Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


21. Chapter 21.

Hi Harry ... :3

Harry's P.O.V


Me, Louis , Liam , Niall , Axiel , and Derek were all in the car driving to the Air Port in Manchester . As they all talked about whatever they were gonna do once they got to New York I just sat there quietly knowing I wouldn't be able to .

I couldn't sit still let alone Focus If I didn't know Briannah was okay . I need to relax but I just can't . "Haz Bud you're sitting there pretty quiet .. anything on your mind ?" Liam asked .

I sighed then shaking my head "Nothing important " . Everyone began to be all sappy patting my shoulders and rubbing my back . "Bro we all know what's going on .. Trust me we're gonna fine Zayn and we're gonna take turns shooting him in the face  " Axiel said . Everyone agreed even Niall .

"Guys I can't afford to go to Jail for some shit like this . I just want Briannah back and if he has a problem with it he's gonna have to go through me " I told them .

"Yeah he's right He'll obviously get our help if he needs it .. I doubt it because by the time he's done Zayn will be dead " Axiel said taking sips from his Pepsi as we all shared a laugh . As we laughed Brittany Spears Work Bitch started playing .

 "Dude nobody would ever believe you were gay until they hear that ringtone " Louis said . "Sorry its Vincent " Axiel sighed answering the phone and putting it on speaker . "What is it babe ?" Axiel asked .

"I can't find you were are you at ?!" Vincent panicked over the phone . "Calm down I was supposed to take that trip with Harry today remember ?" Axiel said trying to jog his memory . "Oh yeaahhhh I forgot I'm sorry " Vincent let out a sigh .

I just shook my head and smiled . I've met Vincent before .. never again . 

Briannah's P.O.V

We arrived in front of my parents house and I just looked at it for a second before grabbing my bag from the backseat . Zayn grabbed onto my hand a little scared to leave me alone . I looked at his stressed face .

" Please be careful " He said kissing my hand . "Its my parents we're talking about . I'm fine don't worry " I told him . "Okay alright you're right . I'll see you in a couple days  .I love you " He kissed my lips .

"Love you too " I said a little above a whisper and unlocked the door getting out . I saw his wave through the tinted windows and I simply waved back then seeing the car disappear down the road .

I turned back around and continued to walk up the drive way I made it to the front door and I knocked on it . "CHASE GET THE DOOR PLEASE !!" I heard my moms Long Island way with her words .

I just chuckled to myself as Chase responded back "I'm on it babe " . The door knob wiggled and opened revealing my 45 year old step-father in shock . "Briannah ?!!" He said . I smiled .

He slowly began to smile "I can't believe you're here look at you .. Its like I haven't seen you in forever you're so beautiful " He took my face in his hands . "I really missed you guys .. I really have some things I wanna get off my chest so I just thought maybe I could be with you guys for a week or so " I explained .

"Well of course you're my daughter . You can stay as long as you want " He grabbed my hand walking me inside . I love when he calls me his daughter . Though he's my step-dad many step-dad's aren't like him . "Babe look who's here !" He called out .

"Chase baby I'm on the phone I don't wanna se--" She cut her self off when she saw me standing there beside him She dropped her phone on the floor the person still on the line and ran over to me giving me the biggest hug imaginable .

"Ohhh my baby . Where have you been darling ?" She asked surprised and Happy . "Um . I was really busy these past few months I guess . Don't thing I forgot about you guys or anything " I chuckled . "No no not my child ." She shook her head grabbing my face . 

I just smiled but my smile kinda faded when ?A puzzled looked formed upon her face . I looked around "What ?" I said . "What's this on your face ?" She asked rubbing her thumb over red marks and scratches on my tan skin .

I looked down taking in my bottom lip to keep myself from crying . "Briannah .. You better tell me the truth and you better tell me now .. " My mom said getting a little testy . "Its um .. Its a long story " I told her . "Come on lets go have a seat " Chase said moving us to the family room .

They sat on the 2 people couch as I sat in a chair in front of them . "So what's wrong and what happened to your face ?" My mom asked again . I sighed . "S-So you know how I said the day of the wedding I was scared and that I don't think I wanted to marry Zayn ... It wasn't because I was nervous " I admitted to them .

They looked at me a little confused . My moms eyes began to glisen in the light and a tear then fell . "W-What are you trying to say ?" She asked . So far I've stayed strong but I felt as if any minuted I was gonna explode .

"Briannah tell me now " She said holding back her tears . As I held in mine I began to tell her "Zayn Sexually and Physically abuses me . Using a belt , punching me , burning me , .. Smacking me " I said a little above a whisper beginning to cry as tears fell from my face I tried to wipe them away .

Watching my mom cry made it worse . "How long has this been going on Briannah ?" Chase asked . "The entire year we've been together . The abuse got worse once we got married" I explained . He shook his head looking up and cloaing his eye .

As my mom bawled her eyes out she just pulled me into a hug. "My baby " She sobbed. As I adjusted in her arms the more the tears came down and before I knew it I was crying . "Its okay . Its okay we're here Briannah he's not gonna get away with this .

"  Chase said . I sighed wiping my eyes . Chase disappeared in a different room and you could hear slaming and things falling . My mom looked at me her eyes puffy and red .

She held my face in her hands  . I bowed my head as she softly whispered to me . 

"We're gonna fix this . "



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