"Not my Type."

I closed my locker door and saw Luke leaning against the locker. Great. He pushed me against my locker and said "So have you thought about my offer yet?" I looked up at Luke and said "Luke, you're not my type." He smiled showing his dimples and kissed my neck. He then pulled away and said
"Yeah, we'll see about that."


6. "Annual Fall Party."

Kylie's POv

"So you know the Annual fall Party is this weekend right?" NIcole asked me.

"The annual what?" I asked trying to finish my work. 

"The Annual Fall Party! oh thats right! You just moved here. It's this party the popular's hold every year at this huge mansion! They invite everyone and I mean everyone! Even the nerds! Well anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go!" 

"I Don't know. I mean Luke, Valerie and there friends will be there. I don't think I can face them, but I'll think about it! When do they give out the invites?" I asked. 

"See that's the thing! I don't know. They give invites out to people at random times. They could randomly pull you aside on the way to your next class and the people will be wearing black masks and they will give you the invite in an envelope. Also the party always has a theme as well." 

"Nice to know!" I said as the bell rang. 

    I grabbed my books and said goodbye to Nicole. I walked to my locker and put all my books in and closed it. I then headed down the hall to gym class. I opened the doors and walked to the changing room. I walked and saw Valerie. Great! I walked over to my locker and opened it. I put my clothes on and closed it. Valerie then came over to me and said 

"So you kissed Luke." 

"What you mean?" I asked confused. 

"Yesterday after school! On your way home you kissed Luke! Calum told me! You know he's my boyfriend and girl, bad things are coming your way." She said. 

"First off Calum is a liar! I didn't kiss Luke! Luke pushed me against the tree and forcefully kissed me. Why would I kiss Luke anyway? I don't even like him." 

"Sure you don't. Face it. I can tell you like Luke. Just take my advice and watch your back." 

   Valerie walked out of the room and I rolled my eyes. I then walked outside and saw Nicole sitting in the bleachers. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. The gym teacher pretty much said the same thing and the people who wanted to do something got to play basketball. I turned to Nicole and she said 

"I got a invite to the party!" 

"Oh my god! When?!?" I asked. 

"On the way to gym class! Oh I'm so excited! Did u get one?" 

"Nope." I said looking down on the floor. 

   Luke and his "gang" was playing basketball and Luke was pretty much getting it in every-time. He looked so hot. His hair flowing back and forth. And then when he talks to his friends he bites his lip ring as he smiles. I was forced out of my little world when Nicole started waving her hand in front on my face. I looked up at her and said 

"Oh sorry! I was just....um watching people play." 

"Sure you weren't. You were drooling over Luke. Don't worry I was just like you until I found out he was a complete jerk! But since you already that then you shouldn't fall for him." Nicole said.

"Oh.. yeah.. sure." 

*Skip to Lunch* 

    I got in line for some food and picked out some health food and then payed. I started walking pass the "popular" table when Valeria gets up and blocks my way. Again. I then said 

"Your blocking my way." 

   Valerie didn't move one bit. I tried getting pass her but she just keep blocking my way. She really is trying to piss me off. I then said 

"Luke can you please move your slut of a girlfriend." 

'Valerie move! Kylie is trying to get to her table." Luke said. 

   I turned to Luke and then back to Valerie. Did he really just say that to her? wow! Valerie then rolled her eyes and sat down. I walked pass and over to Nicole's table. I sat down and started eating my food. I then told Nicole and Mary what happened and they couldn't believe it! We continued to talk and I looked up from my food over to Luke's table. He saw me and bite his lip. He then winked and I looked away blushing. After about 30 minutes I was finished with my food and it was now time to go to our next class. 

*Skip to last class.* 

    I walked into science class and looked over at the table. James wasn't here but Luke was in his seat. But why? I saw the science teacher at the board and walked over to him. I tapped on his shoulder and said 

"Why is Luke is James' seat?" 

