Puss in boots

Maud is one of my creepy pasta OCs this was before the bad stuff happened and of course how it happened listen closely..


2. Open your eyes

As the darkness cleared I looked down to see chains around my wrists and neck. I felt different.. something wasn't right. The chains weren't tight so I slipped out of them and looked around.

I was in a small room and Alli was nowhere to be seen. Looking down, I noticed that my clothes had been changed.. I was now wearing a tight short dress, stockings, high heels, my hair had been curled and my makeup was done.

I didn't understand what was happening. How long had I been there?

I blacked out again but when I awoke I was in a different room strapped into a chair unable to move. A sharp object with rings around it was right in front of my face it was metal and looked like it was attached to a machine. A voice was in the room with me it said "don't worry she wont remember anything once we have done with her all she will remember is what her purpose is".

A quick flash of purple and the machine started up I couldn't take my eyes off of it, I screamed as my life was flashing before my eyes there was nothing I could do now.

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