Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


13. Chapter 13

Briannah's P.O.V

I woke up this morning . I was guessing it was a little early . It was really cold in the house and by the looks out the big window in Harry's room it was snowing pretty bad . I never said the weather was beautiful down here . I looked around seeing that Harry's crutches were gone and that he wasn't in the room

. I sighed laying back down for a second then I rose back up and climbed off the tall bed . I caught myself looking in the mirror at my messy red hair and droopy eyes . Me and Harry stayed up til 5 this morning . I'm surprised he even got out of bed .

As I walked out the room and Down the marble stairs I could see a bunch of people rushing around in black and white . I was guessing they were Maids and Butlers . It came to the last step when I met up with some lady . "Hello ma'am did you sleep well ?" She asked me . "Yeah I slept fine " I smiled .

"Good. Would you like anything ? Breakfast will be ready momentarily " She asked still smiling . "Um no thankyou . Have you seen Harry around ?" I responded . "Oh he's downstairs in his private room if you would like to see him " She pointed to a door .

"Thankyou" I nodded . She nodded back walking away as I walked towards the door . I walked into the door , shutting it behind me . I began to walked down the soft carpeted stairs and the sound of guitar and singing got louder . It was beautiful .

I walked further down the hallway of doors until the music got louder from the door at the end of the hallway . I quietly opened the door and I saw Harry sitting there playing a guitar and singing Jessie Mccartney softly . I did say I knew everything about this kid but I didn't know he could sing . I couldn't get over the fact he sounded so beautiful and why he didn't tell me about this .

Why didn't he share this with the world yet ? . After he sung that last verse I immediately began to clap fast and loud . He almost jumped out of his seat with fear and I giggled . "How did you know I was in here ?" He chuckled .

" Your maid told me " I smiled . He rolled his eyes " They never keep a secret do they ?" He shook his head . I chuckled " I guess not " . I sat down in the chair across from him and looked at him putting away the guitar in its case . He laughed

" What why are you starring at me ?" . "Why didn't you tell me you could sing ?" I asked him curiously . He shook his head chuckling " I'm not really that good " . "Bullshit you sing better than JJustin Bieber !" I slapped his arm . He smiled

" Now I know your exaggerating " . " Maybe I am just a little bit but you sound really good .. I just wanna know why you never shared this with me ?" I asked him . "Its not just you . I never shared this with anyone . I haven't because I just thought you know .. Fighters don't normally sing " He shrugged .

"Really that's the best excuse you could comr up with ?" I crossed my arms . "Alright its was something my dad used to do .. He used to sing to me and my sister all the time .

Playing the guitar was our thing and I got really pissed when he left and I didn't sing again but .. When I moved here I began to think of my dad a little and I would just sit on the couch and play my guitar thinking of all, the moments we used to have .

I really miss my dad " He bit his lip looked down . My hand met his face as I wiped off his one tear with my thumb.  "You okay Hazzie ?" I asked him . He smiled looking up .

"Yeah I'm sorry .. He was a really big part of my life and Robin will never be the father my dad could be to me . I'm sorry you never got to meet him " Harry sighed . "Its okay . You didn't get to meet my dad either so I guess we're Even " I shrugged .

He laughed . I always hated when Harry was upset . It kinda made me upset . And he barely cried so when he's crying its weird . I smiled at his laugh and how he smiled brightly at me with his sparkling green eyes that read an entirely different person from when we met up again a couple days ago . It was My Harry Styles .

I literally jumped out of my seat hugging him . He hugged me back tightly . I trembled at his touch . It was so cold in the house but he was so warm . "Sir breakfast is ready " I saw a man  as the door opened . "Okay thankyou" Harry smiled .

The man nodded walking out the room and leaving the door opened . I let go of Harry letting him get his crutches . Once he got them he was about to walk out the room but he turned to me " What just because I'm crippled doesn't me I don't get any love " I chuckled walking over and hugging his waist and we walked out together .

This was the Harry I knew and loved . And I wish I could stay here forever . 

LIEK FOR MOAR ???!!! OR NAH LOL!! .. sorry liek for moar .-.

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