2020 Park St.

Rick Stevens has finally divorced his his abusive and mentally unstable wife. His career is going well and he has just dropped his daughter off at her friends birthday party this weekend. After so much pain he can pour himself a cup of coffee, put on the television, and watch in horror as his psychopathic ex-wife murders her way out of a mental institution and Rick knows, she will be coming for him next.


1. Chapter One

    Rick sat in the old oak chair that used to be his fathers.  Of course it was his now, he had inherited everything when his parents died.  But he didn’t like to think about that.  The side table was small and only had enough space to hold his copy of Tom Sawyer, and his fresh mug of coffee.  The chair in which he sat was placed in the center of the room, he didn’t like it there but he didn’t dare move it.  His father would become angry if he moved his chair in his home, despite the fact he was gone this was still Rick’s mentality.  The television stayed on, the news running mute.  Rick had dropped the remote causing the back to break off letting the batteries fall out and role under his chair.  The room was small and the breaking plastic echoed, he didn’t hear it though.  No, his hearing had been directed to the stairs in the main hallway. 
    His heart raced as the stairs creaked.  Lisa never walked with a heavy foot but it was impossible to walk up or down those stairs without letting everyone within ear-shot know.  He had to stand up, but he couldn’t.  His legs had stopped working, same as his arms.  His hand was frozen in place curling his fingers around where the remote was only a moment ago.  It had to be her, she had to be here.  His eyes darted over to the large double doors to his right, but his head wouldn’t turn with them. 
    He knew without a doubt it was her.  The news report was still running the same story.  Lisa Beckman, after only entering the psychiatric ward the day before, had killed three nurses and escaped.  Maybe their marriage would be ‘till death do we part’.  As the creaking of the stairs stopped and he heard her shrill voice echo through the house he snapped out of his frozen state and snapped his neck to the side.  Now that he could move though, where would he go?  Lisa stood in the way of his only means of reaching the front door.
    Rick had to blink twice but there she was plain as day.  Her hair was done up in a frazzled ball of knots.  Blood was smeared all over her face but she had changed her clothes.  She was wearing a pair of her own skinny jeans and one of his button-up shirts.  The shirt was tucked into her jeans and still was incredibly too big for her.  She had rolled up the sleeves and Rick could see the blood that stained her hands and arms.  The nurses must have attempted to restrain her as well leaving purple bruises around her wrists.  Of all the black hair done up in her attempted bun, one strand hung down over her face falling just to the right side of a pair of the scariest eyes Rick had ever looked into.  It was amazing that only four years ago he looked into those eyes full of love and passion as they conceived little Talia.  The last thing he noticed was the knife in her hands.  It was a long stainless steel kitchen knife one might see in a black and white horror flick.
    He felt his heart stop for a moment, only for that moment though before it kicked into overdrive.  One of the double doors to his study was already in place with a floor bold keeping his shut.  The other was wide open and calling to him.  Shut me and lock me up tight the door called to him.  Without another thought Rick was on his feet and into a sprint towards the open door.  As he started running so did Lisa, knife waving through the air.  A thought of panic raced through his mind as he realized how stupid it was to run towards a homicidal nut-case, but he dismissed it.  He wanted to put a door between him and her, and so he was going to.
    Both were the same distance from the door, but Rick got there first.  As he took hold of the door and swung it shut Lisa dove headlong into the door frame.  The door slammed into her face dropping her to the ground.  Rick put his shoulder against the door in an attempt to force it closed, he was strong but Lisa managed her arm into the doorway.  The knife in her hand swung blindly cutting into the flesh of Rick’s Right arm.  With a cry of pain he put all his weight into shutting the door, crushing Lisa’s arm in the process.  She screamed and pulled her arm back quickly.
    Rick locked the doorknob and slid the floor latch into place. 
    “Rick!”  Lisa’s voice screeched through the door and into Rick’s soul.  “Let me in you bastard!  You took away my daughter, my family and friends and life!”  She shouted as she hammered the point of the knife into the woodwork of the door.