"Oh Hi! Um James moved to a different school. So since Luke didn't have a partner he is your new partner!" He said looking at the board. 

   Great! I said Thank You and walked back to my table. I sat down and pulled out my science book. It was so awkward sitting this close to Luke but I guess I'll have to deal with it. The teacher started to talk and I felt something on my thigh. I looked down and say Luke's hand. I slapped it away and he just laughed. When the teacher was done he headed out the papers and we started to write. Then Luke looked at me and said 

"So are you coming to the party?" 

"No. I didn't get a invite." I said looking down. 

Luke titled my head up and said "Your so cute when your shy." 

   I pulled away and continued my homework. After 20 minutes I was done with my work. I got up and walked up to the teacher. I gave him my paper and sat back down. Luke was almost done with his. But instead of doing the rest he moved closer to me. He leaned in to my ear where I could feel his hot breath. He then whispered 

"I know you can't resist me." 

"Yeah in your dreams." I said. 

     Luke then pulled away and smirked. After what seemed like forever class was finally over! I grabbed all my stuff and quickly got up. I walked out and to my locker. I put everything in it and walked out the schools front doors. As I was walking through the parking lot I was pulled aside be-hide a a car. I looked up and saw two people in black masks. One of them reached in to there pocket and gave me a envelope and then walked away. This must be the party invite! I got on the side walk and started reading it. The party was this Saturday. It was 8pm until 2am in the morning. It also was a neon glow in the dark party! That sounded cool! I wasn't even paying attention when I ran into someone. I looked up and saw Luke and his boys. He then said 

"Geez watch where your going!" 

"Sorry I was reading the party invite." I said. 

"Oh cool! Your coming aren't you?" Luke asked. 

"I'm not for sure yet." I said. 

"Oh come on loser. It'll be fun!" Michael said. 

"That's why I don't want to come! You guys and Valerie will be there! I don't wanna go if I'm gonna be smart talked the whole time. I'd rather just stay home if thats the case!" 

"I Promise you no one will back talk you! Come on, you gotta come! Everyone comes and it's super fun!" Luke said smiling at me. 

"I'll think about it." I said walking away. 

"Remember to wear something sexy!" Luke said yelling. 

  I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Before I knew it I arrived at my house. I walked up to my room and dropped my bag on the floor. I walked over to my laptop and was about to open it when my phone went off. I got up and walked over to it. It was a text from Nicole! It said 

"Hey Girlie! If your aloud do you wanna have a sleepover at my house tomorrow and we could go to the mall and get neon glow in the dark stuff to put on our clothes and then we could go to the party together on Saturday!" 

"Sure! I would love to! That sounds so fun!" I replied. 

    After I replied I heard the front door opened. I dropped my phone on the bed and walked downstairs to see my dad walking in. He walked into the kitchen and sat all the bags he had on the table and turned to see me. He then said 

"Hey sweetie! How was your day?" 

"Great! I was invited to a party to go to on Saturday! I'm going with Nicole and I'm going to her house to spend the night tomorrow! By the way, where's mom?" I asked. 

"That sounds great! Just be careful at the party, and your mom has to work late tonight so it's just you and me! How about I make us some dinner and we watch some movies?" 

"Sounds great!" I said running to my room. 

    I got back to my room and grabbed some blankets and fluffy pillows and then ran back downstairs! I went into the living room and sat the floor out like a bed and went over to the movies. I went through all of them and finally picked out the movie "Smurfs." I put it into the DVD player and got to the home screen. I then got settled in the home made bed I made and my dad came walking over to me. He handed me my plate and he sat down next to me. He then said 

"Really? Out of all the movies you pick the Smurfs?" 

"Shut up and be a good dad and just watch it with me!" I said pressing play. 

  I then started eating and watching the movie at the same time. After 30 minutes I was done so I put my plate on the coffee table. I then got comfy in the bed and continued to watch the movie. Before I knew it I was passed out on the floor with my dad watching the kiddish movie ever.  


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