Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


5. Chapter 5.

Zayyuuummmmm . Zaynie you sexy ! ♥

Briannah's P.O.V

I watched as the maids put my hair in a perfect sock bun on the top of my head . Tonight Zayn is taking me to a press conference with his opponent . Though I didn't wanna go I have no choice when it comes to what Zayn tells me to do . I stood up having them fix my elegant long dress .

the bathroom dressed in black and white . "Your done here " He sent the maids away . I watched them get their things and go as Zayn kissed on my neck . "I know you don't wanna go .. Bu this is really important to me and if you aren't there to support me --" "Its fine .. Really its okay " I mumbled with a small smile after .

He smiled kissing my lips . "You look beautiful like always " He complimented . I just smiled "Come on " He grabbed my hand and he guided me out the door to a bunch of screaming fans and cameras .

I could never get used to the cameras in my face . I just wanted to punch the camera man in the face sometimes . Zayn kept me far away from any journalist and paparazzi as we made our way to the car .

Once we finally made it ,we got in the car and left for our way to some part of Long Island where we were gonna meet his opponent he's been so worked up about meeting . 


They took us to a private restaurant in downtown Long Island . I memorized all the tall buildings and big park in the middle from anywhere . I mean this is where I grew up at . We got out of the car walking into the restaurant down a black stone walkway towards the door with Cameras flashing . We turned many corners until an older female opened the door to a dinner table and 4 seats .

She sat us down on the right side of the table placing menus infront of us . "May I start you off with water ? "The lady asked . "Yes please " Zayn nodded . As she walked back Zayn took my hand in his then whispering in my ear as camera man and Journalist were still all around us . "Don't do anything you'll regret . Just sit here and let me talk got it ?" He asked me squeezing my hand . "Y-Yeah " I stuttered .

More cameras began to flash at the door and what I'm guessing the other opponent has walked in . I wasn't too excited about this whole thing and at that point I knew it was gonna get worse once I heard the name "Haz !!" One of the Journalist called . I turned back seeing him . I couldn't believe my eyes .

In fact it shocked me . He looked the same . He kept his head down as he walked to his seat and another man sat next to him . I couldn't believe it was Harry . My Harry "Wait .. Haz .. As In Harry Styles ?!" Zayn shouted getting out of his seat . Harry stood up too taking off his dark glasses . "That's right .. Problem ?" Harry questioned crossing his arms . " Oh don't pretend you don't know me you ass hole !" Zayn growled looking like any second he was gonna jump over the table .

"Z-Zayn calm down . Sit down " I mumbled to my husband . He sighed nodding to me . I think that got Harry's attention because Harry began to make eye contact with me . I looked at him . His eyes said sorrow "Briannah .." He whispered . I gulped down the lump forming in my throat sitting Zayn back in his seat and kissing his cheek . Though it shocked me to see him . I remembered .

He said he never wanted to see me or talk to me ever again . I was reminded by that and stopped making eye contact immediately .  I saw at the corner of my eye he never looked away but our attention went to the door as Zayns manager Julius finally walked in . "Okay lets start this meeting ." Julius sighed . Everyone soon fixed their posture in their chair and the waiter brought out drinks as the press meeting began . 

Listening to them talk about their client and how good they were was really boring . But I was more focused on the looks Harry and Zayn gave eachother . I couldn't believe they still hated eachother . "So we are agreeing upon 10,000 dollars and nothing more . right Zayn sir ?" Julius questioned Zayn .

"Ha . I don't need any money .. as long as I can still beat the shit out of this son of a fuck !" Zayn let out a little chuckle . "I kicked your ass then I can kick it now " Harry responded . I looked at Zayn who was just smirking ."Sir .. S-Sir " Julius shook Zayn's arm . Before everyones eyes Zayn brought his hand out and around Harry's neck choking him . Everyone took action trying to get him off .

"Zayn calm down " I told him . "Take him out !!" Harry's manager yelled . They both grabbed Zayn's arms taking him out of the room . Harry was breathing hard in fast trying to go back to breathing correctly . Though I knew he probably didn't want to speak to me or anything like that but he needed assistance .

I walked over to him giving him his glass of water . "Breath " I told him rubbing his back . He drunk some water and after he coughed a couple times he was back to breathing normally . "T-Thankyou " he coughed again .

I nodded looking at him . He looked at me and before I knew it he was pulling me into a hug squeezing my tight . I was confused by his action but I couldn't help but wrap my arms around him hugging him back . "I never thought I'd see you again " He whispered . "Y-You wanted to see me ?" I asked as we released from the hug .

He looked into my eyes "I think about seeing you every fucking day .. What I said to you . I regret every word every fucking day of my life " He told me . My eyes suddenly started to wonder other places on his face than his eyes . I couldn't resist  looking at his lips realizing he got a new piercing .

He began to lean into me but I pushed him back . I shook my head slowly as he looked at me hurt . "I-I can't " I whispered . He nodded . As we stood there awkwardly Zayn and their managers came out of the other room .

"Bri lets go" Zayn said getting his jacket . He didn't even wait for me , He just walked out with Julius . I grabbed my bag about to follow him when Harry Stopped me "Bri .. " He caught my hand . I turned back .

" I want you to have my number with you .. If you need me. Just call me okay ? " he said . I smiled a little nodding and giving him my phone . He put his number in my phone giving back .

I walked out the room and to the car where Zayn was waiting for me . "What did he just ask you ?" He mumbled angrily . "N-Nothing .. " I stuttered . He grabbed me by my arm squeezing my wrist "Ow Zayn stop p-please" I pleaded "I don't want you talking to him  . I don't want you near him you got that ?! " He told me .

"Y-Yes" I said. He threw me in the car forcefully "To the hotel please" Zayn mumbled to the driver . I rolled up my sleeve seeing a small bruise on my wrist . I sighed , I got used to the pain but I am tired of it .

He's hurting me and I'm supposed to be the love of his life . But then I remembered .

'If you need me . Just call me okay ' Harry's voice echoed .

I couldn't call him now but I really need someone to talk to .

Besides he looked like he really wanted to talk to me and I couldn't pass up the offer to talk to someone that's close to home like him . I had to admit .

I missed him . 


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