and said 

"Where were you?" He asked worried. 

"I was coming from gym. Are you ok?" I asked. 

"No I really need to tell you something, like now!" 

   Before I could say anything, Alyssa grabbed my hand and dragged me into the lunch room. I looked back at Luke and said 

"You can tell me later." 

   We then got in line, grabbed our food and then payed. We walked over to an empty table and sat down. We started to eat and I started telling her all about Valoria and her slut crew. I warned her to stay away from her and to never get in her way. As lunch ended we were all directed to the gym. Alyssa and I got our seats and sat down as the crew enter. They sat a few rows below us and then the boys enter. I waved at Luke to sit with us but he just looked away and sat on the other side of the bleachers. 

   Ok that was weird. As they started the presentation about drugs and sex I sat back and started to fall asleep. I've always hated presentations like this. I know we're not suppose to drink and do drugs. I also already know that having sex can lead you to having a baby and blah, blah, blah. As I started to fall sleep, Alyssa tapped my shoulder and I opened my eyes to see my room on the screen. I saw me and Luke on the night we had the date. 

   I saw him start kissing my neck and then the part where I said I haven't gone this far with anyone. I heard the whole gym start whispering and then after the video ended the words "Virgin Bloody Mary" flash on the screen. Then a picture my face flashed up there with a photoshopped dick next to my month. The whole gym started laughing and I looked around to see everyone pointing at me including the crew. 

   How did they get that video in the first place? The only person that was in my room was Luke. Wait...Luke! He did this, and to think he actually liked me. I started crying and my vision started to become blurry. I could feel my heart break in half as I ran down the stairs and out into the hallway. I got to my locker, grabbed my back bag and then as I got to the front doors of the school someone grabs my arm and turns me around. When I realize its Luke I pull my arm out of his grasp and he says

"It doesn't look what it looks like?"

"Really Luke? It looks like to me that you recorded us and gave it to Valoria to show the whole school, and to think you actually liked me." I said as tears rolled down my cheek.

"I did like you!" Luke said as he started to cry. 

"Your such a fucking lair! Don't fucking come near me again! I should have listened to Calum and not went on that date with you!" I said as I opened the door.


"Luke go fuck yourself and just consider me dead." I said as I exited and headed back to my house. 

   As I get home, I unlock the door and run up to my room. I drop my bag on the ground and jump into my bed. I can't believe Luke actually did that. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed Calum's phone. When he answered I said 

"You were right." As the tears rolled down and on to my phone. 

"I'll be right over." He said as he hung up. 

   After about 10 minutes I heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs and opened it. When I saw Calum, my eyes started to tear up and he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug. He then pulled away and said 

"Let's go get ice cream." 

    I agreed and grabbed my jacket. When then got in his car and headed to the nearest ice cream place. When we got there, he parked and we got out. We entered and I told him what I wanted and then sat down. He then got our ice cream and sat down next to me. As we started to eat I looked at him and said

"I can't show my face at school again." 

"I'm so sorry that happened. I saw everything and I wanted to beat up Luke so bad. It was weird though because before we went into the gym, I saw Luke and Valoria talking. Luke didn't look to happy and she was just laughing. He then finally just yelled something at her and walked away." Calum said. 

"To be honest I don't really care anymore. Luke and Valoria can have all the sex they want now. I'm gonna see if I can move back to Florida. I can't stay here anymore." I said.

"No you can't leave me here all by myself!" Calum said hugging me. 

    I then heard the bell to the door ring and looked up as Luke entered the place. I turned to Calum and said

"Did you know he would be here?" 

"No." He said as Luke came walking over to us. Calum then got up like he was protecting me. Luke then says 

"I need to talk to Kylie." 

"No you need to turn around and leave." Calum said in a serious tone. 

"No." Luke said getting in Calum's face. 

"Luke....leave. I want nothing to do with you and if I see you near me again, I said getting up and getting close to Luke, you won't li......" 

    Before I could finish my sentence, Luke smashes his lips to mine. At first I kiss back but I then realize what I'm doing an push him away from me. I then wipe my lips with my shirt and I say 

"Don't ever do that again."

"You can't say you don't feel something!" Luke says as he reaches for me hands. 

     Before he could grab them I backed away and say 

"I did feel something Luke! I really did! I liked you a-lot and I thought you liked me too! You obviously don't and I can't believe you would do that to me! I did felt something but....now....I feel nothing!" I said as the tears rolled down my face. 

*Sorry it's short but I haven't updated in forever and I wanted to write a little something for you guys! I hope you like it! -Kylie*


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