Worse +16

(Sequel to Bad )
It happened .They fell in love . Unconditional love as they call it . Something nobody NOT EVEN Justin and Selena could compete with . The perfect relationship was then runied by Betrayal , Jealousy, Backstabbing , and an already broken heart . A broken girl .. more confued and shattered . Love turned into abuse . It Even turned a bad boy .. To a worse one in a matter of seconds . They say you can't fix what's already been broken . WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME ? .. or nah


1. Chapter 1

Briannah's P.O.V
I closed my eyes as me and my step dads feet met the aisle . I was nervous . I never enjoyed too much attention on me . But I didn't have a choice but to get used to it after I became the best MMA fighter in the state . We have been planning for this supposed to be special day for a year now . And I regretted everything .

I walked away from my future with Zayn letting him steal my life from me . Nobody knew and I never told anyone  how abusive he was behind closed doors . And they never will . Chase gave me away to Zayn . He grabbed both my hands and I opened my eyes . I met those mesmerizing Hazel eyes that nobody knew behind them was a darkness .

I closed my eyes once again as he began to make out his vows . I soaked in every word he said and I couldn't help but let some tears fall . I couldn't tell if what he said was real or fake . One moment he loves me and then the next moment he doesn't confusing me with his mixed emotions I couldn't handle sometimes .

I heard claps and awes in the back ground of my small sniffles . I opened my eyes running my finger across the bottom of my eye lids trying not to mess up my make up . "I have nothing to say except that I love you . And if you're willing to stay and care for me .. You'll have me " I said just a little above a whisper so at least he could hear me .

Though I'm pretty sure most of the audience couldn't hear me they probably thought it was because I was crying and clapped anyway with their wedding awes . Zayn closed in planting a small kiss on my lips "I love you so much" He whispered thoughtfully . "Hey .. We're not finished here " The priest said .

Everyone shared that awkward wedding laugh . Zayn just rolled his eyes looking forward at me and smiling . I smiled back . This was the Zayn everyone saw . And the Zayn I fell in love with a long time ago .

Cameras flashed as everyone took a picture of me and Zayn cutting the 10 tier wedding cake . Everyone was gathered around us smiling . Especially my parents who have been waiting their whole life for this . They were gonna accept whatever decision I made . Rather it was to Marry Zayn or someone else .

They were upset when things got ruined with my first choice and the one they called their son .. Harry . But I vowed to never talk about that day or him ever again . He was my past that doesn't want me around . I try everyday to keep him out of my thoughts . "Briannah !!" A voice yelled .

I looked over to my left and there stood Liam , Niall , and Louis . I screamed a little and Zayn looked over to . He nodded letting me go see them . I immediately hugged Liam first having Louis and Niall join in . "I missed you guys so much " I squealed about to cry a little . They chuckled . "We missed you too love " Niall said.

His Irish voice has gotten a lot stronger . "How have you been . I've been seeing your fights on T.V  " Louis explained . I shrugged . " Its alright ... I'm not at home .. " I mumbled . Niall pulled me into a small hug "Its okay .. Its not like we would ever forget about you we miss you everyday " Liam said . That made me smile a little .

" .. You know this isn't something people wanna hear on their wedding day but ... Harry really misses you " Liam added . I couldn't help but look at him . I tried my best not to show that I cared so I began to look down . "He doesn't miss me " I shook my head . "Are you kidding me . The boy has gone mad without you .

Since you left everything in his life has changed " Niall said . I looked back up at them . "W-What do you mean everything has changed since I left ?" I questioned starting to get curious . I swore I would never talk about him again but now I just need to know " He dropped out of school .

He couldn't keep up with it since the day you left . Hes been taking drugs selling drugs , The only thing good in his life is he still fights " Liam said . All of what Liam said . That wasn't Harry . He wanted to be a teacher , He stayed in school though he hated it , He swore he would never take drugs . Am I really the reason all this happened ? 

"Babe " Zayns voice called . I felt his arms around my waist and I began to smile . "Hey you guys . Its been a while " Zayn said to the guys standing in front of us . I saw Louis's smile change into a slight frown when he saw Zayn . I didn't think they would dislike each other but Zayn seemed really happy to see them .

"Um g-guys we need to g-go okay ?" Louis said grabbing Niall and Liam and walking away . "What was that for ?" I asked . " I don't know . Comeone I wanna dance " Zayn said . He pulled me to the dancefloor and they played a slow song . We began to slow dance his cheek against mine . I had a worried look on my face .

I could not believe all that happened to Harry because of me . He felt a chuckled from Zayn "Why aren't you smiling .. Aren't you happy to be my wife " He whispered in my ear . "I am " I simply stated . "I don't see it " He said sounding a little disappointed . But I know when he does that something isn't gonna be okay with me once we leave .

"Well guess what Briannah .. You're my wife rather you like it or not .. I'm not going anywhere and neither are you " He said . I gulped getting a little hot and scared .  I could tell he had that devilish smile on his lips . He squeezed my hips making me yelp before he uttered the words in my ear  

"Welcome to the family Mrs.Malik .. Welcome to Hell

Yayyy its the Sequellll .

I hope you guys like it . Sorry its creepy for the first chapter lol! 


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