Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


8. Chapter 8

Harry's P.O.V


It was 6:30 that night and we were in my dressing room getting ready for this fight . I washed the dried tears and eye boogers from my face looking in the mirror at myself after . The pictures of her scars and bruised body played as a slideshow in my head . As much as I wanted to run on the other side of the stadium and literally beat the living shit out of him we'll settle this in the ring .

I stood at the mirror feeling myself get angrier and angrier as I looked at myself .

'Why did you let her leave with that bitch . How could you try to forget about her and her safety . If you loved her you wouldn't have tried to give up on her ' 

I angrily wiped the tear from my cheek picking up my pain medicine for my headache . I downed half of the bottle and drunk some water coughing a couple times . I felt my chest start to burn but Ignored it . "Haz . Everything okay ?" Derek came in . I shook my head . "I'm gonna kill him Derek " I told him .

" Yeah I know you are that's why --" I looked at him ."Oh you're serious " He said . "Why what did he do now .. Is it still about this girl --" "She's getting abused Derek ! " I yelled at him . ".. Wait . She's getting what ?" He asked shocked .

"You heard me . " I told him . "Well Haz don't go out here and kill this guy this type of problem is the polices job " Derek told me . "The police won't handle anything. " . "Harry Styles " Someone called .

I put on my gloves and had Derek put in my mouth piece . "Haz listen " Derek turned me back towards him . "You go out there and you do what is right . I wanna see that bitch bleeding " Derek said to me .

I nodded as he put my robe over my shoulders . As my crew walked behind he and a body guard in front we walked to the ring . We passed Zayn getting ready with his crew in red and black .

I noticed the door open and Briannah come out wearing their colors with her hair in a tight ponytail . She looked so beautiful . She closed her eyes as Zayn held onto her waist kissing her forehead . He better hope that kiss saves his ass tonight . 

Briannah's P.O.V 

I watched the fight closely sometimes looking over at how focused Harry was with every punch he brought to Zayn's face .

But as I looked at him for some reason all I could see was him getting paler and plaer . He wasn't as tan as earlier . His droopy eyes and with every step he took backwards be would tumble a little .

He didn't look too good . "Bri Bri !!" Someone screamed . I turned around and saw Axiel waving towards me . "Axie !!!" I screamed running and jumping on him . "Dayum someone missed me . " He chuckled . I smiled .

"Did you see Harry at all before the fight ?" He asked me . I nodded "We met up earlier .. we talked through everything .. " I explained as we walked back to my seats In the front .

"Andddd...?" He asked like there was more . " That's it .. " I furrowed my eye brows . "Briii . Yo boo comes down here for a fight and to see you and you don't give him no booty " He questioned .


I chuckled . "Axiel I'm married in case you forgot " I held out my hand towards him . "Yeah yeah but that doesn't mean you're happy . " He commented . I thought about that .

The truth is I'm not really happy . I mean yeah I was fine at first but now Harry  has came back and he's made me all hot and bothered and he cares about me . and I care about him .

My relationship with Zayn just feels like I'm not even married . Its more like I'm in hell . The bell rung signalling Half time . " Hey you wanna come get Vincent from the hotel with me .

Sorry he's a beauty queen " He rolled his eyes . I chuckled . "Okay come on " I smiled . " ?.. aren't you gonna check in with Zayn before you run off somewhere ?" He asked pointing over to Zayn and the bodyguards holding him back from charging at Harry .


" No I'm good come on " I grabbed his hand dragging him out as fast as my small feet could take me . We got in his car and began to drive down the street to the hotel they were staying in . We got there getting out and walking up to their room . "I apologize if hes tooo gay . He literally acts like Nicki Minaj " he sighed .


"its cool I've been around you my whole life " I chuckled as he punched my arm . It hurt a little . He put the key in the slot unlocking the door . "Babe you ready ?" Axiel called .

"Almost ." He yelled back . Just then out came a fairly short boy , His quiff came out of his purple  beanie as he wore a black and purple shirt with a cat on it , some black jeans , and purple vans .." Okay I'm ready do I look okay ? Am I wearing the ring colors " He spun in circles . Axiel chuckle " Just goregous " Axiel kissed him .

He smile a bracey smile . "Oh your outfit is cute " Vincent said to me . "Oh thankyou" I smiled . He nodded .

"Babe this is my Best friend Briannah . She moved down here with her husband " He explained . "Cool . What your husband look like I might know him " Vincent joked . "Babe!" Axiel yelled .

He just laughed . " You know I'm playin babeeee . Come on your my new bestfriend where did you get your shoes ?" Vincent came towards me linking our arms together and walking us out of the room . Hes so adorable ! . 

( Back at the fight )

We stopped at Mcdonalds before we went back to the fight . Vincent is crazy I love it . Axiel looked so Happy it almost made me wanna cry . We walked in the door laughing cameras flashed more than before . But I looked over at the ring .

Zayn was chanting to the fans but I looked over at the ambulance surrounding something . Where is Harry ? . "What's going on ?" Vincent asked.

I walked closer and some of the paramedics moved revealing Harry 's body on the floor with a breathing mask on his face . I dropped everything in my hands running over to the ring with Axiel and Vincent following .

"Harry ... Harry wake up " I slapped his face around getting no answer . "Harry?? H-Harry please get up " My voice cracked . What was wrong ? `Why wasn't he waking up ? . I saw some guy get down and begin to shake Harry . "Hazz get up what's wrong with you ?!" . " What happened ?" Axiel asked .

" I don't know he just passed out . He's not breathing " The guy said . Just then 2 men came picking up Harry's body and putting him on the bed .

"We gotta get to the hospital comeon " I yelled following Harry out with Axiel , Vincent , and the guy running behind . What happened ? 


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