"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


27. "Christmas Eve."


Kylie's POV 

    Today is finally Christmas Eve and I couldn't be more depressed on one of the happiest days ever. I have so much to do today. My parents suprisingly let me stay home from school today because of what happened, I really didn't want to go. They don't know what happened which is good because if they did my dad would kill Luke. On my checklist I had to do today was,

1. Go Christmas Shopping. 

2. Get an outfit for some Christmas party we are going to tomorrow. I don't know where it's at but I don't really care.

3. Put up Christmas tree with my family. Yes my family is really late at putting up the tree but once it's up it won't be down until like March. 

   I grabbed my phone from the night stand and clicked on Nicole's number. Once she answered and said "hello" I realized that we weren't friends anymore so I quickly hung up. I scrolled down the names on my phone and clicked on Alyssa's name. When she answered I said 

"Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall with me?" 

"I'm already here! I had to go last minute Christmas shopping for my family. How about we meet in the food court?" Alyssa asked. 

"Sounds good! Be there in about 20 minutes!" I said as I hung up. 

    Since I was already dressed I grabbed my purse and walked downstairs. I went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water when I saw a note on the counter. I grabbed the water and went back over to the note and it said 

"Hey your mom and I are out Christmas shopping. We don't know what you want so when you read this can you text one of us and tell us? Love, Dad." 

   I grabbed my phone from my bag and clicked on my mom's name. I then wrote

"What I want for Christmas is my old life back." 

   I grabbed the note and threw it into the garbage. I grabbed my car keys from the kitchen table and walked outside. I locked the door behide me and hopped into the car. I started it up and backed out of the drive way as I turned the radio on. When I arrived at the mall, I got out and walked inside to the food court. I looked around and saw Alyssa at a table in the middle of the food court. I walked over to her and said 

"Hey! Are you having fun here?" 

"Not really. There's a ton of people here because everyone is doing their last minute shopping. What do you need to get while you're here?" Alyssa asked as she grabbed her bags and got up. 

"I have to get gifts for my parents and a dress for a Christmas party that we're going to tomorrow." I said as we started walking. 

"I see, well I know the perfect place you can get your dress!" 

     Alyssa grabbed my hand and dragged me to Macy's. We went to the dress section and they had a TON of choices. We started looking around and I even tried on a few. As I was putting the dresses back on the rake I said 

"I look fat in all of these!"

"Shut up! That is the biggest lie ever, you just have to keep looking for a one you like." 

     As I started looking through the red ones, I came across one that was really pretty. It was a strapless dress which came down right above my knees. Around the waist it had black lace and the bottom of it had ruffles. I grabbed it and went straight to the dressing room. I tried it on and it was prefect! It showed off my curves well and it also made my butt look good. I quickly changed into my normal clothes and walked over to Alyssa. I showed her the dress and she said 

"That dress is absoluatly prefect for you! Do you wanna go look at shoes now?" 

"No I have a pair of black high heels at home that I can use." I said as we walked up to the cashier. 

   I checked out and we walked out of the store. Now that I had my outfit for the party it was time to get a couple gifts for my parents. I grabbed Alyssa's hand and dragged her to a jewelry store. I want to get my mom a necklace and my dad a watch. I started with necklaces and they were all the same really until I came across a necklace that said Mom and the O was a diamond heart. A nice gentleman came over to me and said 

"Is there anything I can help you with?" 

"Yes actually I would like that necklace please." I said picking to the one. 

"Ok and will that be all?" He asked nicely. 

"No I'm also looking for a watch for my dad. Do you have any suggestions?" 

"Actually yes, we have one right here. It's all white and in the middle of it on the inside it says World's Best Dad. It's been a popularly choice for people today."

"I love it! I'll take it along with the necklace please." I said as I got my card out. 

"Alright well that will be a totally of $234 dollars." He said as I gave him my card. 

    He swiped it and gave it back to me along with the receipt. He wrapped them both up and then bagged them. When he gave me the bag I said Thank you and we left. That was alot of money and I hope they like them. Luckly I saved all my money up or I would have been broke. Alyssa then said 

"Is that all the shopping you need to do?" 

"I wanna get them a couple more things." I said as we walked to the next store. 

    I looked around and got my dad a couple shirts and a pair a jeans. Along with a pair of his favorite brand of boots. I got my mom a couple outfits as well with some makeup. After I checked out with everything I was pretty much broke now. I turned to Alyssa and said 

"Well I need to head back home now. I gotta help my parents put up the christmas tree! I will text you later though!" 

"Alright! Have fun!" She said giving me a hug. 

    I waved goodbye to her as I got to the front doors of the mall. I exited outside and it was starting to get super cold. I ran to my car and put all the bag in the back seats. I started it up and headed back to my house. When I arrived back, luckily my parents weren't back yet so I ran the gifts to my room and sat them on the floor. I grabbed my phone and saw I got a text from mom. It said 

"We will be home in about 5 minutes! Love you sweetheart!" 

   I looked at the time the message was sent and it was 3 minutes ago. I decided to get our tree out and decorations so I went downstairs and into our basement. It was pretty dark down there so quickly grabbed a couple boxes and took them upstairs to the living room. Then I went back down and pretty much dragged the tree up the steps. When I got to the top I looked at it and it still looked good. 

    As I got the tree into the living room I saw my parents enter the drive way. I ran to the front doors and opened them for my parents. Each of them had a few bags and I tried to figure out what were in them or where they came from but I couldn't figure it out. My dad then said 

"Stop looking at the bags!" 

"Sorry I can't help it!" I said laughing.

"Ready to put the tree up?" My mom asked as she entered the house.

"Yes! Everything is in the living room already." I said as I entered the living room.

   My parents took the bags to there rooms and then entered the room. My mom got her phone out an plugged them into the speakers. She turned on some Christmas music and I just laughed. My dad sat the tree up properly and screwed it into the stand. When it was in tight, I opened the boxes that had decorations in them and started decorating. We sang along to "Jingle Bells" as I sprinkled sparkles on the tree. 

   They got all over the floor but my parents didn't mind. After about an hour we were all done. We took a step back and looked at our beauitful tree. I then said 

"Now gotta put the angel on the top!" 

  I ran over to the box and pulled the angel out. I gave it to my dad but he gave it back to me an said 

"You can put it on top."

"No I want you to do it." I said handing it back to him. 

   He grabbed the angel from my hand and stuck it on top. That was the prefect tree topper. I then ran up to my room and over to the bags. I got everything out and started wrapping the gifts. About an hour went by and I wrapped them all. They weren't wrapped perfectly but they were good enough. I then grabbed them all and went back downstairs into the living room. As I was putting the gifts under the tree my mom came in with some gifts as well. 

"Did you get a dress for the party tomorrow?" My mom asked.

"I did, but you can't see it until tomorrow. Where is the party anyway?" I asked curiously. 

"It's at the Hemming's house." My mom said putting the gifts under the tree. 

"What?!? Do you mean the house that's right behide us? The one that Luke Hemmings lives?!?!?" 

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?" My mom asked. 

"Ummm. No. I'm gonna go to bed now! I will see you in the morning." I said as I left the living room and ran to my room. 

    I jumped on my bed and curled up in a ball with a blanket. Out of every house that party could have been at it's a Luke's house? I can't go there after what happened! I don't know who will be there. I can't believe this is happening. Fuck my life. 


Hi guys! Sorry that the chapter is so short :( But the next one will be longer! I promise! But my question for you is {What do you think will happen at the party? Who will be there?} Leave your comments below! I would love to hear what you guys think! Love, *Kylie* 

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