    Rick sat for a moment with his back to the door.  He exhaled hard with wide eyes.  Calling the cops was out of the question from where he sat.  He didn’t own a cell phone and the land-line was in the dining room, on the other side of the house.  Damn it if he didn’t say owning a big house was a bad idea.  The only other way out was through the back door, through the kitchen.  From the other side of the door he could hear Lisa begin to walk away, unfortunately she knew the layout of the house as well as he did.  On the other side of the room was an archway leading into his father’s library.  If he took a right he would be in the kitchen and then be outside, he didn’t know if that meant he would be safe though.  Of course unlocking the door was out of the question, he had no idea where she had gone.
    He wanted to move quickly, but feared making a sound.  If his father were here he would never admit to being afraid, but he could tell himself he was terrified.  Warm red blood leaked down his for-arm.  It stung but it was nothing compared to the first time she had beat him.  He was easily a foot taller than Lisa and despite his frame, strong.  Yet he never fought back, he would defend himself but never could he hurt her.  Rick loved Lisa even at her worst.  Every day since the day they started dating he told her he loved her.  Some women would have been put off by that but not Lisa.  No, she giggled and kissed him and loved him back.  He always thought in fairness while they were dating he had no reason to believe she would lose her mind and beat him in the middle of the street in the summer of ’07. 
    After moving through the library and into the kitchen he found to his surprise Lisa was nowhere in sight.  He stopped in the doorway to the kitchen and scanned the room.  Except for the open drawer where Lisa had taken the knife from everything was in place as he had left it.  He leaned it and looked right, then left and found the room empty.  At the same time he was still afraid, he also could not hear Lisa anywhere else in the house.  She had found a place to hide it seemed and she was contempt with staying there. 
    The sliding glass door which would lead him out to the porch was unlocked, he could see from where he stood.  There was only the one lock and it was easy to know when it was open or shut.  Still he did not run, or walk too loudly.  Rick took long strides slowly so he could step silently.  Looking over his shoulder and in every corner of the kitchen he watched for Liza, but never saw her.  There was one other door where she could enter the kitchen through which was where he looked the most.  Luckily it was easy to see through that door which lead to a long hallway.  There was no way she could make her way down that way without him seeing her.  But that hardly mattered now because he was at the glass door.
    For a moment he was almost happy, ecstatic that he was getting out of this mad house.  As he gripped the handle to the door fear moved back in.  The door was unlocked, he never left the door unlocked.  He knew there was a space just outside the door where one could stand out of sight of anyone inside.  And in that blind spot he could see in his mind’s eye Lisa standing there waiting for him.  He could imagine stepping out and her running the kitchen knife into his heart and laughing as he fell to the ground.  Quickly he slid the lock on the door shut.
    It was at this time his fear turned into pure terror.  A single drop of sweat moved down the side of his face and fell towards the white tile flooring.  The glass door was reflective.  In this door Rick could clearly see himself, and Lisa standing behind him.  His hand jerked the handle to slide the door open, of course this didn’t work as he had locked the door himself.  He himself locked the door and trapped himself in with her.  He would have of course unlocked the door, but the time for that had passed and cold steel was digging into his back.  As crazy as she was Lisa was still a small, thin and relatively weak woman.  The knife cut through the flesh of Rick’s back, struck bone and stopped dead in its tracks.  It hurt of course, but Rick knew it could have been much worse.  If she had cut between his ribs she would have cut into his heart.
    Rick turned and the knife came free of his back.  His arm leveled out came crashing into the side of Lisa’s head knocking her to the side.  She stumbled and the swung the knife at Rick again.  He raised his hands in defense and the blade sliced through the palm of both his hands.  He stepped back and stumbled under his own feet toppling to the ground.  His white tee shirt was now covered mostly in red.  Lisa wasted no time in pouncing on him.  The knife came first and Rick used one hand to hold her wrist while he sent a cocked fist into her jaw.  She rolled over from the force of the blow and dropped the knife.  Rick franticly pushed it away, sliding across the white tile leaving a trail of blood behind it.  Rick didn’t want her getting it again, but he also didn’t want it himself.  Rick rose and threw himself on top of Lisa.  She lay on her back as he sat on her pelvis.
