string theory problems.


1. string theory itself.

"i should start by explaining string theory itself" jemio said softly to the crowd, "string theory is the theory in which scientists believe that there are an infinite amount of dimensions different in one key aspect to our main dimension. this being said how many of you know what supplementation dimensions are?" nobody in the lecture hall knew at all but jemio knew that it was too much to explain in the remaining 5 minutes. he continued to explain string theory while the students looked puzzled and bored, the remaining lesson went by like it was many hours to the students but jemio felt enjoyed by it, after the lecture jemio went home and continued his original studies in string theory and his metaphor to help him study it. many hours past and jemio stared blankly at his equations when at about midnight, jemio's girlfriend walked out of their bedroom and started asking questions like,"what do all of these symbols mean?" this made jemio want to face palm and just packed up, he then went to bed with lorrel (his girlfriend).

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