Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


2. Chapter 2.

Harry's P.O.V

I stood in my dressing room as my screaming fans tried to get in from the other side . I looked in the mirror at the scars on my fast from tonight's fight . Some still from previous ones .

About 9 months ago my fighting career had grown . I was now said by my fighting name 'Haz' to everyone in the country .

and the fame was getting to my head " Haz lets go we got places to be " My manager Noah called out . I groaned in stress before snapping at him "Could you stop rushing me for one fucking day !" "You really need to stop being angry all the time . Its not worth it Haz" He complained

. I slipped my hoodie on leaving my hood up . "Well this is me . this is what your gonna get so deal with it " I mumbled .

He simply rolled his eyes ignoring my daily attitude "Be out in five . We need to talk " He explained with a sigh then walking out . Of course this was never like me . I never used to act this way .

But this was before Briannah left a year ago .

She left me broken , cold , and lifeless . For the first time I just wanted to give up . Just killing myself . I drowned my sorrows in drugs and alcohol just hoping I would hit a nerve and die . Nothing was ever the same.  

I'm surprised my friends and family wanted to keep contact with a monster like me . Im nothing but a fuck up . I picked my gym back up off the floor and I was then guided out of the building by my body guards . I was brought to my car as the cameras and screaming girls followed behind me .

As I waited for my driver to come open the door I managed to give a few autographs and take a couple pictures . It wasn't like I was fucking Justin Bieber but for some reason a lot of people adored me . I got in the car once the door flew open . Once the driver shut the door I looked over at Noah .

"Okay so what do you want to talk about exactly" I questioned him . "We have a fight booked for you down in Long Island this Saturday " Right when he said Long Island I felt my heart burn inside .

"L-Long Island New York ?" I asked to be sure struggling to say the words . He nodded .My heart was now on fire . Briannah is from Long Island .. She's in New York . I'm pretty sure I won't see her anyway .

"Um okay when am I leaving ?" I asked looking at my phone . "We leave tomorrow we gotta start training you . Your about to fight one of the best fighters in the U.S . They call him bad boy . He's from the U.K , he's been preparing for this fight for so long Haz --" I cut him off chuckling
" Is this trying to make me scared .. When have you ever seen me run from a fucking fight let alone lose one . " I just had to asked this bone head sitting in front of me .

"He's never lost either . he's known to do bad damage Harry . " He warned me . "I'll tell you what . He's wants a fight tell him to bring it the fuck on  . Ill be ready on Saturday to kick his ass" I growled .

I was tired of hearing how good this guy is . It angers me when Noah is on my dick about stuff and working me up for nothing . Don't worry I'll be ready . I'm not scared . I'm never scared .

Briannah's P.O.V

We live on the other side of Long Island in houses that weren't next to each other . Our house was guarded by gates and unlike the others around . We lived around my parents but unfortunately I can't see them very much .

I can barely go out the house unless I'm with my trainer . This week we packed our bags and Stay in New York city just to get away from everyone for our honeymoon . But it wasn't like a honeymoon at all . We walked around the shops in New York .

Zayn held onto my hand with bags in his other hand and me texting with my other hand . Its been a month since I've heard Axiel's voice  .

And that's because Zayn hates when I talk on the phone to other guys though when I tell him Axiel is gay he just beats me so why do I even try . But we have been texting back and forth to avoid Zayn getting upset . 

Congratzz on your marriage . I got your invite but I'm sorry I couldn't go . I was too busy with ♥ Vincent ♥- Axiel

Its okay . It seems your pretty happy with Vincent . Its been crazy forever since you were in a relationship -Bri-Bri 

I knowww he's a sweet heart -Axiel

Thats good Axiel - Bri-Bri

"Don't you ever get off your fucking phone !" Zayn growled . " Zayn I haven't seen my friends in forever " I told him . "Well this isn't mine, yours , and your friends honeymoon so put your phone away " He said . I groaned putting my phone in my bag like a stressed teenager All the sudden he stopped but I tried to keep waking . He pulled my arm making me face back to him .

He grabbed my face roughly "Don't you ever fucking do that again you got that ?!!" I yelled . "Y-Yes" I trembled . "Yes .. WHAT ?!" He clenching his jaw . "Yes SS-ir " I began to shake in fear. He let go of my face grabbing my hand again . He had people looking at us . And it wasn't just because he was a famous boxer or anything . He was putting on a show for everyone else like he always does .

Its like he wants everyone to stare . He hauled a cab and pushed me in first . "Where are we going " I asked him . "back to the hotel .. We need to talk " He mumbled . I know when he says that things aren't gonna be good for me . I was already scared half to death and I could feel his belt on my skin already . A tear rolled down my cheek and I tried to wipe it away but It was too late . Zayn turn my face over to him and saw the tears .

"What are you crying for ? Stop crying before I give you something to cry for " He told me straight face and all . He wiped my tears away then taking my hand and turning back to the window . 

We got to the hotel a butler waiting at the door . He opened the door for me and Zayn and we climbed out the cab . He picked me up by my legs and it made him look like the loving husband everyone thought he was . But like I said . They don't know what happens behind these walls that separate us and them .

We wen't all the way upstairs to our penthouse suite and he slammed me on the bed . I let out a yelp from the rough bed sheets colliding with my skin . He removed his shirt with a smirk locking the door after . "I didn't like your attitude today babe .. At all " He said . "Zayn no" I squealed .

"Shut up!" He yelled as his hand met my face in one swift move . I began to cry desperately trying to curl into a ball . He straddled me laying me flat on the bed taking the hand cuffs out his bag . "You already know the drill . You don't disrespect me . AT ALL " he growled . He hand cuffed me to he bed removing my jeans and underwear from my body . He removed his taking his belt off his pants .

He pushed in me roughly and pounded into me . I couldn't hold back my screams and my crying though I knew it would make him go faster . He smacked me with the belt multiple times in my face and on my thighs . He released inside me making me scream louder . He began to kiss my lips and my face trying his attempts to get me to calm down . He removed my hands cuffs making me fall into his arms.

 He kissed my neck as I was still crying on his shoulders . There was soon a vibrate coming from his clothes and he picked up my jeans pulling out his phone . "Hello ?" He answered . There were little voices coming from the other line "Right now ?!" He asked groaning a little . He sighed "Okay here I come " He said then hanging up .

"I gotta go to training .. Do you think you'll be okay until I get back ?" He asked me . I didn't respond . I just closed my eyes desperately asking for sleep . And asking that I won't get beatened .. I might even sleep and wake up in the arm of the one I truly loved .. Harry Styles ♥



(sorry if this made you angry .. Don't worry I got the nerf guns in my trunk ;3)


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