Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


11. Chapter 11.

Briannah's P.O.V

I got of the jet at London's airport . A driver took my bags and I got in a different car driving to a Hotel . I looked out the window as we passed all my favorite shops , The London eye that lights up when its dark , Big Ben , Trafalgar square .

It was beautiful . Once I touched London grounds I felt like I never left . I loved this feeling . We arrived at the hotel and the driver got out letting me out . The cold wind blew through my hair as I ran towards the door of the warm hotel . Passing the fountain in the lobby A bell hop followed me with my bags .

When we got to my hotel room and I got settled down I got up and Looked out the window . I could see London University from where I was which made me want to call Harry and tell him I'm here but as much I wanted to do that I want it to be a surprise . I looked down and smiled to myself .

Yes I might get in trouble later .. But I finally got away from Zayn and I couldn't have felt more free . 

Harry's P.O.V

The doctor stated that I have to at least try to stay off my feet for about 2 weeks until the pain goes away . I'm trying my best not to take anything to get rid of the pain I don't wanna get hurt or hurt the people around me . I heard that news and My friends had offered to help me with stuff during the day .

With them around the day goes much fast than it seems but when they leaves I'm seems that times goes just a little bit slower . I was looking through my twitter feed , a bunch of bullshit . Its clear that Zayn won by default not because he almost committed a fucking murder ! . The press must be fucking idiots .

I'm still alive bitches ! . I shook my head sighing then seeing Niall and Louis come back with Nandos . Then Derek walked in the room with our drinks . "What's up with you Haz ?" Derek asked sitting down and looking over my shoulder to my phone .

"This is fucking stupid . New York's finest Zayn Malik had made a knock out Saturday Night almost committing murder of England's fighter Harry Styles ... I mean yeah I was close to dying but I know damn well I threw a lot of punches " I shook my head throwing my phone . "Of course you were on fire last night don't let those tabloids work you up " He shook his head .

"Right they're not worth it " Niall nodded . I looked over at Louis who was just silently eating and keeping to himself . "Lou is there something on your mind ?" I asked him . He shook his head a little . I just shrugged . Maybe he didn't wanna share his chicken . I heard the doorbell ring from the monitor in my room .

Everyone got up to answer it I just told them to sit back down and I got the door . I grabbed my crutches and began to walk down the steps . I unlocked one of the double doors and opened it to a bunch of people that looked like the secret service carrying a bunch of shopping bags full of clothes and shoes to my front door . On top of that they were girl clothes .

"Who is this for ? " I asked one of the guys who sat another 4 bags at my doorstep . "Hey who is this ..." My question was interrupted when the bags stopped coming and one of the men opened the back door and as soon as I saw a pair of vans in kids size I was shocked dropping my crutches . "Harry!" Briannah squealed getting out all the way and running towards me .

" Briannah !" I screamed back holding out my arms and letting her jump into them . I wrapped her legs around my waist and Though it hurt I didn't care as we both fell to the floor in the door was . She giggled . "What are you doing here ?" I asked her . She shook her head .

" It may sound crazy . But I missed you a lot . I really needed a break from Zayn " He explained . I looked at her hand with her wedding ring on it  . "But .. What about your ring ?" I whispered to her looking into her eyes .

I was surprised at her words and what she said to me . I wanted to kiss her right then and there when she uttered the words .

"Don't worry about this ring . This break is gonna be a while " She slipped it off her finger . 



Sorry le chapter suck D:

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