Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


6. Chapter 6.

Harry's P.O.V

I stayed up all night waiting for her to call or text me . Something wasn't right about Zayn . Like there was anything right about him before . I knew their relationship wasn't as perfect as it seemed . I knew she wasn't happy .

But I'm willing to change that . She deserves better and I'm gonna try to give it to her as much as I can . If I have to get hurt or even die by trying I'll do it and I won't regret a damn thing about it .

After waiting I did decide to take a nap because I did have to train in the morning and I didn't wanna go tired for the day of the fight . But when I woke up the next morning I was still thinking about her texting me . I thought she would contact me somehow by now . At this point I couldn't wait anymore .

I needed to know if she was okay right now .This is the first opportunity to talk to her in over a year and I really wanna catch up . Hopefully that will lead to the day I apologize and take her back .

I took my phone off the charger and clicked on the numbers we exchanged last night . I began to type . 

Hey . Are you okay ? - Harry 

"Mornin Haz what's up ?" Derek yawned . I sighed "Nothing I just really have been stressed out " . " Stressed out . For what ? . Are you really scared of Zayn ?" Derek crossed his arms .

I chuckled . "No . Its .. You know the girl he came with ?" I asked seeing if he remembered at all . He thought for a second then he snapped his fingers like an idiot . "Yeah she was beautiful . They make a somewhat good couple but she didn't look happy to be there " Derek shrugged

" She wasn't I know her .. She's .. She was my bestfriend . We dated and everything was going so perfect . She loved me and I love her still and .. She left me for him " I shook my head resting my forehead on my hands that clenched into a ball . "Oh .. that must be awkward .. " Derek said putting on his shirt .

I groaned " I mean yeah . I still in love with her and she doesn't love me back . I'm a fucking idiot because of what I said to her . I broke her heart and .. " "So .. Your saying you don't like this guy because she dumped you and went onto Zayn and married him .. And when you get in that ring tonight your fighting for her basically " He asked .

"I'm fighting because its my job and that's it . But going out here and kicking this guys ass just might make me feel better . " I shrugged . He rolled his eyes smiling  "Alright Haz .. Get ready for some training so we can get to the stadium " . "Alright " I said . Right when I got up from the bed my phone buzzed . It to be Briannah so I picked it up reading the text message that was definitely from her . 

We need to talk . I have something I wanna tell you where can I meet you ? -Briannah

Briannah's P.O.V

I woke up this morning with my dress still on , my hair all of the sudden out of the bun , and my mascara running down my eyes . I do remember crying myself to sleep . Zayn left last night after hurting me intensely . He was angry about seeing Harry and just took his anger out on me .

That's not the first time he did that . He would always get angry at me more than he would get mad at what didn't really matter . But I've gotten used to it . I heard the door open and Zayn and Julius come in . "Babe . Are you okay sweetheart " Zayn rushed over to me and took my hands in his getting on his knees . I nodded .

He leaned in beginning to kiss my lips . "Do you want me to wait in the lobby sir ? " Julius asked . Zayn nodded towards him then Julius made his way out . " Babe I just wanna forget about last night . You know I love you and that's all that should matter " He kissed my lips then letting his lips brush against mine .

I couldn't help but melt into his kisses easily because this was the Zayn I first met . And lord knows I loved him before . "I love you . You know that right ?" I asked me Kissing me down my neck .

I didn't answer him but he probably thought I responded with a yes . As he was kissing me my phone was buzzing on the nightstand . He groaned getting off of me . I didn't know who it was but he was gonna answer it anyway . He picked up my phone and unlocked it .

His sexually frustrated face turned into a now angry face and not know why his hand collided with my face . I held my cheek as it hurt worse than anything . He smashed my phone to the floor walking over to me taking the front of my dress in his hand .

"WHAT THE FUCK DID I TELL . I DIDN'T WANT YOU TALKING TO HARRY CORRECT ?!!" He yelled . "Yes but I wasn't --" "Why are you about to fucking lie to me Briannah .

Are you fucking him ? Huh . Do you want Harry ??!" He slammed me back on the bed a yelp escaping my lips . "I specifically told you I don't want you near him ever ." He went to his bag getting out a skinny belt that had studs on it .

"Zayn no " I whimpered trying to move away . He grabbed my ankles as started smacking me with the belt making the bruises on my body 10 times worse . I screamed stop over and over and once he finally stopped I curled into a ball on the bed .

I watched him change from his regular clothes to his gym clothes , take his bag and leave probably not even looking back . I got up from the bed limping as I couldn't feel not a bone in my body .

I let a couple tears fall looking in the mirror at bruises everywhere . Though it was hard to look at what I let him do to me I stood there tears falling from my eyes .

My teary eyes fell on my phone on the floor . The screen was cracked . I picked it up and Zayn didn't close the message from Harry 

Hey . Are you okay ? -Harry

It didn't really matter how I felt . My appearance would tell it all . I know how Harry is . He could sense something wasn't right with me and Zayn when I saw him yesterday .

After drying my tears I decided to text him back . I realized no matter what happened a year ago . He still cared . He will always care 

We need to talk . I have something I wanna tell you where can I meet you ? -Briannah 

Meet me at starbucks we can talk before I go to training -Harry 

I finally calmed myself down going to put on more comfortable clothes . I pulled my hair in a bun then putting on my converse and my jacket .

I grabbed my phone and limped out the room and outside beginning to walk in the cold air. I didnt bother calling my car . The driver will tell where I went . and the last thing I wanted to do is face Zayn right now . 

Liek for moar!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorreh it took so long .-.)

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