Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


3. Chapter 3.

Briannah's P.O.V


It was a cold morning . Zayn still hasn't came home yet . Well he usually doesn't come home right away after training . I got out of the bed checking the time that ready 9:30 am . Then I looked on my phone seeing if I had any messages but my eyes landed on the date and before it was the day Friday .

I completely forgot I had training today . Well I also did think that this week was gonna be the best week of my life .. but I was wrong wasn't I? . I groaned dragging my feet over to my bag and got out some leggings , a black sports bra , and my muscle t-shirt . I went into the bathroom taking relaxing shower .

Between my legs hurt the most but I decided to ignore it knowing nobody would care anyway . I got out brushed my teeth and then got dressed . I pulled my hair in a ponytail and went to my bag putting on some socks and my Nike trainers . I lazily put on my jacket and grabbed my Gym bag , beats , my phone , and my sunglasses .

I walked out the hotel room to a bunch of cameras in front of a certain hotel room door and before I knew it the cameras were faced on me . I began to walk straight through them and into the elevator finally losing them . But I swore someone was watching me . 

Harry's P.O.V

We got off that long ass boring plane ride to the private airport where a Limo picked me up to take me to a hotel . Usually they do fights on Friday but this fight is crazy bad ass so we're fighting tomorrow which is a Saturday . So today I have to do hardcore training which I don't need .

No matter what else they try to do to help me I really don't need it . This guys is the best fighter in New York . I'm the best fighter in all of fucking England ! . I mean do I REALLY need to strain myself ? . We got to the hotel . All eyes were on me . Some fans recognized me but I couldn't stop to give autographs or anything .

We got into the hotel and they checked me in . Soon we got in the elevator making our way upstairs . When we got up there there were paparazzi everywhere . Noah tried to protect me but getting in front of me and my trainer .

"Hey! can we have a little privacy please ?!" Noah yelled but as any other reporter and photographer they can't stop . He pulled us through the paps getting us to the hotel room and pulling us in quickly . He locked the door behind us taking a huge breath . "Are you sure you can handle all this ? " Noah sighed .

" Noah I was bullied when I was younger , and been in front of crowds since then .. I'm used to the attention " I shrugged . He sighed "Well get some rest . We'll start training early so that way we can have time to relax later " My trainer Derek said .

I slipped off my shoes ,my sweatshirt , and T-shirt then laying in one of the 3 beds lined up against the wall . I heard Noah and Derek begin to get settled in as I closed my eyes . I thought about when I said I was bullied before .. But I couldn't help but see Her .. Her face as I began to fall asleep Briannah ♥

Flash back 

"Fag !" "Bitch!" "Idiot!" Kicks flew at my stomach and face making groans escape my mouth . "P-Pleas stop" I pleaded to the 3 bullies standing in front of me . The more I pleaded the more it hurt . Nobody stopped to save me , Not even the slacker hippies that roam the school every hour of everyday .

"You don't deserve help !" Tyce growled followed by Alan his bestfriend "You deserve to die !" "Yeah how about you got walk in front of a moving train !" Evan sneered . "Hey !!" A strong powerful voice . The voice I knew from anywhere . The voice of my best friend . Briannah Taylor . They turned their backs towards me giving me a chance to get up . "Leave . Him . Alone " She said sternly .

They began to laugh . Yucks escaping their lips made me hurt even more . They laughed at her . Her beautiful-ness , Her Fearless ways , .

"And what is a girl like you gonna do ?" Tyce stepped to her 4'10 figure . "It would amaze you what someone like me could do .. So beat it " She growled . He rolled his eyes turning back to me . He pushed me against the locker laughing with his sick friends then walking off . She said to me as I began to slid down the purple lockers in pain . She rushed over to me in her converse helping me off the floor with her small hands .

"Are you okay Hazzie ?" She asked . I nodded groaning in pain . "Y-You didn't have to do that " I said to her . She just chucked . "What do you mean ? I had to do it . I couldn't let them do that " "But that makes me look like a wimp . Getting help from a girl ?" I complained . She shook her head , the little tassels of hair moving in her face "You're my bestfriend .  I don't care what anybody has to say about it , We should protect eachother " She said to me . Her soothing voice . It was so perfect . I'm only 14 years old and I'm falling in love with her . I couldn't help it . "I love you Baby Girl " I whispered to her wrapping my noodle arms around her body giving it a squeeze

"I love you too Hazzie "
flashback ends . 

"Bri" I rose from the pillow . I felt beside me knowing she wasn't next to me . This was an every night thing. I look for her every night .I moved away from campus to get away from my past but it followed me . The feelings for her followed me . Its like shes here sometimes as the flashbacks run through my head like records . I can't contain the guilt I have been having .

I sighed getting out of bed it was about 9:00 in the morning . I pulled my bag over to me getting a plastic bag with my already rolled blunts in it out my side pocket . I took one out and a lighter beginning my morning off like everyday . After my morning smoke on the balcony I took my pill bottle and downed 3 pills . They give me headaches but the pain feels good , I deserve it .

I could still hear the paps outside and I groaned walking over to the door . Right when I opened the door about to tell them to shut the fuck up they were going down the hallway . But there was someone in the mix . That long red dyed hair , Tan skin , fairly short .. I could have sworn that was Briannah .

But it couldn't , anybody could look like that . Hell even a old lady could look like that . "Haz . Get read for training " I heard Derek's voice . I slowly closed the door doing as I was told . might as well . 


"Time" Derek stopped the clock ad I just did at least 150 pushups . I groaned in pain holding my hand up to my head . "Are you okay ?" He asked . I shook my head "Y-Yeah its just a little headache " I mumbled . "What is up with you and these headaches ?" He questioned . "Its genetic .My mum had the same headaches when she was my age calm down " I told him .

He shrugged "Whatever" . I picked up my water drinking some of it . "Hey Haz lets get in the ring and do these warm ups " Derek called . I nodded grabbing my gloves before jogging into the ring . I put them on getting some help to put on the other . "Ready ?" He asked . I nodded . "Upper cut " He called out . I did as told . As he called out orders my attention was going to the people around me .

I couldn't help but stare . But my eyes then landed on one specific area . In the room next to the boxing was the MMA . And right where I was looking was A red headed girl kicking a practice dummy . Her kicks were so skilled and so familiar .

She stopped as a blonde haired boy walked over and stopped her . She removed the Purple beats from her head and I realized her MMA gloves read Taylor in Cursive black letters on white leather .

She turned around and I really stopped what I was doing .. It was her ... Briannah Taylor



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