Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


10. Chapter 10


Harry's P.O.V


For some reason everyone had to go check into a hotel so here I was in ths hospital bed with sleeping Briannah boy my side . Im surprised she hasnt woke up yet . Its like she has a jet lag or something beause Its almost 3 in the afternoon and I woke up at 9 this morning . Nobody still had the fucking guts to tell me what happened last night and why I have a stomach acvghe that hurts like a bitch and why im waiting on the nurse to come back with my persription . I got tired of channel surfing through a bunchof news about the fight and me last night that I shut off the T.V and just laid down on my aching side and watched Briannah sleep . She looked so beautiful and I even forgot how she looked when she slept . I also forgot she wasnt a heavy sleeper and took one of her hands in mine . I felt her fingers twitch and I didn't wanna stardle her so I soothingly ran the thumb over the back of her hand . "Briannah wake up " I whispered a smile forming on her face.  Her eyes squinted open and she began to kinda look around "Hey beautiful" I smiled at her . "What time is it ?" She asked rubbing her eyes .

"Almost 4. I thought you would never wake up" I chuckled . "I had a long night .. I was worried about you " She admitted playing with my hair. She hasn't done that since highschool . "Worried about me ?.. What happened ?" I asked her . Hopefully she'll be the one to tell me . "You don't remember passing out ?" She asked . "Well yeah I kinda remember that but . Why am I hurting so bad and why is everyone being so crazy ?" I asked her . She just stared into my eyes for a second and I looked at her lips like she was a single girl . I knew at any moment we were gonna kiss I could feel it . but then she got back to the point telling me straight "You overdosed on drugs last night " . My eyes dialated twice their size "I overdosed .. H-How ? " I asked her trying my best to hide what I've been doing . " Harry I know what you have been taking . I just don't understand why you did it " She shook her head . Her innocent eyes looking into mine with sorrow . I sighed touching her face "If I were to tell you why I did it you would think I'm crazy " . "Then atleast tell me when you started doing it " She told me . I smiled a little nervous to tell her but I told her anyway . "It was about a month after you left .." I began 

Flashback ..

My heart was heavy and I couldn't handle having a broken heart . With her gone theres nothing left to live for . Its been a months since I lost her and everyday since then I seemed to get more and more depressed locking myself in that dorm we shared together . Looking at my computer screen with pictures of the moments we shared put in one collage on my computer screen . She left her scent in her room . That hurt the most . This night was the lowest of low nights . I would sit in her empty room taking in the smell of Briannah . The one I loved . 

I can't even look at you right now .. You betrayed me . If you love Zayn so much then why don't you go ' 

'No Briannah .. Just go .. I don't wanna look at you .I don't ever wanna see you again '

My own words repeated through my head regretting every single on of them . I was going completely crazy without her . My guilt was coming back to haunt me . Why am I still alive ? My am I still walking this earth knowing all the hurtful things I've said . The things I've did !! ... Why didn't god just take me now ?

 I walked into the bathroom staring myself straight in my red puffy eyes . I couldn't look at myself without wanting to just roll over and die . I looked in the medicine cabinet . I took out the Tylenol and then went to the kitchen to get water .

At first I just took two and once I swallowed them my head pounded . I fell to the floor because it hurt so bad . Something in my head told me . I deserve this . I deserve pain for causing her so much of it . I tried to stop myself but I couldnt taking 5 more and putting them in my mouth at once . I screamed in pain dropping my glass as it broke . I might have took it too far . But I didn't feel guilty anymore . It felt just like a shot in the head of revenge . 

Flashback ends ..

"So .. Since then I've been addicted to them . I couldn't stop no matter how many times I tried . Then the pill taking lead to drug dealing , marijuana , illegal smoking .. I felt guilty . You left because of me and . I do it because I would rather be dead if I don't have you " I finished . ". I'm sorry Harry " She whispered . She pulled herself closed to my chest taking her arms around my neck . I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her squeezing her tightly "I can't go another moment without you " I whispered in her ear . "And I swear I would run away with you if Zayn wasn't holding me against my will " She chuckled . I smiled . "I missed you " I kissed her messy hair . "I missed you too " She mumbled against my chest . "Harry you ready for lunch bud ?" The door opened revealing Niall . "Yes Please I'm starving . " I groaned . He chuckled "You sound like me " . As I rose up Briannah never let go of me . The fact that she would run away from Zayn to be with me surprised me . I wish she wasn't so scared . Now I'm just thinking of running away and being with her . 

Briannah's P.O.V

I was called to the front by a nurse saying somebody was here for me . I knew it was Zayn because its the day after the fight and I haven't even thought about him the entire day . As my heels clicked down the hallway I could see Zayns dark figure standing at the end of it . I forced myself to not look at him . I got to the end of the hallway standing before his Hazel eyes and him biting his lips . I'm surprised he hasn't said anything yet  I felt him plant a small kiss onto my cheek then taking my hand squeezing it ever so lightly and walking me out of the hospital .

We got in the back of his red Chevrolet Comora and began to drive down the street towards what looked and felt like New York City . Which meant we were on our way home . I looked over at Zayn who was just looking out the window rubbing his thumb over the top of my hand . Though he was quiet I knew something was going on in his mind . It was about 5:30 when we arrived at the gate to our house . The driver put the code in to the gate and pulled up to the front door . The driver got out and opened the door for us and we got out walking into the house .

"Run a bath for me please " Zayn mumbled to our maid loretta.  "Sure sir " She nodded . He grabbed my hand taking me upstairs to our room . He parted from me beginning to take off his jacket and just biker boots . I removed my heels from my feet and kept close eye on everything he did . He took off his shirt the lighting a cigarette and began to smoke it desparate for some relaxation .

He looked in the mirror at me sitting there ruffling my hair around since its been in a ponytail for so long . He leaned against the dresser with both of his hands . " What am I gonma do with you?" He shook his head . "What do you mean ?" I asked . "You really don't know ?? . Why were you at the Hospital Briannah ? " He picked up the cigarette walking towards me . The maid walked in the room with towels in her hand . She was looking at us but He paid her no mind .

"Do you go see Harry Briannah ? .. Hm ?" He asked me . I really shouldn't tell him the truth but I had a feeling he knew anyway "I-" as soon as I had the courage to say something he backhanded me right in the face . " I told you one too many times to stay away from him didn't I ? .. But now I'm done . " He growled . He took the cigarette burning me on my arms and my chest with it . I screamed stop over and over "Ma'am do you want me to call help ?" Loretta screamed .

"Mind your gottdamn business!!" He screetched at loretta making her squeal and run out the room . When he was done I laid on the bed . My body filled with burn marks . His rings imprinted my face and this went on for the rest of the night . Zayn slept peacefully but I couldn't sleep at all . As one of his sweaters covered my naked body I got up from the bed .

I slipped on a bra under the sweater and some underwear then puttimg on some jeans and my Hightop converse . I packed my essentials but as for my clothes I can always buy more . I grabbed my stuff and a jacket and slowly sneaked out of the room . I called my car ahead of time and I went out the house getting in " Now where are we going ma'am . ?" My driver asked . "Take me to the nearest airport . I have a jet to catch " I explained . As of now I was on my way to spend the rest of this month at home In London . With Harry . But he knows nothing about yet 




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