    Stop, just please let this be over!  God damn it why won’t she stop?  It was a fair question he thought.  Rick placed his hands on her shoulders and held as tight as he could to keep her in place.  She struggled and franticly waved her arms in an attempt to break free.  Her legs kicked while she flung her head around.  Several times she bashed her own head into the tile to the point of cracking it.  The cracks in the flooring were short and there were many of them.  A small pool of blood followed trailing behind.  Rick started to panic when she wouldn’t stop.  She only screamed.
    “Stop,” he pleaded.  Tears were almost beginning to well up in his eyes.  “Please for the love of God stop it.” 
    “One of us has to die Rick!  It’s not going to be me!” she replied.
    Rick let go of one of her shoulders and placed it on her head to stop her thrashing.  Almost right away she grabbed his wrist with her free hand and sunk her teeth into the side of his hand.  She drew blood and Rick was forced to let go of her other shoulder to pry open her jaw.  Rick’s hand was free but so was Lisa’s and without hesitation she sent her fist between his legs. 
    For what seemed like a second to Rick she had knocked his lights out.  Everything went black and when his vision came back everything was blurry.  He found himself on his side with his hands holding onto his crotch.  Pain had shot up into his stomach and down into his legs, and was now pulsing every other second.  Lisa had gotten up, walked over and retrieved the kitchen knife.  Casually she walked back on and sat herself down on top of Rick.  Now he was the one on his back.  Lisa was leaning in leveling the knife to the side of Rick’s face. 
    “You see Rick,” she said “you’re going to die.  You have to die.  It’s just about damn time dontcha think?”
    Off in the distance Rick could hear police sirens getting closer.  Lisa cut the knife into his cheek.  The sirens were growing louder but she didn’t seem to notice.  Rick was bleeding a lot and his ex-wife was now sitting on his already wounded crotch.  Suddenly he had an idea, and as Lisa raised her arm above her head he had his chance. 
    “Good bye Ricky!” she said.
    Rick flung his arm out in a fist and made contact, using all his might as he punched Lisa in her breast.  He could have sworn he hit her hard enough to punch her heart through her chest.  Lisa’s arm stopped in place and she dropped the knife.  With wide eyes she coughed as she tried to scream.  It was a raspy pain filled cough.  Quickly he was upon her first he was on top and wrapping her arms around her.  Then she thrashed and spun herself around.  Their flailing bodies toppled chairs and knocked over the kitchen table.  Several old plates and glasses came crashing to the ground.  Lisa had got her head caught in Rick’s arm, inside his elbow.  Rick lay on his back holding her in place, his eyes shut tight.  He knew he had her, he didn’t need to see.  He just wanted it to be over.
    The police were so close now it would be all over soon.
    Lisa threw her arms around trying to punch Rick in the ribs of face; she never quite got the chance to though.  She reached out for the knife but couldn’t reach it and Rick wasn’t letting her go.  He held her head in place with his one hand, and his other hand he used to keep his own arm locked in place.  “Just stop, please stop,” he said.  “It’s almost over, it has to be.  Just stop!”  The year before when she had beat him in the street on their way to the super market he had said something similar.  At that point he would never have touched her.  Rick sat and let her hit and kick him while he begged her to stop.  ‘Please stop,’ he once said ‘I love you Lisa please stop.’  Now he did not say that.  Now his grip around her throat tightened until she couldn’t breathe and still gripped tighter.  “Please stop,” he cried “Just die Lisa, please just die!”
    Rick heard a snap and then Lisa went limp.  Still he didn’t let go.  Another snap, and then an audible pop.  Lisa’s body twitched.  Finally he opened his eyes and Rick let her go.  Lisa’s body rolled over onto the tile floor as Rick rose to a sitting position.  The police sirens were right outside his house now and he could hear the police officers break down his door.  He didn’t make a sound, they would find him eventually.
    Rick whipped the blood from the side of his face.  His hands were stained red, and probably would be for some time even after several washings.  He hadn’t realized it but he was crying.  He started crying, actually, when he first broke Lisa’s neck.  Several things were floating around his mind.  Talia would have to be picked up soon, and he couldn’t bring her back here.  Birthday parties for little girls never lasted too long.  Maybe this time it would be different, and it would turn into a sleepover. 
    Anyway he thought about anything though, Rick was sure of one thing:  He was going to sell the house.

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